Steven Spierer, 8/22/15

For the middle class to recover and for jobs to return, the United States of America will not actually be helped by either the government or big business. Small businesses, which create most of the good jobs in our country already, will be the engine of real job creation, job satisfaction and true American progress. […]

Steven Spierer, 8/15/15

Survivor is one of the first, most successful and best reality shows on television. Contestants are called upon to outwit, outplay and outlast one another for the title of Sole Survivor and $1,000,000. A fantastic social experiment, Survivor calls upon social, emotional, spiritual, strategic, tactical as well as physical and mental skills to win. Steve, […]

Steven Spierer, 7/18/15

Steve, a Disney Park aficionado, honors Disneyland’s 60th Birthday Anniversary. Then, Parents are faced with more challenges every year in choosing how to approach their children’s use of the internet. Steve talks with Rod Da Silva, founder of about restrictions, curfews, homework distractions, social networking, gaming, concerns about inappropriate content and solutions to those […]

Steven Spierer, 7/11/15

In memorable past interviews with Howard Schatz, Steve learned what led a successful practicing physician to leave medicine to become a successful professional photographer. Now, after 25 years creating provocative, playful, inspirational, shocking and energetic images, Howard returns to talk about his new retrospective, Schatz Images: 25 Years.

Steven Spierer, 6/27/15


First, Steve tells the unusual story of Sam Brannan from 1840s California and warns how his story can save investors today from losing their shirts. Then, a majority of men, women and children in the United States now struggle with being overweight or obese. Steve talks with Shannon Hammer, author of The Positive Portions Food […]

Steven Spierer, 6/20/15


For more than a century, the United States has been the world’s most powerful country, not just militarily, but economically and politically. The widespread international turmoil we see on the nightly news leads some to wonder what the place of our country is in the future of the world and whether we have better or […]

Steven Spierer, 6/13/15


Looking for work? Millions of Americans who have been out of work long term face exceptional problems in reconnecting with their careers as their skills wane and they feel increasingly isolated, in part because some employers discriminate based on the length of their unemployment. Steve interviews Joseph Carbone, President and CEO of The Workplace which […]

Steven Spierer, 6/6/15


Steve talks with child development & behavior specialist and all around Parent, Betsy Brown Braun, author of Just Tell Me What To Say and of You’re Not The Boss of Me.

Steven Spierer, 5/30/15


Perhaps sex education should not be controversial, but it is. Are traditional sex education programs actually creating more problems than they are solving? Steve talks with Miriam Grossman, M.D., author of You’re Teaching My Child What? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child.

Steven Spierer, 5/16/15


In 1987 3% of American children were diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Now that number is 11%. That may mean better diagnosis or it may mean a lot of false positive diagnoses. Either way, children as young as 3 years old are being prescribed drugs to help with symptoms. Steve talks with Dr. Marilyn Wedge, […]