Steven Spierer, 8/18/18

Steve interviews himself today. First, the Supreme Court hearings concerning Brett Kavanaugh start in just a few weeks and there’s a lot at stake and a lot to look for in those hearings. Then, Steve tells the story about two sisters who opened a sandwich store who didn’t plan so well. Finally, Steve gives a […]

CineMAXers, 8/14/18

Spike Lee’s BLACKKKLANSMAN .. eMail us:

Marc Germain, 8/14/18

The one with the mocking personal trainer. With April Winchell

Steven Spierer, 8/11/18

Often parents with the best intentions accidentally do harm just by helping too much. Steve and his daughter-in-law Cyndy Spierer, (mom of two) talk with Amy Carney (mom of five) about parenting on purpose.

Marc Germain, 8/2/18

The one with the stealing. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

CineMAXers, 7/31/18

Reviews: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT, MAMMA MIA 2 and more. eMail us at

Steven Spierer, 7/28/18

The Founding Fathers of our country fought relentlessly for nothing less than the dignity, equality, and rights of man in America and throughout Europe and England. Steve interviews Professor John Ferling, author of Apostles of Revolution: Jefferson, Paine, Monroe, and the Struggle Against the Old Order in America and Europe.

Marc Germain, 7/26/18

The one with terrifying music. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 7/21/18

Just about everyone’s lives have been touched by cancer. But what was once almost always a death sentence has become more often survivable, manageable and sometimes even curable. Steve talks with General Surgeon Melanie Friedlander, M.D. and with Plastic Surgeon Lisa Jewell, M.D. in the second of three shows planned for this year supported by […]

CineMAXers, 7/17/18

A recap of Max’s vacation… reviews including, Dwayne Johnson in SKYSCRAPER and Adam Sander in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION. Fun for the whole family… eMail us: