Marc Germain, 1/2/18

The one with the circumcision kit Featuring April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Marc Germain, 12/28/17

The one with too much talk about Marvel’s Stan Lee with April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 12/23/17

Some people have problems getting enough quality sleep, while others could but just don’t. Today we define a good night’s sleep very narrowly: eight hours in one shot, sealed off in private bedrooms, children apart from parents. But for most of human history, practically no one slept this way. Steve talks with Benjamin Reiss, author […]

Marc Germain, 12/21/17

The one where you decide to go to law school, with Justin Levine and Jon DeWoll.

CineMAXers, 12/19/17

Reviews including.. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, ROMAN J. ESQUIRE, COCO, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, THE DISASTER ARTISTS and much more. A look at the 2017 Golden Globe nominations… The last show of 2017!

Marc Germain, 12/19/17

The one with sea monkeys with April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 12/16/17

Sometimes it’s hard to be calm in the digital world. With more than a billion personal records already stolen, we all need a plan for how to react if our information is compromised. Steve talks with Adam Levin, author of Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers and Identity Thieves. […]

Marc Germain, 12/12/17

The one where Roy Moore loses with April Winchell and Jon DeWoll.

Steven Spierer, 12/9/17

Recently, Steve heard a dad give his son some bad advice about college and starts with that. Then, Steve had an extraordinary meal in an extraordinary restaurant and talks with two of the owners of Abe Fisher Philadelphia, General Manager Brian Kane and Chef Yehuda Sichel, about that dining experience and the restaurant business. Finally, […]

Marc Germain, 12/7/17

The one with Marc Summers and Jon DeWoll