Marc Germain, 2/7/17

The one where we advise a listener on how to become politically active. With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll.

  • Spike

    Well it’s official, Marc has morphed this “show” from entertainment based to 100% politics. Not just any politics mind you. Only the kind that would appeal to a Hillary lover. So, if you love the liberals and all the baggage that goes with them, you’re gonna love this new format. And if you’re not, it’s gonna be a really, really long f’ing hour listening to all this diatribe against conservatism with no actual facts to back up any of it.

    Talk Radio One is 100% pure liberal propaganda and should be avoided at all cost.

    Bub bye !!!

    • dina losito

      there is an option – turn it off and read a book.

      • Spike

        That is an excellent option (and I highly recommend it) for those who are not physically active (like yourself). As for me, I workout 5 days a week and listen to podcasts while doing so. I’ve gone back and forth with this one being on my playlist. But sadly, it has completely lost all of its entertainment value. I’ll probably check it out again around Christmas time or early 2018.

        But for now, I have unsubscribed.and have replaced Marc’s “show” with StarTalk All-Stars with Bill Nye and Neil Tyson. It’s 1 hour long, very entertaining and educational as well. Hmmm, they’re both democrats too. What does that say about you folks here on Marc’s “show”?

        As for a good read, I’ll suggest 3 to put on your shortlist. Bullies, Mugged and Adios America.

      • Spike

        Ah, did I miss your reply that you deleted Dina?

        Poor Dina – Who is intellectually pretentious, conceited and ill-informed on quite literally every subject she engages in.

  • Annie Garner

    Some men are just threatened by strong women.

    • MailOrderLance

      Or, some men are just nauseated by the direction that Dina has dragged this show. She is like the TRO version of Donald Trump, ruining what was once a great thing. Jon Dewall is her Mike Pence, continuously sucking up an backing her atrocious behavior. Marc has been turned into the TRO version of Reince Preibus, content to hold Dina’s coat as long as she lets him.

      • Annie Garner

        As I said, some men are just threatened by strong women. Rock on, Dina the Glorious!

      • meesterboo

        A Mike Pence that wheezes like an asthmatic in distress.