Marc Germain, 1/24/17

The one where Dina calls Marc a misogynist. With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

  • Richard M.

    Long time, short time caller….Fan from the “Jack Puto Days”.

    I heard Looney on the local sports radio station and thought I’d check in.

    I almost lived homeless…I had no fridge or stove for about 9 months.
    I lived on Tommy’s Original and BBQ chicken cooked in the garage on my propane hibachi.

  • Richard M.

    I loved the exchange about “attractive women politicians”..

    How do you explain that freakin hag, Nutsy Pelosi?

    She is the exception to the pretty woman in politics. She looks like her politics, haggard!

    • Paul S.

      She’s 77 years old, what do you expect her to look like