Marc Germain, 4/13/17

The one where the guy from Australia calls with nothing to say. With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

  • Bruce Richmond Chambers

    Hey Guys great show as usual. I am from Australia so here are some answers to your questions. Melbourne is a beautiful city but dull for tourists. The Tourist cities are Sydney (N.S.W) and Brisbane (QLD). Brisbane gets 16 million plus people through its airport every year. Flight time to Australia from LAX is 13 hrs to Australia and 12 hours on the return flight. Fosters was never a “National” beer. The favorite beer varies State to State (like the kind of football preferred). Beer has a greater Alcohol content in Australia so real Australian beer can never be sold here in the US. Australia is a country of Immigrants. It is rude to ask people if they are related to convicts. ( The equivalent would be ” Are you related to the people who slaughtered the Indians?” ) The Majority of people in Australia have roots connected to Great Britian, Italy and Greece. FInally Australia is in South East Asia not in Europe . Many geographically inept Americans believe it to be in Europe (Not you Marc)

    • Richie

      Australia is its own continent. Why would you see it’s in South East Asia?

      And are there really people who think it’s in Europe?

      • Bruce Richmond Chambers

        South East Asia is how it is described on television in Australia. Remember the country is located very close to Indonesia. Australia is part of Australasia.