Marc Germain, 3/6/13

With Dina Losito and Justin Levine’s news.

  • JohnDalton

    Mark, Dina is 100% right about Scientology. You seem to say it’s no worse than any other religion. YOU’RE WRONG. You can join a Catholic church, go to mass every Sunday and never pay a cent. If you become a member of Scientology you are compelled to pay them, and pay them, and pay them until you are “Clear” which takes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    If you go to a Catholic church and decide to stop going, they don’t care. If you try to leave Scientology they will harass you, intimidate you, alienate you from you loved ones and worse.

    At some point you appear to have been charmed by some Scientology spokeshole and you drank the “They’re no worse than any other religion” Kool-Aide. You are very very wrong.

  • tom

    Dina perfectly illustrated why Americans should have nothing to do with real Football.
    Not understanding the reasoning behind a 0-0 draw should prohibit you guys from having anything to do with the game.

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

    My family and friends think your average Yank is a big fat stupid moron (no offence Dina)! I however believe different and like you guys across the pond. I have to say though that there is one thing I really do not get…American Football! It’s a game that for 99.9 % of the time the foot isn’t used…therefore…why use the term football? Could it be that I’m wrong and you people over there are somewhat backwards? Loving the show anyway and was wondering where Marc and the team intend to run to when North Korea sends across some nuclear weapons? Too da loo and keep smiling :D…

    • RichieW13

      I think American Football got its name by copying some of the rules from England’s Rugby Football Union in the late 1800’s. I don’t know why the English called it “rugby football”.

  • tom

    Andrew, please refrain from telling everyone your from the UK.
    You are a first class moron.

  • Sloop

    Dina, I am impressed on just how much we are in agreement on some political issues lately. You have what Marc doesn’t. The ability to see thing the way they are and the ability to think for yourself. Marc, seems to have his head up his ass on many very important issues that need to be examined in today’s political theatre.

    What an OUTRAGE that Obama is claiming the power to execute Americans on American soil. And you clearly see it as it is, An abuse of power and another example of Obama ignoring our constitution. If Bush tried this the media would be SCREAMING!! This is FAR worse then taping phone conversations. But, we hear nothing!! Dina, you may not believe that Obama is a dangerous man yet. But I trust you will. Because it is clear you are NOT a follower like most liberals are. Marc, proves himself more and more to be well beyond just a Liberal Democrat he is pegging the needle as a socialist.

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

    Tom…are you a numpty?

  • billrheaume

    Only 2 good things have come from England…. One is the Beatles and the other is Americans!

    • tom

      Bill that’s just absurd!
      What about Pierce Morgan and Russel Brand?

  • misterboo

    Ever since Marc told the story about visiting with the Scientology lady in Hollywood and getting a tour of some facility he *does* take an unusually apologetic tone whenever Scientology is discussed. Comparing Scientology to Catholicism is not an even, one to one comparison. Dina, I feel, is making an honest, passionate argument that the Scientologists are not just average people, practicing their “religion”, but rather a highly secretive, shady organization that shames dissenters and breaks apart families. I don’t feel Dina is overly passionate about this topic. I think she has a lot of very valuable information to share and Marc is just not interested. That seems to be a pattern with a lot of his opinions. If it doesn’t interest him or he’s already made up his mind then its not going to get much discussion.

  • TalkinHorse

    I respect Marc and Dina as independent thinkers. I may argue with them, but I appreciate that neither just parrots the usual groupthink. What frightens me aren’t people being wrong so much as herds of people that are very passionate but they’re just taking their cues from the herd. That seems to be largely the way the world works, even in educated and sophisticated circles. Especially in educated and sophisticated circles.

    I’ve never known quite what to make of Scientology. Yes, L. Ron Hubbard was a disreputable person. Yes, the Scientologists on the street can be pretty darned obnoxious (I’ve tangled with them a couple of times). I hear the stores of intense social pressure, manipulation, control, whatever. I understand it’s difficult to break out of a social circle when there’s no one else you know. On the other hand, at the end of the day, your affiliation is voluntary. If you get your head together, you can walk out. (Yeah, desert compound, whatever. Even so…) I’m skeptical about Scientology as a meaningful discipline, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people are genuinely helped by exposure to Scientology.

    I think Marc is okay with Scientology because it doesn’t push his buttons and he feels it has no power over him. Dina freaks out because she perceives a threat that can and does inflict harm, and cannot be ignored. If that’s a fair summary, then the discussion should focus on why Marc sees impotency where Dina sees rape.