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Marc Germain, March 30, 2011 – Rob Marinko weighs in on the new MGS theme song, Dina Losito weighs in on good ways for Dan TSQ to end it all, Dan TSQ weighs in on things we don’t watch, and Gay Danny From Hoboken weighs in on anything that’s queer.

Marc Germain, March 28, 2011 – Rob Marinko begins by dissecting the US foreign policy with Dina Losito wondering why bother. Sharon TGM drops by but she’s usurped by Marc’s Egyptian girlfriend Khloud. Lotta laughs.

Dr. Annie Thiel, March 28, 2011 – Doctor’s Without Borders’ work in Japan with guest Dr. Nick Lawson.

Film Fustians Show, March 27, 2011 – Justin rubs elbows with Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio, Max reviews the alien-comedy movie ‘Paul’, and the Film Fustian team lists their Top Six Pleasant Surprises when it comes to films that should have sucked but were actually quite good.

Steven Spierer, March 26, 2011 – Steve is moved to tears sharing life lessons learned from his close friend Dr. Jim Tamkin, who died this past week. Then, Steve interviews Jim Mosquera, author of E$caping Oz: Protecting Your Wealth During the Financial Crisis.

Fevzi & Nick Live from the UK, March 25, 2011 – News and views from the other side of the pond.

Marc Germain, March 24, 2011 – Regan Burns, former comic actor and current Capt. Morgan reviews ‘Limitless’ and ‘Win Win’, Rob Marinko has no idea how things work, and Dina Losito sits when she pees.

Marc Germain, March 23, 2011 – Show #501! Rob Marinko reveals a secret he’s been keeping for years, Gay Danny From Hoboken reveals something that shows the peril of on-line dating and Dina Losito reveals the freak in her.

Marc Germain, March 22, 2011 – 500th Show! TRO celebrates it’s milestone by missing half of our regular cast – and it turns out to be a tribute to our radio roots. Dan TSQ rolls on by with his bucket of joy, Barry from Omaha fills in for the news and Gay Danny from Hoboken lifts everyones spirits with his queerness.

Marc Germain, March 21, 2011 – TRO’s Slightly Obsessed Listener calls in to give the gang his 2 cents about how the show is produced. Dina Losito supported this insightful fan while Rob Marinko and Marc felt he should go crap in a hat. And Japan says put away your wallets, they have this one.

Film Fustians Show, March 20, 2011 – Justin and Max gloat over their spreading influence, list their Top Six Supernatural films of all time, and revisit the most contentious film argument ever between Gene Siskel & Roger Ebert.

Steven Spierer, March 19, 2011 – Steve interviews Betsy Brown Braun, author of You’re Not The Boss of Me: Brat Proofing Your Four to Twelve Year Old Child. Then, Steve shares some history about and wisdom of Thomas Jefferson and talks about how that American founding father’s views may be particularly useful today.

Marc Germain, March 18, 2011 – Uncle Rob Marinko is hosting his nephew, Marco from Germany, where he straightened us out about granny’s, uniball and Nazi’s. Regan Burns stopped by, but God help you if you can hear him and Dina Losito discusses her deep pocket.

Marc Germain, March 16, 2011 – An intimate show featuring Rob Marinko with news, Dina Losito with commentary and Marc Germain’s sensitivities.

Marc Germain, March 15, 2011 – Funny man, Dan Crews the Suicidal Quad joins the cast for a laugh-riot. Rob Marinko and Dina Losito are no match for his mirth. And then there is Captain Gloom, Marc Germain.

Marc Germain, March 14, 2011 – Japan thinks they have it bad, Marc is having a tsunami of technical problems! But the show must go on and boy did it. Rob Marinko and Dina Losito try to add insight and insult to the festivities, Sharon TGM joins in and becomes the judge. Too many chiefs here.

Film Fustians Show, March 13, 2011 – Max and Justin review Roger Ebert’s reviews (focusing on how he managed to give ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ only 1 out of 4 stars), give the latest production news and tantalize your eardrums with the Top Six Film Scores of all time.

Steven Spierer, March 12, 2011 – Life deals unexpected cards. Steve interviews Lynne Gassel, author of Fifth Child, a soon to be published story of surprising and unwelcome events that led she and her husband to raise their grandson, and what a blessing that has turned out to be.

Fevzi & Nick Live from the UK, March 11, 2011 – A news and current affairs chat with Fevzi and Nick.

Marc Germain, March 10, 2011 – An intimate show from the cast of TRO – Rob Marinko broadcast his fine news practically from the lap of Marc Germain, while Dina Losito provided color from her unsellable dwelling in Queens.

Marc Germain, March 9, 2011 – The cast of TRO held a company meeting and decided it was high time we shake-down our audience for money. This kind of entertainment doesn’t come cheap, even if it sounds like it. And who wouldn’t want to pay to hear Gay Danny From Hoboken and the monster called Chris Brown.

Marc Germain, March 8, 2011 – SuQuad Dan joins Rob Marinko and Marc for a boys night in – Dina Losito makes a late appearance to straighten things out. TRO is auditioning for a new handicapped person who is worse off then Dan to help cheer us all up.

Marc Germain, March 7, 2011 – Gang’s all back – Marinko on the mend, Losito on a tear, STGM on the Linds, and Germain on the cheap. What else is new?

Dr. Annie Thiel, March 7, 2011 – The reunion of Ray and Cissy.

Film Fustians Show, March 6, 2011 – Max and Justin give THE final word on this years’ Oscar ceremony, plus a screed against remakes and sequels followed by the Top Six films about high school.

Steven Spierer, March 5, 2011 – Steve is a Disney theme park nut. Who would have thought? Steve interviews Disney expert Jim Korkis, author of “The Vault of Walt, Unofficial, Unauthorized, Uncensored Disney Stories Never Told”.

Fevzi & Nick Live from the UK, March 4, 2011 – Fevzi Turkalp & Nick Saalfeld take a look at world news & current affairs from a UK perspective.

Marc Germain, March 3, 2011 – Regan Burns reveals the winner of his annual Oscar contest and Marc flips out. Gay Danny From Hoboken picks up an extra shift on TRO, Dina Losito has nothing but love for quads and Justin Levine brings all the news that’s fit for Marc to somehow c-block. Good show everybody!

Marc Germain, March 2, 2011 – Down two men, the troupers of TRO fought onward. Gay Danny from Hoboken brings the gay news, Dina Losito help support children involved in custody battles and Dan Crews The SuQuad reminds us all what we have to be thankful for.

Marc Germain, February 28, 2011 – Rob Marinko receives an extended lesson in using Skype with hilarious consequences! Dina Losito believes she’s beaten Marc in the Oscar pool, but Marc’s ego won’t stand for it and Sharon TGM has up to the minute reports on the comings and goings of Carlos Estevez and Chaim Levine – Hollywood power brokers.

Dr. Annie Thiel, February 28, 2011 – Wrap-up on reuniting Cissy and Ray.

Dina Losito’s Dykes on Mics, February 27, 2011 – Spanning the globe, the ladies delivered again – piping hot commentary most things not Oscar, few tidbits that were. Joined by Debra Barsha in Boston, Bridget Poik in Portland, Kitty Martini in LA, and from Brisbane, Australia, Lance Horne, Composer Lyricist, Performer (that’s what his web site says) the gaggle of gays served it up and dished it out.

Film Fustians Show, February 26, 2011 – Max and Justin review the winners of both the Spirit and Razzie Awards, give their predictions of Oscar winners, and explore the astonishing on-set fights that director David O. Russell has had with his leading stars.

Steven Spierer, February 26, 2011 – Steve interviews attorney and psychotherapist (now there’s a combination) Will Meyerhofer, author of, ‘Life is a Brief Opportunity for Joy’, about everything that should be considered if you are thinking about going to law school. Then, Steve tells us his view of the current economy in general and of the real estate market in particular.

Marc Germain, February 25, 2011 – Tonight we reveal Rob Marinko’s favorite is meatballs, Dina Losito’s is Afghani and Gay Danny From Hoboken loves himself some VA Beach pancakes. GDFH reveals he hates the news, loves tech and is considering a trip to P-Town, and I don’t mean Province.

Fevzi & Nick LIVE from the UK, February 25, 2011 – Fevzi Turkalp has a news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, February 24, 2011 – Regan Burns joins Dina Losito and Marc to review ‘Unknown’ and ‘I am Number Four’, and to remind us of the annual Regan Burns Oscar contest.

Marc Germain, February 22, 2011 – Rob Marinko rejoins with actual news stories. Marc quizzes the gang on rich prez/poor prez. Dina Losito is clinging to her lap-band for dear life. Dan Crews is still suicidal.

Marc Germain, February 21, 2011 – Film Faustian Justin Levine proves he’s not just another pretty movie historian, he’s also a flaming newsman. Gay Danny from Hoboken is filling up the hole left by Sharon TGM’s absence this week and Dina Losito loves civil unions but hates union workers.

Film Fustians Show, February 20, 2011 – Max Mastrangelo and Justin Levine go through the 2010 Razzie Nominations for Worst picture of the year, recount Director Kevin Smith’s ‘soul-crushing’ experience working with Bruce Willis and list their top six Westerns of all time.

Marc Germain, February 17, 2011 – With a very, very heavy bertashins in the air tonight, Regan Burns phones it in – he reviews, ‘Just Go With It’ and ’Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D’. Rob Marinko and Marc compare moobs, and Dina Losito thinks Aretha’s quick weight loss is quite fetching.

Marc Germain, February 16, 2011 – Rob Marinko and Marc take glee in the plight of a poor reporter-girl’s misfortune, and they laugh at what happened to that chick in Egypt too. Dina Losito explains the importance of clotting, Sharon the Gossip Mom speaks in tongues, and Gay Danny From Hoboken gags on Gaga.

Marc Germain, February 15, 2011 – The Gang discuss the difference between an on-air stroke and Sharon The Gossip Mom. Dan TSQ reviews shows no one’s seen and Rob Marinko tells his version of what can happen if you’re not watching Tahrir. Dina Losito likes the idea of a dial-a-date show and Jennifer might host as long as there are no May/December romances.

Film Fustians Show, February 13, 2011 – Max and Justin examine Keanu Reeve’s worst performance, Robin Williams’ worst film and (in time for Valentine’s Day), their picks for the top six romance/relationship films of all time.

Marc Germain, February 11, 2011 – Live from Cabo – Monica the Gossip Mom’s Colonic-Pushing Sister reveals she’s a power bottom. Rob Marinko and Marc eat throughout the interview so as to pack their colons well. Dina Losito has her fill with it all and STGM keeps her buzz on throughout the entire show. Cheers!

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, February 11, 2011 – Fevzi Turkalp has a news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, February 10, 2011 – Amy Alkon, author of ‘I See Rude People’, stops by to say everyone in LA is rude except for the group of thinkers she hangs with at the Farmer’s Market. Dina Losito pipes in about rude NY’ers, Regan Burns reviews ‘The Roommate’ and Rob Marinko delivers more news about Egypt that no one understands or cares about.

Marc Germain, February 8, 2011 – Dan ‘The Suicidal Quadriplegic’ checks in – still alive. Gay Danny from Hoboken made many attempts to gain entry, Ronald Regan believed in UFOs, Dina Losito’s sleeps with her doppelganger, Rob Marinko has news from Hooter’s and Marc makes sense of it all. Or not.

Marc Germain, February 7, 2011 – Rob Marinko, Dina Losito and Marc review the highs and lows of the Super Bowl and Scientology while Sharon TGM is back at it with Sheen, Lohan and plugged butts. Also, our Egyptian pal Kholoud checks in North Carolina.

Dr. Annie Thiel, February 7, 2011 – The Long Embrace.

Film Fustians Show, February 6, 2011 – In celebration of the Super Bowl, Max and Justin give their top six sports films of all time. Also, an in-depth discussion on the flaws behind the opening scene of the ‘Social Network’ (and why its praise is overblown).

Steven Spierer, February 5, 2011 – Steve interview Psychologist Dr. Terry Dushenko about marriage in all its complexity, about decision-making and how to navigate successfully through our own personal history and emotions.

Dina Losito, February 4, 2011 – They’re here and all queer – Dina joined forces with Gay Danny From Hoboken and Bridget Polk for a delightful conversation of glory holes, big, heavy rocks and tossed salad. And we made 20 bucks.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, February 4, 2011 – Fevzi Turkalp has a news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, February 3, 2011 – We welcome back Regan Burns with his reviews ‘The Rite’ and ‘The Mechanic.’ The housewives of TRO chime in on how they’d send their husbands into space, no problem. Justin Levine announced his new weekend show for TRO. Then back to Cairo, Rob Marinko pets his monkey and Dina Losito explains butter-butts.

Marc Germain, February 2, 2011 – Our Egyptian correspondent and apparent super fan Kholoud called in to discuss the mishegas going on in Cairo – you shouldn’t know from it. Justin Levine delivered the news, Dina Losito now has help with the heavy homo lifting with Gay Danny from Hoboken, who gave Sharon the Gossip Mom a skip for her money when it comes to Lindsey.

Marc Germain, February 1, 2011 – Mohammed Zadid, an Egyptian student in Vegas, to describe what’s up with those crazy kids in Egypt. Dan Crews is back for his review of every single thought in his head from the past week, Rob Marinko has his point of view on the Middle East and Dina Losito impresses all with her command of Arabic. Marhabe!

Marc Germain, January 31, 2011 – Back from a winter break, with Dina Losito and Rob Marinko, we go to some far reaching places that involve cocaine, strippers, self-inflicted HPV and doubling your gay pleasures on The Marc Germain Show. And the Egyptian’s think they have problems?

Steven Spierer, January 29, 2011 – If you are having trouble advancing in your job, starting or growing your business Steve thinks there is an ethical piece you might be missing. Then, Steve interviews author, speaker and educator Shelly Mahon, an expert in teenagers and parent-child relationships. Finally, Steve shares his view of why it’s okay that Capitalism creates winners and losers, and why the government’s approach to taxes creates more distortions than he would like.

Marc Germain, January 25, 2011 – With Dina Losito, Rob Marinko and Dan Crews. DISCLAIMER: They can’t all be stellar. You’ve been warned.

Marc Germain, January 24, 2011 – Doug McIntyre phones in to tell us what a cut up Rush Limbaugh is and Rob Marinko and Marc concurred, comparing him to Sid Cesar. Really. Dina Losito was muffed by it all. Sharon TGM, interestingly, can’t be muffed at all.

Dr. Annie Thiel, January 24, 2011 – Living 2011 sober.

Steven Spierer, January 21, 2011 – Steve interviews Stephanie Chandler, author of ‘Entrepreneur to Infopreneur’ to help those trying to make a living without a traditional nine-to-five job. Then, Steve comments on the Tiger Mom, Amy Chua, who thinks raising children the Chinese way prepares kids to rule the world compared to “weak-willed” “indulgent” methods of Western parents who raise losers that cannot compete. Also, Steve describes his idea of how to properly fire an employee or break up with your girl/boyfriend, and he thinks it’s the same thing.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, January 21, 2011 – Fevzi Turkalp has a news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, January 19, 2011 – Rob Marinko is shocked to learn that 7 square miles of LA County was in lock down over a random shooting in a parking lot, Las Vegas has 2 mayors, and Hooter’s has bad food. Dina Losito is staging an intervention for something Marc’s doing that’s still a secret and Sharon TGM thinks Jennifer Aniston is cute, not beautiful.

Marc Germain, January 18, 2011 – Rob Marinko shares stories of evictions and kitty porn, Dan Crews live TV reviews from his bed in Illinois and moving to China, Dina Losito finds that she’s slowly become Dina La Port.

Marc Germain, January 17, 2011 – The gang discusses Steve Jobs’ health issues while Dina Losito, once again, takes Germain to school. Justin Levine has the news and Sharon TGM reviews the globes, as well as the award show.

Dina Losito – LIVE FROM THE PINK CARPET, January 16, 2011 – Dina Losito brought it tonight – all the possible commentary that you can cram into 2 hours, and almost 10 minutes of it covers the Golden Globes. Debra Barsha, Bridget Polk and Kitty Martini reveal just what they like in their underpants.

Steven Spierer, January 15, 2011 – Steve interviews Ashley Merryman, author of, “Nurture Shock: New Thinking About Children” – which will cause you to rethink your ideas about parenting. Steve offers his views about Generation Y, “the Millennials,” and last week’s Tucson massacre.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, January 14, 2011 – Fevzi Turkalp has a news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, January 13, 2011 – Sans Marinko, who’s busy with his FaceBook show, Marc and Dina bravely carried on, if not for the good of the audience, then for TRO to be as good as she imagined it. Oh, and Regan Burns reviewed ‘Country Strong’.

Marc Germain, January 12, 2011 – Rob Marinko shot out of a canon tonight defending his right to shoot canons. Dina Losito tried desperately to bring reason and intellect to the argument was sadly out-gunned. Marc told us we’re no longer the sign of our birth with doesn’t matter because it’s meaningless. STGM agrees Mexico is dangerous but she’s not afraid – but Mexico should be.

Marc Germain, January 11, 2011 – Dan Crews, president of TRO’s Quad-Squad joins us for his segment of reviewing TV shows he hasn’t seen. Next week: sports. Rob Marinko, along with Marc and Dan, school Dina Losito on Sarah Palin’s track record of nothing as a platform for becoming the next leader of the free world. Hey, Italy elected Berlusconi – twice.

Marc Germain, January 10, 2011 – Rob Marinko, Dina Losito and Marc all collectively agreed that anyone with three names is destined to be a homicidal lunatic (F. Lee Baily, Jerry Lee Lewis, Jamie Lee Curtis – see a pattern?) Betsy Ross, true crime blogger, discusses Dr. Conrad Murray’s preliminary hearings. Sharon the Gossip Mom jumps in to make sure all stories previously discussed are brought up again.

Dr. Annie Thiel, January 10, 2011 – A psychological perspective on the massacre in Tuscon, AZ & the latest on the Chandler reunion.

Steven Spierer, January 8, 2011 – Steve interviews Warwick Lightfoot, author of “Sorry, We Have No Money – Britain’s Economic Problem.” Mr. Lightfoot is a professional economist focused on monetary policy, public expenditure, taxation and labor markets. His perspective from London really sheds light on what’s happening and more importantly, what is likely to happen in America’s economic future.

Fevzi LIVE FROM THE UK, January 7, 2011 – News and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld

Marc Germain, January 6, 2011 – Rob Marinko comes fully unprepared for his nightly newscast but Dina Losito fills the dead air with more dead air about Apple products. Marc goes to the world’s largest electronic gadget show and didn’t see much and Regan Burns brings us the best and worst movies of 2010.

Marc Germain, January 5, 2011 – Justin Levine steps in to deliver the all the news that’s fit to speak. He and Marc resent the homeless guy getting break in broadcasting over themselves. Dina Losito comes to the defense of Susan Boyle and STGM brings the hurt on Lindsey. She should really be her PO.

Marc Germain, January 4, 2011 – Dan Crews – our new suicidal, quadriplegic, TV/life critic came aboard TRO for his maiden voyage and let’s just say we learned a lot more than you care to know. Rob Marinko managed the decorum for the evening while Dina Losito was sacrificed for the good of the show. What a trooper!

Dina Losito, December 28, 2010 – Dina Losito and her band of merry fairies brought it. Debra Barsha, Kitty Martini and Bridget Polk shared best and worst of their decade, made a touching tribute to soul singer Teena Marie, and had fun with callers. The show then deteriorated into an X-rated conversation about lesbian sex, toys and boys underwear one size too small.

Steven Spierer, December 25, 2010 – Christmas – there can be no better day for Steve to interview David Hazony (who is in Jerusalem today) about David’s book “The Ten Commandments: How Our Most Ancient Moral Text Can Renew Modern Life”. Then, in the spirit of Christmas, Steve interviews professional Family Law Mediators Arianna Jeret and Stacey Labovitz about safe, fast and comparatively economical conflict resolution in divorce.

Marc Germain, December 21, 2010 – For the last show of the year, you’d think we’d do something special, but why start now? Dr. Daniel Howell an advocate for barefoot living stopped by to tell us why our feet stink, Rob Marinko argued the finer points of net neutrality, Dina Losito valiantly persevered even though she was still on the mend. Pardon her rasp. Happy New Year Everyone!

Dr. Annie Thiel, December 20, 2010 – The meaning of Christmas.

Steven Spierer, December 18, 2010 – Steve takes your calls as he talks with clinical psychologist Mel Lewin about challenges faced by children of divorce, coping with interference by grandparents in parenting and other parenting issues.

Marc Germain, December 16, 2010 – Regan Burns reviews, ‘The Fighter”, “The Tourist’ and offers his thoughts on the Golden Globes. Rob Marinko has no news so mysteriously Justin Levine pops in. Barry from Omaha is strangely conversent about the motion picture industry and Rob from the OC has questions for everyone.

Marc Germain, December 15, 2010 – Michael Lohan talks about his family, addiciton and rehab with Sharon the Gossip Mom and Justin Levine in for Rob Marinko’s news.

Marc Germain, December 14, 2010 – Rob Marinko has gambled with $5K chips on the table, Dina Losito is continues sitting shiva and Marc has a Buddhist revelation.

Marc Germain, December 13, 2010 – Rob Marinko shares his favorite Richard Holbrook stories, Marc reveals the funny racist that lived inside Richard Nixon, Sharon the Gossip Mom reveals she has an $8,000 refrigerator that she got wholesale, and Dina Losito says, ‘Vaya con Dios, Angus’ to her best friend.

Steven Spierer, December 11, 2010 – It’s always darkest before the dawn and it seems the economy is getting worse. But maybe relief is just around the corner. Steve wants to know so he interviews Robert Prechter, author of Conquer The Crash.

Marc Germain, December 9, 2010 – Dan Crews, a 27 year old quadriplegic, wants to be able to kill himself and if he gets his way, it’ll happen. Unless Vince McMann calls and offers him a job. Interestingly enough, same goes for Rob Marinko. Dina Losito has a hard time with Dan’s wishes and luckily Regan Burns saves the day with his comedy stylings by way of movie reviews; “The Black Swan,” “The King’s Speech” and new on DVD, “Going the Distance.”

Marc Germain, December 8, 2010 – Justin Levine brings us all the news that’s fit to fight about, namely Dina Losito picking on a poor caller who hates peace and love. And probably puppies. Sharon the Gossip Mom puts the nail in Michael Douglas’ coffin – and this time, she might be right.

Marc Germain, December 7, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Dina Losito once again go after the show’s host over being a Wikileaks sympathizer. And then we went home.

Marc Germain, December 6, 2010 – Rob Marinko’s compassion toward a dying woman is called into question – so much so it leaves Dina Losito no choice but to defend him and Sharon the Gossip Mom gets a lot of hits.

Steven Spierer, December 4, 2010 – Donna McAleer served in the United States Army and has written Porcelain on Steel, and account of a long gray line of women of West Point. Steve interviews Donna about the history of these women, women in military service and what military service can mean to an individual and to our country.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, December 3, 2010 – Nws and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, December 2, 2010 – Merrill Markoe drops in to discuss the Steve Martin at the 92nd Street Y incident and Dina Losito agrees with everything she says. Regan Burns reviews ‘The King’s Speech’, ‘Burlesque’ and ‘Tangled’. Rob Marinko has some news, too.

Marc Germain, November 30, 2010 – Alas! Someone has come to Dina Losito’s defense, and not a moment too soon. Rob Marinko, meanwhile is forced by Marc to decide when it’s treason or when it’s not, and the show has a new code name: Julian Assange

Marc Germain, November 29, 2010 – Pat Devine dropped by for a surprise visit, and no one was more surprised than Dina Losito. Marc is stupefied by the lack of civility to a guest, while Rob Marinko wants to be mentioned last in all promos.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, November 29, 2010 – Featuring news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, November 23, 2010 – Rob Marinko is confused about who writes presidential memoirs, Dina Losito is thankful for everyone, and Marc believes everything he reads on Craig’s List. Thanks Rich Dunn!

Marc Germain, November 22, 2010 – Rob Marinko tells a heart-warming Christmas story that will become an instant classic. Dina Losito talks about what she’d do for love and Sharon the Gossip Mom has problems with a bitch in her house.

Steven Spierer, November 20, 2010 – Life is choice. Some people make better choices than others. Find out how and why as Steve interviews Professor Sheena Iyengar, author of The Art of Choosing.

Marc Germain, November 19, 2010 – Rob Marinko graces the MG show audience with his newsy acumen for about 8 minutes, Dina Losito and Marc carry him for the rest of the show. Sharon the Gossip Mom arrives sober but leaves us loaded. Cheers!

Fevzi LIVE FROM THE UK, November 19, 2010 – News and views with Nick Saalfeld from the other side of the pond.

Marc Germain, November 18, 2010 – Rob Marinko’s understudy, Justin Levine, turned in a fine performance tonight, as always, ready in the wings with a quip. Regan Burns reviews ‘Megamind’, ‘Skyline’ and ‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’. Dina Losito fills out the dance-card with a whole lotta love.

Marc Germain, November 15, 2010 – with Rob Marinko’s news – and that’s it.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 15, 2010 – “Inside Out” a psychological look at inner and outer beauty.

Steven Spierer, November 13, 2010 – The kids are a hassle and there are bills to pay. It can blind us to what matters. So, Steve interviews Katrina Kenison, author of The Gift of an Ordinary Day.

Marc Germain, November 12, 2010 – Justin Levine in the news chair because we like him better, but in typical Friday night fashion, all hell breaks loose when Dina Losito has to call Marc and Justin on the carpet for flagrant radio fouls. Regan Burns reviews “Morning Glory,” “127 Hours,” and “Unstoppable.” Sharon The Gossip Mom drinks through the entire show and is much better for it.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, November 12, 2010 – Featuring news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, November 9, 2010 – Rob Marinko tried desperately to make it into the TRO studios tonight, but he was on a mission of mercy that kept him away. But his unyielding work ethic gave way to a stroke of brilliance – he phoned it in. Along with beloved entertainer Brian Whitman in tow, he and Rob made a triumphant contribution to the show thanks via and iPhone and a Moon Over My Hammy from Denny’s. Dina Losito gives Whitman grief which he can’t answer to and Marc was only there to bear witness.

Marc Germain, November 8, 2010 – Rob Marinko was lead off batter on a show that never really took off until the final few moments, but trust me, they’re well worth the wait. Dina Losito and Marc Germain enter into a gentleman’s bet, while Dina calls out a listener for a good, old fashion throw-down. Wagering always welcomed.

Steven Spierer, November 6, 2010 – Steve seems to have a lot on his mind today on a variety of topics. Also, Steve interviews Gerontologist and Elder Law Professor Susan Geffen about assisted living, money management, patient advocates, Alzheimer’s and all forms of Geriatric care.

Fevzi LIVE in the UK, November 5, 2010 – Fevzi Turkalp and Nick Saalfeld kick around the news from the UK perspective.

Marc Germain, November 3, 2010 – Dina Losito and Marc hold down the fort while Rob Marinko broadcasts with his real radio friends. His check will be a little lighter this week. Sharon the Gossip Mom stopped by to kibitz with Marc over what she did or didn’t say about the candidates and admitted she’s never purchased the National Enquirer. Really?

Marc Germain, November 2, 2010 – Brian Whitman brings the funny to election night and the gang happily acquiesced. Rob Marinko, Dina Losito along with a drive-by from Justin Levine, tried in vain to provide election coverage, but lucky for you all, Brian did his Kenny Kingston impression to save the day.

Marc Germain, November 1, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Marc vamp for a tardy Dina Losito, but the reunion was well worth the wait. The gang, along with Sharon the Gossip Mom, debated politics that will be dated by the time you download this podcast. They also discussed Tea Parties, repressed memories and showing yours to 6 year olds.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 1, 2010 – The psychology of politics: To vote or not to vote.

Marc Germain, October 29, 2010 – Actress Amy Yasbeck stops by to promote her new book, a memoir of her life with husband, John Ritter. Regan Burns reviews Paranormal Activity 2 and Saw 3D. Rob Marinko joins the Tea Party. Dina Losito, desperately tries to make a difference, is woefully outmatched, but does bring the tags.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, October 29, 2010 – Fevzi Turkalp has a news and current affairs chat with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, October 27, 2010 – Rob Marinko shares the black hole that is becoming his life. Marc shows no mercy. Or concern. Dina Losito has a laugh after Rob pulls her leg on a story and Sharon the Gossip Mom grew up in a home that made Carrie’s mother seem like the Karsashian mom.

Marc Germain, October 26, 2010 – Rob Marinko is up to his eyes in pussy. Dina Losito stood up for the rights of the meta-data delinquent and it fell on deaf ears. Marc does not know his sharia from his Annie Leibovitz and he has no business in California.

Marc Germain, October 25, 2010 – Rob Marinko moved heaven and earth to be with us tonight, and it sounds like it. Dina Losito told him it gets better. Sharon [the profane] Gossip Mom tells a tale about someone doing something and not caring. Let us know if you figure it out.

Steven Spierer, October 23, 2010 – Steve talks politics and interviews James Robbins, author of: ‘This Time We Win: Revisiting the Tet Offensive,’ lessons from the Vietnam war we can apply to today’s threats. Then, Steve talks about President Obama, Gerrymandering, the media and every other problem that ails us.

Marc Germain, October 22, 2010 – Rob Marinko caps off first week back by not having computer problems. Marc, conversely, did. Luckily, Dina Losito is there to save the day. Sharon the Gossip Mom shares her Hollywood dish, and a very funny observation about kids.

Marc Germain, October 21, 2010 – Rob Marinko is still fuming over the beat car Marc sold him, Dina Losito agrees with Rob and Regan Burns reviews ‘Jackass 3D,’ ‘RED’ and ‘Waiting for Superman,’ while gloating that he got the best out of Marc’s car.

Marc Germain, October 20, 2010 – Rob Marinko was lured back to the fold, again, to keep the news department up and running to the best of its ability. Dina Losito shares her foray as an author of Penthouse pornography. Sharon the Gossip Mom weighs in on LiLo (shocker) and she and Dina actually agree on parenting. It may be the end of the world as we know it.

Fevzi from the UK, 10/20/10 – News & current affairs with Nick Saalfeld.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 18, 2010 – Guest: Ib Younis – volunteer with Doctor’s Without Borders and one of their primary logistics people since 1995.

Steven Spierer, October 16, 2010 – By now everyone has been touched by Cancer. Either you have lost a close friend or relative to Cancer or you have Cancer yourself. Steve interviews physician and author James A. Tamkin, M.D., about Cancer, what causes it, how to avoid it and what to do if you get it.

Marc Germain, October 15, 2010 – Scott Michaels from stopped by to discuss his self-explanatory web site, but not before he took a beat-down from Sharon the Gossip Mom and Dina Losito. Justin Levine, the ever level headed show attorney, found a way support both sides of the coin. Marc sees nothing wrong with making a beautiful dollar no matter how many lives you destroy in the process.

Marc Germain, October 14, 2010 – Regan Burns is with us from the jump and wastes no time helping the show along with his reviews of ‘Secretariat,’ ‘My Soul To Take,’ and ‘Jonah Hex’ on DVD. Dina Losito is looking for someone to fight with, and Marc is tired of the tired miner story.

Marc Germain, October 13, 2010 – Justin Levine pinch hits again for the ailing Marinko, and by ailing we mean slacking. Dina Losito thinks everyone is gay or just doesn’t know it yet, Sharon the Gossip Mom thinks everyone is getting divorced in 3?s and two of the four on the show have arrest records… guess which ones.

Marc Germain, October 12, 2010 – Dina Losito and Marc Germain did all the heavy lifting since Rob Marinko is MIA (mostly inactive). They bring you the good, the bad and the miners – it’s a mixed bag of nuts. And a lot of different news.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 11, 2010 – Surviving Breast Cancer and Resilience.

Steven Spierer, October 9, 2010 – Stock market investing is not for the faint hearted these days. Steve interviews Certified Financial Planner Phil Albitz about the volatile investing climate, risk management and lots of money issues, including stocks, bonds, inflation, deflation, gold, advance planning and financial freedom.

Marc Germain, October 8, 2010 – Justin Levine in for the vacationing Rob Marinko and by vacation we mean, absent. Sharon the Gossip Mom joins in for some colon conversation, Regan Burns reviews ‘The Social Network,’ ‘Buried’, and on DVD ‘Secret in Their Eyes’ and Dina Losito is hoping anything that goes in pipes is pleasurable.

Fevzi LIVE FROM THE UK, October 8, 2010 – News & Current Affairs from the other side of the pond and a Gadget Detective slot too.

Marc Germain, October 5, 2010 – Just when we contemplated cutting the show short, Justin Levine swooped in to rescue us from Rob Marinko’s tech-failure. Dina Losito comes to the defense of fish oil, Apple TV, NYC high rents and gay-youth in crisis, but not in that particular order. Marc continues to hate on Rick Sanchez in defense of his people.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 4, 2010 – The Psychological Face of politicians.

Steven Spierer, October 2, 2010 – Steve interviews Dr. Mel Lewin, a clinical psychologist about how to raise emotionally healthy children and to improve parent/child relationships. Plus, listener calls from parents of a two year old, a three year old and a seven year old, each facing the challenges of childrearing.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, October 1, 2010 – News and current affairs topics with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, September 30, 2010 – Marc starts the show seeking a new label for Dina Losito (like she doesn’t enough of those). Rob Marinko, late but still charming, showed up in time to attack Marc and his turtle story. Regan Burns reviews ‘Easy A’ and ‘Wall Street’ and then the boys confirm they don’t like anything behind them.

Marc Germain, September 29, 2010 – Justin Levine was our newsman, Dina Losito made sure there was no anti-semitism on the show even though she felt outnumbered by the Hebrews. Rob Marinko showed up late just to defend Meg Whitman, Gloria Allred and pussy. Sharon the Gossip Mom doesn’t believe in extraterrestrial life based on nothing more than a hunch. Too bad she doesn’t realize that reality is nothing but a collective hunch. Deep.

Marc Germain, September 28, 2010 – Rob Marinko explains to Dina Losito why no men want to be around her when she shares a story about a fight on the bus with ass-hat New Yorker. Marc Germain quizzes Marinko on his addictions and you’ll be surprised at the outcome – Rob sure was.

Marc Germain, September 27, 2010 – Rob Marinko takes glee in Segways, crocs and the death penalty while and Dina Losito, high on downers, is coerced into agreeing. Marc appreciates the artwork of Hitler and Sharon The Gossip Mom hits Lindsey, politics and pussies. Yep, we went there again.

Steven Spierer, September 25, 2010 – Steve’s daughter is getting married tonight and Steve is the acting Officiant. Steve interviews Ms. Ryan Larson, a wedding coordinator because weddings can be chaotic as well as joyous. Then, what it might take for a marriage to work these days, whether Pre-Nuptial agreements are a good idea or a bad idea and about how bad an idea it is to actually buy divorce insurance.

Marc Germain, September 23, 2010 – Jam-packed and fun-filled! And it’s only Thursday. Rob Marinko started us off innocently enough, but then Christ-hater Regan Burns had to get on his blasphemous speech. He hates all things pure folks. Dina Losito tries in vane to show Regan his hateful ways by preaching the goodness of the 12 steps, and even after a friend of Marc’s who’s struggling with his recovery tries to show Regan the light, he refuses to go into it – WWJD?

Marc Germain, September 21, 2010 – We learn that Rob Marinko has gotten fish-religion, fluffer-pussy and a piece of crap car from a friend. Dina Losito can’t figure out the difference between organized religion and organized crime and Marc’s religion gives him solace because his god doesn’t look like George Carlin.

Marc Germain, September 20, 2010 – Rob Marinko tells a cautionary tale of buying a used car from a friend, then hurries off for some man-time. Marc denies any culpability and blames the Germans. Dina and Sharon the Gossip Mom have all the answers for Lindsey. A contributor and friend to the show shares a very sad story with a tragic ending.

Steven Spierer, September 18, 2010 – If you have struggled with your weight over the years you will want to hear Steve’s interview with Michelle Pearl, author of “Wake Up! You’re Probably never Going to Look Like That: How to be Happier, Healthier and Imperfectly Fit”

Marc Germain, September 17, 2010 – Rob Marinko, fresh from jury duty, gave the TRO audience a very detailed and troubling look into our legal system. Dina Losito, normally a ray of sunshine, must be OTR because she’s nothing but a downer. Sharon The Gossip Mom lifted everyone’s spirits by drinking her own.

Marc Germain, September 16, 2010 – Justin Levine, famed attorney and unemployed tv/radio producer fills in for Rob Marinko to join the crew for news and views from all over the world… and we learned he keeps Kosher. Regan Burns reviews ‘Resident Evil IV’ and ‘I’m Still Here’ and this podcast is worth listening to just for that review. Dina Losito live from tornado stricken New York.

Marc Germain, September 14, 2010 – The gang discusses a veritable potpourri of subjects tonight from Rob Marinko’s backyard pussy to Mr. TRO’s absolute lack of knowledge of mining, to Dina Losito becoming a Ground Zero Mosque sympathizer. Now that’s diversity at its finest.

Marc Germain, September 13, 2010 – Rob Marinko was prepared with news and Marc didn’t know what to do about it. Sharon the Gossip Mom jumped in the share in the festivities of award shows no one watched, Oprah give aways that no one watched, and the fact that none of us are getting on plane with Vinnie Barbarino at the helm. Period.

Dr. Annie Thiel, September 13, 2010 – The psychological aspects of Love.

Steven Spierer, September 11, 2010 – Steve interviews Jeffrey Freed and Laurie Cantillo, co-authors of “Right-Brained Children in a Left-Brained World” as they discuss unlocking the potential of your ADD child. Then, Steve thinks people make lots of mistakes in assessing risk in their lives and end up being fearful when they need not be, while being bold when caution makes more sense.

Marc Germain, September 10, 2010 – While Tomm Looney of Fox Sports News guzzled martinis in Puerto Vallarta, Rob Marinko shirked his news responsibilities, Dina Losito spoke fondly of NYC holes and Sharon the Gossip Mom was tapped out. Marc made the tough decision to put this one out of its misery. WARNING: This show is an hour of your life that you’ll never get back.

Fevzi LIVE from the UK, September 10, 2010 – News and views with Nick Saafald from the other side of the pond.

Marc Germain, September 9, 2010 – Comedian Robert Schimmel’s brother Jeff and sister Sandy came on to remember Bob’s life and career. Marc, Dina and sometimes Rob also reminisced about the very talented, funny man that will be sorely missed by all. Then Regan Burns showed up with his little movie reviews of ‘The Machete’ and ‘Takers’.

Marc Germain, September 8, 2010 – Steven Spierer drops by the TRO studios to share a fascinating story of his weekend adventures that included private jets, yachts and tuna. Rob Marinko seized the moment to sidle up to Speirer not only for his weekend hookups, but also as an eating buddy. Dina Losito napped from NY and Sharon the Gossip Mom speaks of Britney, Paris and their p*ssies.

Dr. Annie Thiel, September 6, 2010 – All about LOVE.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, September 3, 2010 – Live from the UK, it’s Fevzi Turkalp with Nick Saalfald talking about tech news and views from the other side of the pond.

Marc Germain, September 2, 2010 – Rob Marinko is in on the news, including the new TRO weather segment, Regan Burns, always bringing the funny, reviews ‘The American’ and ‘The Last Exorcism’ and does it without an intro – he’s that much of a pro. Dina Losito gives her impression of NY angels, swallowing sea monkeys and things jammed into a chimney.

Marc Germain, August 31, 2010 – Should the show we did last night live on in perpetuity, this show is begging your forgiveness posthumously. Rob Marinko and Marc threw themselves on the mercy of the TRO listening audience for the double entendre while Dina Losito thinks to ask for absolution is a p*ssy thing to do.

Marc Germain, August 30, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Marc are together again and begin discussing Sharon the Gossip Mom’s shaving habits. Dina Losito joined in if only to align and assure. And she calls it Cosmo.

Dr. Annie Thiel, August 30, 2010 – Los Angeles –past and present, love and the good guys vs. the bad guys, a psychological portrait of one of America’s most celebrated twentieth century authors. Special guests include Powers Boothe, who portrayed Philip Marlowe the HBO series of Chandler’s short stories.

Steven Spierer, August 28, 2010 – The most powerful and efficient branch of the United States Government may not be our excellent Armed Forces. It may be the Internal Revenue Service, and if it is, you will want to hear Steve’s interview with Abraham Carnow, former IRS agent. Then, Steve gives an update on the real estate market including a discussion of Strategic Defaults for those in distress.

Marc Germain, August 27, 2010 – Celebration of TRO! Rob Marinko and Sharon The Gossip Mom return triumphant from the Dan Avey memorial – representing. Tomm Looney from Fox Sports Radio joined in after a nasty bout of rotten eggs, and Dina Losito tells a woeful story of her friend the thief who’s going to jail for stealing millions from innocent people. Waaaaaaaaa my lawyer’s a crook – waaaaaa!

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, August 27, 2010 – Live from the UK, it’s Fevzi with Nick Saalfald talking about news from the other side of the pond.

Marc Germain, August 26, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Dina Losito attack Marc for his deadly accurate predictions ridiculous claims about everything from gambling odds to golf scores and memorial services. Oh, and Regan Burns reviews Vampire’s Suck and Piranha 3D and recaps the last couple weeks of movies.

Marc Germain, August 25, 2010 – Things got off to a rousing start with Rob Marinko accusing Dina Losito, Marc and a cackle of other rads for being responsible for Sarah Palin’s continued notoriety- a point to refudiate for sure. It then devolved into Tiger wins, Tiger loses, Lindsey drinks, Lindsey loses and Rob eats but never loses.

Marc Germain, August 24, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Marc began the show sans Dina Losito and missed the opportunity to talk behind her back. Lucky for them. The evening’s debates range from Madonna vs. Celine Dion & Garth Brooks to club music, guns, and East Coast vs. West Coast. TRO has gone gangsta.

Marc Germain, August 23, 2010 – Rob Marinko, short on news long on counter-punches, joined in with Dina Losito in giving Marc crap for whatever they could think of, and then Sharon the Gossip Mom showed up in time to remind the crew that Tiger’s divorce was finalized. As predicted by the women of TRO.

Steven Spierer, August 21, 2010 – It’s hard to start a business but it can be done. Steve tells a story from 32 years ago of his repeated legal failure in the biggest case he had handled to that point. Then, Steve interviews Laura Ramirez, author of “Keepers of the Children. Native American Wisdom and Parenting”. Finally, Steve spent much of the last three days at his law office interviewing applicants for the position of office assistant and has some horror stories to tell.

Marc Germain, August 20, 2010 – With the help of his sponsor, Rob Marinko, Marc did the impossible – drank 1 mojito throughout the entire show and got smashed. So sad. Tomm Looney from Fox Sports Radio joined in the fun, as did Sharon the Gossip Mom and Dina Losito. You must listen to witness Marc’s fall from grace.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, August 20, 2010

Marc Germain, August 17, 2010 – Tribute to Dan Avey! Don Barrett of, the good John Phillips of KABC and Tomm Looney from Fox Sports Radio all dropped by with their favorite memories of Dan Avey and his illustrious radio career. Rob Marinko, Regan Burns, Sharon the Gossip Mom and Dina Losito all fondly remembered the good, the sad and the crazy ass stories that made Dan Avey a legend. You are and always will be, our friend.

Dr. Annie Thiel, August 16, 2010 – Radio’s Dr. Laura put her foot in her mouth – how that differs from literary license and how the language a therapist uses effects clients.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, August 13, 2010 – Fevzi Turkalp and Nick Saalfeld chat about the news and current affairs from the UK.

Marc Germain, August 12, 2010 – Marc interviews Tony Losito, famed 90 year old golfer and sperm donor about his amazing feat of recent. Rob Marinko had his little news stories, Regan Burns reviewed ‘The Other Guys’ & ‘Death at a Funeral’ on DVD and Dina was just happy for the chance to talk to her daddy.

Marc Germain, August 11, 2010 – Rob Marinko never did get to any news but had plenty to say. Dina Losito was ganged up on by both Rob and Sharon the Gossip Mom for various confrontations, and the outcome may surprise and confound you. Or not.

Marc Germain, August 10, 2010 – Rob Marinko started the show fending off Germain’s accusations of gluttony and/or a cerebrovascular accident. Dina Losito clocked in late having had to take care of some lady things. Everyone was back on track just in time to sign off.

Steven Spierer, August 7, 2010 – Military school is not reform school and it is one great way to get under-performing teenage boys on track toward success in school and life. Steve interviews Stanford Stockdale of the non-profit Army & Navy Academy.

Marc Germain, August 6, 2010 – Marc starts off the show with his prejudices of Target, and Rob Marinko and Dina Losito are left to defend the rights of the oppressed. Again. Then, Sharon TGM appears and in comes a cavalcade of oppression.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, August 6, 2010 – Fevzi fills in for Mike from the UK with tech news.

Marc Germain, August 5, 2010 – Regan Burns reviews ‘Ghost Writer’ on DVD and ‘The Kids Are All Right’. Rob Marinko showed up late, which will be deducted from his pay and Dina Losito wasn’t very happy with any of it… but what else is new.

Impact Program with Frank Sontag, August 5, 2010 – Frank’s comments on Proposition 8, the Bible, a young girls battle with cancer (, what does the separation of church and state really mean and what did our Founding Fathers think of it, departing U.S. troops pack millions of items in Iraq, and call from Marc Germain.

Marc Germain, August 4, 2010 – We interview Susan Murtaugh an artist who creates amazing art on her iPad. With Dina Losito in NYC.

Marc Germain, August 3, 2010 – We took all your comments under review and made MAJOR personnel changes. Please listen to the podcast to discover your new positions within the organization. Also, Rob Marinko and Marc dust it up over Wikileaks and Valerie Plame, shooting your co-workers and North Korea’s aggression. Dina Losito mostly stands back and listens.

Marc Germain, August 2, 2010 – We couldn’t wait to get back on the air – so we did a pre-show. Rob Marinko, from Las Vegas but far from Marc, Sharon the Gossip Mom has a dust-up with a caller, Dina Losito in NY, far far from them all. And it shows.

Marc Germain, July 30, 2010 – With Tomm Looney from Fox Sports Radio, Comic/Actor Regan Burns, Sharon TGM, Rob Marinko’s news & Dina Losito in NYC. Maybe the longest show we’ve done – and it feels like it…

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, July 30, 2010 – With Nick Saalfeld and the news from the UK.

Marc Germain, July 28, 2010 – Rob Marinko immediately sets off Marc by possessing no technical acumen. But luckily Marc has enough for 10, so you won’t even hear it. Then Dina Losito mixes it up with a caller and Sharon TGM has nothing but good things to say about bad people.

Dr. Annie Thiel, July 26, 2010 – Age disparity for couples in love, does age make a difference? A psychological review of Cougar Love.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, July 23, 2010 – News with Nick Saalfeld discussing: How the Brits defy US senate over Lockerbie, why sex education in the UK is sub-par, Sarah Palin’s ignorance and prejudice, and why it might be time to break up the USA.

Marc Germain, July 22, 2010 – After Rob Marinko sabotaged the beginning of the show with his faulty wiring [edited out of the podcast], we totally give away the ending of Inception, so from about :30 to :35 mark, go get a drink. Regan Burns reviews ‘Inception’ and ‘The Runaways’ on DVD.

Marc Germain, July 21, 2010 – Rob Marinko riles up Marc over the Shirley Sherrod issue and you’ll never guess which way Dina Losito goes. Sharon TGM let the crew down as to which story is burning in her butt but she delivers none the less. And then it turned to anal expressions and dingle-berries.

Marc Germain, July 19, 2010 – with Rob Marinko, Dina Lostio and Sharon TGM.

Steven Spierer, July 17, 2010 – Steve talks about what parents should be thinking about for their children between their birth and the time they start school with Stacey Kannenberg, author of the Let’s Get Ready Series with Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten! Let’s Get Ready For First Grade! Then, Tom from Colorado wants to know if he is moving as fast as he should be in starting his new business.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, July 16, 2010 – Fevzi Turkalp with news and views from the UK with Nick Saalfeld.

Marc Germain, July 15, 2010 – Insurance specialists’ Rob Marinko and Marc decided to school Regan Burns over his life-changing car accident last week. Regan did manage to review Despicable Me and Cyrus despite his weakened condition. Dina Losito was happy to mix it up with her brand of mumble-core.

Marc Germain, July 14, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Marc discussed the fact that while Whoopie is crazy, Mel Gibson is not normally a racist-anti-semite-mysogonist-pig, he’s just hit a bad patch. Sharon The Gossip Mom, still gives ‘em, Dina Losito is agnostic on the issue, but we are dubious as to whether Rob and Marc still receive, so smile…

Marc Germain, July 13, 2010 – With Rob Marinko, Dina Losito and Marc all over the map – a little Mel, a little gov regulation, a little real estate news, a little Polanski, a little Blago and hardly any profanity.

Marc Germain, July 12, 2010 – PROFANITY ‘The Mel Gibson Show’ with Rob Marinko, Dina Losito, Sharon the Gossip Mom and Marc all review, re-review, and re-re-review the Oscar-caliber performance. It’s something to behold – and we do. Oh, and by the way, Roman Polanski walked.

Dr. Annie Thiel, July 12, 2010 – Understanding Raves and Ecstasy with Jose Hernandez of CAST Recovery, along with roving reporter Melonie Magruder.

Steven Spierer, July 10, 2010 – Steve talks about the integrity of attorneys in general and of one real estate agent in particular. In between Steve interviews Dr. Lorraine Edey, Co-Author: “Wake Up Women BE Healthy, Happy and Wealthy”.

Marc Germain, July 9, 2010 –The whole crew are back in the saddle with Tomm Looney from Fox Sports, Rob Marinko, Regan Burns reviews: ‘Predators,’ ‘Eclipse’ and ‘A Single Man’ [on DVD], Sharon the Gossip Mom, and Dina Losito all packed into the virtual TRO studios.

Marc Germain, July 5, 2010 – Rob Marinko is now pain-free, drug-free and full of pep. Dina Losito was disappointed at a loss Ebay auction and blames Marc. Marc continues to whine about his sore throat, double-dipping radio gigs and cleaning his own pool.

Steven Spierer, July 3, 2010 – Elana Kagan is through her Senate hearings without many surprises. Steve interviews David Van Taylor, Director of the new documentary, ‘Advise and Dissent‘ about the whole Supreme Court nomination process, Elana Kagan and what’s at stake.

Marc Germain, July 2, 2010 – The crew [Dina Losito, Rob Marinko & Sharon TGM] was feeling the effects of Rob’s narcotic addiction – the result: a very low-key show. We covered everything from unemployment to bankruptcy to keeping DNA trophy’s that your mother can brag about. Plus Steve Parker previewed his weekend shows.

Marc Germain, July 1, 2010 – Rob Marinko – absent. Regan Burns – Absent. Dina Losito – Present. Marc and Dina did all the heavy lifting tonight for our slacker co-workers both decided they were didn’t need to show up. And you know what – they didn’t Dina and Marc carried on as if they were the only two in the room.

Marc Germain, June 30, 2010 – Rob Marniko, Dina Losito and Marc disused the topics of the day: ass-hat senators (usually Republican, but not this time), Nigers, and maggots – all mutually exclusive, yet terribly funny. Sharon the Gossip Mom goes after Gore, a whore and a chore – what is the Vice President, Courtney Love and DNA-stained underpants.

Marc Germain, June 29, 2010 – Rob Marinko showed up mostly sober and it showed, and along with Dina Losito they discussed Marc’s problems with road rage, child labor, pool boys and Kikomen’s Soy Sauce. And of course, those stubborn grout stains.

Marc Germain, June 28, 2010 – It’s interesting what can happen when Dina Losito gets a good nights sleep – she not only agrees with everything Rob Marinko has to say, but actually rushes to his aid more than once. Equally amazing is how that same rest is eradicated when Sharon the Gossip Mom blows onto the airways. Marc shares with us an interesting interview with Reid Stowe, a man who spent over 3 years at sea alone, and loved every god-forsaken minute of it.

Dr. Annie Thiel, June 28, 2010 – Twilight: Is it a bloody addiction or just an escape? With guest Dr. Nancy Reagin, author of’s three star best seller “Twilight and History.”

Steven Spierer, June 26, 2010 – A midlife crisis can just wreck everything. Finding the opportunity in the pain can be a salvation. Steve interviews Frankie Picasso, author of Midlife Mojo.

Marc Germain, June 25, 2010 –Marc whines, Sharon the Gossip Mom is muffled, Rob Marinko is fragmenting, and Dina Losito, clear as a bell. Right after that was cleared up, a show broke out.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, June 25, 2010 – From the UK, it’s Fevzi!

Marc Germain, June 22, 2010 – RADIO HISTORY IS MADE. Download the podcast and find out just what this means. Marc, Rob Marinko and Dina Losito all got together last night to shoot the crap – with a twist. And then we resumed our normal interaction where new words and concepts were bandied about. Welcome to summer!

Marc Germain, June 21, 2010 – Rob Marinko is stoned out of his gourd, Sharon TGM defended her indefensible comments on Dina Losito’s FaceBook page, and Dina made sure to bring that up. Marc is still defending his powder blue crocs all these years later, and not allowed to transition in peace.

Dr. Annie Thiel, June 21, 2010 – Father’s Day Special with guest Aissa Wayne, daughter of film legend John Wayne, talking about her life with father plus a mystery guest will talk about her life with her famous actor father.

Fevzi in for Mike Mendoza, June 18, 2010 – Fevzi has some tech news and chats with Nick Saalfeld about current events.

a href=”″>Marc Germain, June 17, 2010 – Rob Marinko, fresh from his MRI and drug induced coma, rejoined Dina Losito and Marc for an in-depth conversation about pain management, stray cats and firing squads. And yes, they’re all interrelated, we’re just that good.

Marc Germain, June 16, 2010 – Even with Marinko absent and Sharon the Gossip Mom silenced, Dina Losito, Regan Burns, along with Marc managed to have a great show without them. The crew spoke of celebrity sightings, streaming software and Regan’s hot wife — check out her on FaceBook. Regan reviewed ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Youth in Revolt’.

Marc Germain, June 14, 2010 – Marc, Rob Marinko and Dina Losito started out tonight answering vicious emails about our work ethic. The cast was highly insulted, yet seemed to pull off a 2 hour show. So there. Rob and Sharon The Gossip Mom managed to beat the crap out of Dina on yet another of their ill-conceived diatribes on lifestyles. And speaking of lifestyles, soccer is gay.

Steven Spierer, June 12, 2010 – Depending on who you talk to, government should do more to help or does way too much already. Steve interviews Dr. William Voegelli about his newest book “Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State”

Marc Germain, June 11, 2010 – A girl is found at sea which upsets Dina Losito and Rob Marinko, Marc repeats the story of his move because Sharon The Gossip Mom doesn’t listen to the show when she’s not on, Rob is once again stoned out of his gourd on pain pills, but the main event happens about half way through the show when Rob flexes his al-righty opinion about high-speed chases and Dina once again tries to put him in his place. Regan Burns reviews ‘Get Him to the Greek’, ‘Splice’ and ‘A-Team’.

Marc Germain, June 10, 2010 – Marc stopped by between broadcast gigs to test out some stories with Rob and Dina. The results? Mirth and merriment. From the gulf stream oils to children lost at sea, this show was made for you and me.

Marc Germain, June 8, 2010 – The inaugural show from Las Vegas goes off with a bang – and a great deal of scatological references, so if you’re faint of heart, don’t listen to the first 10 minutes. Rob Marinko explains how he relieves himself of tension, and surprisingly, Dina Losito agrees. Marc is still recovering from his witness relocation – photos to follow.

Dr. Annie Thiel, June 7, 2010 – Honoring non-combat vets who served their country.

Steven Spierer, June 5, 2010 – Steve interviews LA District Attorney and candidate for California Attorney General, Steve Cooley.

Marc Germain, June 4, 2010 – Tomm Looney from Fox Sports, Rob Marinko and Regan Burns [who reviewed ‘The Price of Persia’ and Dear John on DVD], discussed the merits of replays in baseball, when Marc with his avalanche of sports knowledge, of course had it all figured out. Dina Losito spent the night getting spent, while STGM had a slow celeb news day, and decided to pick on poor Charlie Sheen.

Marc Germain, June 2, 2010 – Rob Marinko joined Marc in the city of Las Vegas, but Rob’s “hotel” came equipped with a steering wheel and transmission while Marc luxuriated at his estate, dog-free. Dina Losito produced the show and did an outstanding job considering all the crap she takes from her boss. It’s not her fault she’s downloading at .53 so lay off. Sharon TGM, trying out her new title, was definitely short-changed when speaking of Gary Coleman.

Marc Germain, June 1, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Dina Losito once again tried to find their way with the news, which doesn’t really take. An extensive conversations about switching teams, Al & Tipper Gore jokes (pretty bad), why Dina thinks 26 is way too young to be married and that Marc is a fearless Rescue Ranger and Rob manages to OD on Oreos.

Marc Germain, May 31, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Dina Losito hit the Palestinian/Israeli issue with all the aplomb and finesse of storm troopers rappelling onto a ship’s deck. Sharon TGM is short on Hollywood dish, but long on body hair, mani-pedi’s and why the Lost finale still resonates as stupid. Marc ends the night with an interview from his syndicated gig about why Jane Fonda never really did what she did even if she did apologize for not doing it.

Dr. Annie Thiel, May 31, 2010 – A Memorial Day tribute to soldiers from WWII, Vietnam and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mike Mendoza, May 28, 2010 – The ‘Guitar Whisperer’ RICHARD DURRENT, The Rockin Rev PETER DENNETT, The Gadget Detective FEVZI TURKULP, The face & voice of BBC’s Travel Show SARAH TUCKER, The Man for All Seasons NICK SAALFELD & The Lady from Travel Talk live from San Fran SANDY DHURVETTER.

Marc Germain, May 27, 2010 – Dina Losito in New York discussed Marc’s missing teeth, fangs and general BS for all. Actor Regan Burns jumped in with his reviews of ‘Shrek 37′ and ‘Sex in the City 2′, as well as ‘The Road’ on DVD.

Marc Germain, May 26, 2010 – Rob Marinko is in Vegas, so is Marc and Dina Losito is in New York – all are hoping that this does not become a prophetic and final broadcast for Marc Germain. Sharon TGM weighs in on American Idol and the group agrees that Jesse James is America’s biggest asshat.

Marc Germain, May 24, 2010 – Sharon TGM and Dina Losito went to town on the finale of Lost and if you don’t care, skip over the first 20 minutes of the podcast. We then covered Lindsey, Jesse, and a lot of shenanigans with holy water, and cancer. Now that’s a confusing ending.

Dr. Annie Thiel, May 24, 2010 – “A Psychological portrait of Public Hypocrites” – Politicians who give lip service to Family Values and then don’t live those values. Featuring: Dr. Bill Forisha.

Steven Spierer, May 22, 2010 – If you have ever dreamed about starting a business you will want to hear Steve’s interview with Renee Martin, co-author of The Risk Takers: 16 Women and Men Share Their Entrepreneurial Strategies For Success.

Marc Germain, May 21, 2010 – Actor Clint Howard joined Tomm Looney from Fox Sports, Rob Marinko, Dina Losito and for an excellent trip through his over 180 film and TV appearances. Clint shared stories of his storied Hollywood family and career. Sharon TGM shares some hot stories involving famous people.

Marc Germain, May 20, 2010 – Regan Burns showed up to bum us all out about ‘Robin Hood’, but definitely lifted our spirits about ‘The Messenger’. Rob Marinko became squeamish at the thought of Dina Losito’s breasts being man-handled for a mammogram but did enjoy the discussion of her vaginal sonogram.

Marc Germain, May 19, 2010 – Rob Marinko drove tonight as Marc is still in Vegas and Dona Losito is bitching about walking a few stairs. This results in hilarity and hijinks. Also problems with the President and his Mexican BFF, Lindsey’s going to jail and don’t let your babies grow up to climb Everest.

Marc Germain, May 17, 2010 – Rob Marinko took the night off and Dina Losito, Sharon the Gossip Mom and Marc hardly noticed. We went from dead dogs, buff muff, Miss USA to Mr. Sheen and everywhere in between. Take it from Sharon and Dina, Charlie and Lindsey are going to jail and don’t drive a race car when Aunt Flo’s in town.

Marc Germain, May 14, 2010 – Tomm Looney from Fox Sports disputes vicious rumors about his age, his memory and his famous friends. Marc, along with Rob Marinko and Dina Losito make mincemeat out of his claims. Sharon the Gossip Mom joined in but oddly, didn’t do any gossip stories.

Mike Mendoza, May 14, 2010 – ‘Your Favourite Enemys’ from Canada talking about their music and ideals plus Sam Crompton, Fevzi the Gadget Detective, Nick Saalfeld and Sandy Dhurvetter in San Francisco.

Marc Germain, May 13, 2010 – Regan Burns reviews ‘Babies’, ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, and on DVD the re-release of ‘Rock N Roll High School’. Marc and Rob also have a scintillating debate about merits of the Washington Times – and one of them gets all we-wee’d up.

Marc Germain, May 12, 2010 – With Sharon TGM, Rob Marinko and Dina Losito. Tattoos, soul-mates, Larry King and part-time lesbians.

Marc Germain, May 10, 2010 – Marc welcomed Steve Ochs, writer-director-producer of the film Le Petomane, a historical dramatization of the first documented professional flatulist. Rob Marinko, a professional in his own rite, shared the news, Sharon The Gossip Mom, passed the dish and Dina Losito is once again, all over the place. Let the band out.

Dr. Annie Thiel, May 10, 2010 – How racial profiling in Arizona effects individuals and families.

Steven Spierer, May 8, 2010 – Steve interviews insurance expert Chip Merlin and discusses how to make sure you have the right kind and amount of insurance, including life, earthquake, health, and others.

Marc Germain, May 7, 2010 – Rob Marinko, Regan Burns, Dina Losito all file into the TRO studios to finally make amends for Monday’s show. Too bad that didn’t happen, but you will enjoy the night just the same. Regan reviews, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Ironman 2′ and reviews a DVD he didn’t see, ‘Nine’.

Marc Germain, May 4, 2010 – Rob Marinko has news and some callers check in from remote locals.

Marc Germain, May 3, 2010 – Marinko: News.Losito: Opinion.Gossip Mom: Hollywood dish.

Steven Spierer, May 1, 2010 – Because none of us are getting out of here alive, Steve interviews Funeral Director Richard Heath to learn what to do to arrange a funeral for a loved one without getting ripped off.

Marc Germain, April 29, 2010 – Amazingly, since Rob Marinko had returned to the show, there’s been a void in any news being reported, and yet we continue to entertain. Dina Losito is again pressed to defend the queers and not happy about it, Marc defends his taste in music and Regan Burns reviews ‘The Losers’ and ‘The Backup Plan,’ and Rob in the OC has a lot of splainin’ to do.

Marc Germain, April 28, 2010 – Rob Marinko, the original and beloved TRO newsman, began the evening confessing he has absolutely no news prepared for the show. And this is the guy you all begged to come back? Dina Losito provided what little news she thought was relevant, while Marc traded quips about God knows what. That silence you hear is Sharon the Gossip Mom’s absence.

Marc Germain, April 26, 2010 – Rob Marinko, Dina Losito and Marc started the show off debating whether bloggers are journalist, Apple created their own controversy and if fish oil can cure it all. Sharon the Gossip Mom stepped up to let us know she can’t peel her eyes away from the Quiads, Jenna Jaminson or Charlie Sheen. Miraculously she spared us of any mention of Lindsey. There is a God, he’s just not in Arizona.

Dr. Annie Thiel, April 26, 2010 – Doctor’s Without Borders live interview with Drs. Shetty, Spar and Aroro and their work around the world. Psychologically speaking, what drives people to do humanitarian work?

Steven Spierer, April 24, 2010 – Steve interviews Dr. Mel Lewin, a clinical psychologist. What to do to raise emotionally healthy children and to improve parent/child relationships.

Marc Germain, April 23, 2010 – Tomm Looney on loan from Fox Sports to educate us all about Ben Roethlisberger, immigration and Sharon the Gossip Mom’s small box. Rob Marinko holds his ground, so if you’re illegal, hit the bricks. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Kick Ass,’ ”The Young Victoria’ and’ The Lovely Bones’ on DVD. Dina Losito is happy to be far away from it all in New York only to ponder her own immigrants.

Mike Mendoza, April 23, 2010 – The Rev. Peter Dennett is on the Isle of Wight to celebrate St. Georges Day. Sam Crompton has some great new talent to showcase. Nick Saalfeld is celebrating St. Georges Day in SOHO with all the pimps & drag queens. Fevzi the Gadget Detective has an amazing gadget of the week and tech news. Sandy Dhurvetter is in San Francisco with a look at life & travel.

Marc Germain, April 21, 2010 – “The Real Housewives of New York’s” Alex McCord and husband Simon van Kempen joined the gang to promote their new parenting book, “Little Kids, Big City”. The candid duo spared no details in describing birth – before and after, their ideas of parenting and, of course the show. But perhaps the most shocking revelation came from Sharon the Gossip Mom in that she’s read their book 77 times, and can still find new things to ask endless questions about. Marc and Rob Marinko are still trapped in Vegas and Dina Losito had only one questions – why?

Marc Germain, April 19, 2010 – Mike Mendoza dropped in on the gang to remind us why we love the Brits so much – that sexy accent. Rob Marinko, Dina Losito and Marc called a Craig’s List ad, and Sharon the Gossip Mom shared the news of the day including hairless Sheen, penniless Lindsey and soulless Oprah – in that order.

Dr. Annie Thiel, April 19, 2010 – ‘Twilight’ and its effects on today’s adolescents. The special guest will be Dr. Nancy Reagin, author of “History of Twilight,” which just hit the shelves on April 12th.

Grape Encounters, April 17, 2010 – Wine tasting etiquette with The Traveling Grape, Amanda Hagood. Then, go ahead, blend your wine at home with Chef Shelly Maddocks. Next, meet former marketing guy Larry Schaffer who is now being called the “Winemaker to Watch!” Finally, a conversation with the wonderfully irreverent Seattle Wine Gal.

Steven Spierer, April 17, 2010 – Your spouse says, “I don’t love you anymore, I’m not sure I ever did.” What do you do? Steve interviews Laura Munson, author of “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is…A Season of Unlikely Happiness”. Then, Steve talks about a grab bag of other topics ranging from how to predict the outcome of a jury trial, to what kind of business to never buy, and one sure way not to get the job you’re seeking.

Marc Germain, April 16, 2010 – Another Friday night barn-burner on TRO. Marc began with a touching tribute to his fallen hero and colleague, Daryl Gates, but that soon devolved into another knock down, drag-out fight. At least we had a professional ring announcer with Tomm Looney on board. Dina Losito and Rob Marinko went toe-to-tow over the the LA riots Dina’s uterus. Sharon the Gossip Mom actually brought an air of calm to the proceedings. Go figure.

Mike Mendoza, April 16, 2010 – Barbara Striesand’s fav singer RICK GUARD chats about his latest single for charity. SAM CROMPTON introduces a couple of this week’s unsigned stars. FEVZI seeks out the latest in gadgetry. SANDY DHURVETTER is in San Francisco seeking the best in vacations, NICK SAALFELD is just seeking and the REV PETER DENNETT puts all the bad things in life to the test.

Marc Germain, April 15, 2010 – Rob Marinko and Marc remain in Vegas (see police blotter for details) and it didn’t seem to affect the show one bit. Marc shared a cute story of how he and Rob gambled on gambling, all the while Regan Burns was smoldering over his lost bet with Marc. Regan reviewed ‘Date Night’ and ‘The Bad Lieutenant’, while Dina Losito once again over-shared, this time with stories of rugby parties, quarter races and rectories. And we do all over again tomorrow.

Marc Germain, April 14, 2010 – Marc dialed in from Las Vegas where Rob Marinko was pounding the Black Russians, and we don’t me the bouncers at the casino. Sharon the Gossip Whisperer was on board, barely audiable yet still full of it – the good the bad and the Sheen. Dina Losito Live From New York managed to board-op without a panic.

Dina Losito in for Marc Germain, April 13, 2010 – Dina Losito is at the controls with Bridget Polk and Kitty Martini for an evening of unmittigated gall, folly, and missing ovaries.

Marc Germain, April 12, 2010 – Germain wins! Which means that while Regan is good for a half a yard, Avey is no where to be found. Typical. We danced around many topics without landing a blow, except when it came to Jesse James’ laundry. Sharon the Gossip Mom and Dina Losito agreed on something (shocker, right?) which was John Tesh is an alien. Rob Marinko will be taking a field trip to KFC and will be submitting a full report.

Steven Spierer, April 10, 2010 – Can’t decide what to do for a living or think you’re in the wrong job? Steve interviews Steve Greene, the New York Director for the non-profit Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, one of the best kept secrets for people of all ages trying to discover what work they would be good at and what career they would enjoy.

Marc Germain, April 9, 2010 – Friday shows on TRO have historically been jibbed-up and this was no exception. Author and blogger Amy Alkon came on to remind us while we’re all so rude with her new book ‘I See Rude People’. Unfortunately for Amy, our rude behavior of talking over each other, shouting and telling everyone they’re wrong proved her point, but brought her down to our level at the same time. Rob Marinko and Tomm Looney from Fox Sports Radio enjoyed all Tiger Woods mockery, while Germain is slow to realize he’ll be a 100 bucks lighter on Sunday.

Mike Mendoza, April 9, 2010 – Sam Crompton’s unsigned. Katrina and the Waves celebrating 25 years since ‘Walking on Sunshine’ hit the charts. Fevzi the Gadget Detective looks at the latest technology. Nick Saalfeld looks at the week’s news and how much alcohol he downed over the past week. Sandy Dhurvetter is in San Francisco and the Rev Peter Dennett looks at life.

Marc Germain, April 8, 2010 – Regan Burns joined the crew to enjoy another round of the Tiger Magic 8 Ball bit that just won’t die. Rob Marinko, Dina Losito, Marc and a caller then proceeded to beat the living crap out of Burns for not having an iPhone, not wanting and iPhone and being completely anti-technology. And that’s why the terrorist win. There’s an app for that.

Marc Germain, April 7, 2010 – This show took a rudderless turn when Rob Marinko’s news caused us to fly into GlenBeckistan’s airspace. Marc and Dina quickly righted that wrong before an international incident broke out. Sharon the Gossip Mom was on hand to set the record straight on buddy porn, midget porn and Germain’s cheap ways. And she has nothing nice to say about Jenny McCarthy.

Marc Germain, April 6, 2010 – Marc littered the show with Tiger dropings – some winners, others not so much. Rob Marinko joined Dina Losito and together the gang covered all the days news including who’s the man, the Cardinal trumps your 10 year old, and how to spot a lesbian-in-question. This is an educational show, after all.

Marc Germain, April 5, 2010 – Marc and Dina Losito were flying alone as Marinko couldn’t tear himself away from the craps table. Sharon the Gossip Mom jumped in so they could all discuss Tiger’s funky tooth, Sandra’s beefed up security and why you should never, ever leave a screaming baby into a WalMart. Unless you think you’re special. In that case, you’ve been warned.

Steve Spierer, April 3, 2010 – Steve interviews Deputy District Attorney Lindsay Reilly. How can parents best (and worst) respond when their children are in trouble with the authorities? Then, are dietary supplements really worth taking? Steve interviews herbal supplement expert Paul Schulick.

Marc Germain, April 2, 2010 – Regan Burns reviews movies. Rob Marinko has news. Sharon the Gossip Mom has the Hollywood dish and Marc’s voice sounds funny.

Marc Germain, March 30, 2010 – Dr. Brad Spellberg, MD – author of ‘Rising Plague’ explains why we are all covered in bacteria and confirmed that the swine flu was over-blown, agreed with Dina Losito that the world is filthy and hospitals will kill you, that Rob Marinko’s body bacteria weights 10X what he does, and the good doctor is basically a hypochondriac. Sharon the Gossip Mom jumped in with tales about chasing tail, including Jesse James, Tiger Woods and her own dog’s tale of woe. Down, girl.

Steven Spierer, March 27, 2010 – Are drugs the answer to treating ADHD kids and adults? Steve interviews Psychologist Dr. Nancy Muirhead.

Marc Germain, March 26, 2010 – Mike Mendoza joined Rob Marinko, Regan Burns, Dina Losito and Marc as they all showed their prowess on the mic with how well they can re-live their radio days. It goes on a bit too long, but manages to ink out a laugh. Sharon the Gossip Mom sings along and Steve Parker brings up black F1 drivers, elder-racing and t-boning.

Mike Mendoza, March 26, 2010 – Richard Ford talks about the anti-Semitic Jewish MP, Sam Compton looks at her latest find, Fevzi the Gadget Detective talks tech and Nick Saalfeld explains everything else.

Marc Germain, March 24, 2010 – Sharon the Gossip Mom opened the show and we were off to the races. She brought us losers, boozers and floozers, and amazingly, they all pertained to Amy Winehouse. Marc, Rob Marinko and Dina Losito continued on to politics, forehead tattoos and some other stuff that gave us each headaches.

Marc Germain, March 23, 2010 – Rob Marinko was hoping to ride into town and be greeted as a liberator with flowers and sweets, but alas, those two liberal pinko-commies Marc and Dina wouldn’t have it. After Marinko was reminded about the pummeling the right took in the last 48 hours, he decided he was tired and wanted to go to sleep. Welcome back, big guy, there’s more where that came from.

Mike Mendoza, March 23, 2010 – Mike is live from the UK with his cast of regulars.

Marc Germain, March 22, 2010 – We began the show with a fond farewell to TRO’s beloved newsman Dan Avey, who retired from broadcasting to continue his work with the Special Ops on an undercover mission in Afghanistan or not. We compared the life span of state school pot-heads with Ivy League over achievers, and the outcome may surprise you. Sharon the Gossip Mom reviewed a weekend of texting, sexting, and hair pulling. And that was just at her house.

Dr. Annie Thiel, March 22, 2010 – The mean streets of Los Angeles and the Raymond Chandler story of love, lust and marriage then and now.

Steven Spierer, March 20, 2010 – Did Bernie Madoff being Jewish have anything to do with what he did? Why does Anti-Semitism exist? Are Jews disappearing? Steve interviews Jewish Leader Rabbi Isaac Jeret. Then, can a trespasser on your property eventually take away your legal rights? How it happens and what can you do about it. And finally, what can you do when a vengeful neighbor moves in a criminal tenant next door to you?

Marc Germain, March 19, 2010 – The show was a regular radio mash-up tonight when Tomm Looney from Fox Sports dropped by to reminisce with Dan Avey and Marc about radio days. Sharon the Gossip Mom jumps in to explain Jesse & Sandra, Nazi’s and WP. Steve Parker piles on with more Hollywood dish by way of the car garage.

Mike Mendoza, March 19, 2010 – Live from the UK featuring: George, a striking BA Steward, telling Mike why he wants to see British Airways go under, Sam Crompton finds unsigned bands and talks about her latest discovery & Nick Saalfeld has a sober look at the week’s news.

Marc Germain, March 18, 2010 – After being off for a few days, Marc and Dan Avey were verbose as ever – covering cars, which Marc knows everything about and golf, which Marc which knows nothing about . Regan Burns reviewed ‘Alice In Wonderland’ & the DVD ‘Cold Souls’ and Dina Losito tried to explain how to get tons of narcotics, how to have sympathy for a pedophile and how sometimes being black is just funny.

Dina Losito in for Marc Germain, March 17, 2010 – While Marc took yet another day off, which is beginning to turn into a Leave of Absence, Dina Losito hijacked the controls and took the show out for a joy ride. Joined by Bridget Polk, together they managed to do a show about nothing, yet make sure that every story they told ended with some kind of affront to the gay community. Jeesh, lighten up ladies.

Rob Marinko in for Marc Germain, March 16, 2010 – Rob Marinko filled in for the high-rollin’ Marc Germain, with a little help from Dina Losito. Dan Avey had the good taste to stay away from the show tonight leaving Rob and Dina alone to discuss such philosophical topics as the earthquakes, Tijuana, taxes, how the devil went down to the Vatican, and Rob asking that musical question, are sparkly shirts gay? Only in a bath house.

Steven Spierer, March 13, 2010 – What do Steve’s Uncle Manny [86 years old] and Aunt Sylvia [95 years old] think you should know about life?

Marc Germain, March 12, 2010 – While the show started out innocently enough we rapidly spiraled downward into filth, smut and locker room humor. Dan Avey made a surprising revelation and not to be outdone, Marc Germain took the ball and ran with it. Regan Burns joined in to review ‘The Green Zone’, but by then it was just too late for that. Tune in to find out which Not-Ready-For-Pay-Radio-Players not only had their hoses cut, but donated a piece of themselves for science.

Marc Germain, March 11, 2010 – We began the night trying to define snorkeling, and Plasma vs. LCD. Regan Burns phoned in from the set of some TV show where he’s guest starring. He had to cut his segment short when he was called to the set for his dramatic arc in the story – being shot with a canon full of cheese. Pure Shakespere and pure irony. Dan Avey finished the evening out not know if ‘lethargy addiction’ is a real affliction, yet certain he has it, lesbian prom drama, and Dina Losito’s same-sex partner-friend beat the snot out of German to win the Oscar Pool. Eat that Croc-Boy!

Marc Germain, March 10, 2010 – Dan Avey led us on a trail of High School The Reunion, Marc led us all in a chant of Who’s Older, Dan Avey or… Sharon the Gossip Mom and Dina Losito are still defiantly and desperately seeking Elin.

Marc Germain, March 8, 2010 – Dan Avey, respected and honored newsman, Dina Losito, disrespected and bitchy correspondent and Marc did their level best to wrap up the Oscars, while reviewing movies that came out months ago, sputtering through a few news stories and discovered a prevailing malaise in the group. Basically, this show was a hot mess and we won’t hold it against you if you decide to skip over this broadcast. Brighter days lay ahead.

Dr. Annie Thiel, March 8, 2010 – Eternal Love – the Cissy and Raymond Chandler story.

Dina Losito NOT from the Red Carpet, March 7, 2010 – Dina had a few friends over to enjoy a girls night watching the red carpet and telling warm stories of fat actresses, outing famous people and anal sex with a caller – a real fun gab-fest. In case of litigation, we deny everything.

Steven Spierer, March 6, 2010 – Concerned about our country? Think the November elections are REALLY important? Steve does!Steve interviews Tom Campbell, Republican candidate for US Senate.Steve extends the same invitation to all the candidates for the California Senate seat.

Marc Germain, March 5, 2010 – Tomm Looney, Dan Avey, Regan Burns, Dina Losito, Shaon the Gossip Mom all decided to offer their two cents on Oscar noms which then took a wicked left turn to boxing, Mormons, Roseann Barr, and anti-semitism. Go to and see who’s right.

Marc Germain, March 4, 2010 – Rob Marinko dropped by for some snack suggestions, Dan Avey, provoked by a caller, told yet another outrageous story (where does he come up with this stuff), Marc Germain doesn’t believe in anything, yet thinks having a bad day along with Marinko is a sign of something, and Dina Losito broke the law in 4 counties racing home for this.

Marc Germain, March 3, 2010 – Regan Burns makes the LA Times today and he previews the Oscars tomorrow. Marc was joined by childhood friend Chris Shaw Iraqi war vet and LAPD officer about his feelings about The Hurt Locker. Dan Avey shared his Vietnam flashbacks, FNG’s and his discovery that the governor of New York is blind. Sharon the Gossip Mom doesn’t think that Charlie Sheen’s old wife is a snorkeler, but the new soon to be old one is, and she’s glad that New York is more f-’ed up than Cali.

Marc Germain, March 2, 2010 – Legendary TV game show host, Geoff Edwards drops by to wax poetic with pal Dan Avey on old, dead radio guys, old dead game show hosts and cruising. Lucky for Geoff, his love of cruising is what’s keeping him afloat these days. He’s a travel blogger and there’s not a cruise he doesn’t like. Dina Losito, on the other hand, hates them all.

Marc Germain, March 1, 2010 – Janine Driver author of You Say More Than You Think was on talking about her new book and how you can get what you want by holding your palms out. Dan Avey, Dina Losito and Sharon the Gossip Mom all agreed that Charlie Sheen is no Robert Downey Jr. And depression doesn’t discriminate. But it can be fun at parties!

Steve Parker’s The Car Nut, February 27, 2010 – An amazing spectacle in congress this past week – Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corp., interrogated by a congressional committee about his company’s recalled cars, safety and quality problems and what did he know about it all and when did he know it. Simultaneously, the FBI raids three Toyota suppliers in the US. Hummer is officially dead and Saab is officially sold as GM continues as the Incredible Shrinking Corporation.

Steven Spierer, February 27, 2010 – Are you a Mother-In-Law? Having trouble with that? Steve interviews Dr. Susan Abel Lieberman, author of “The Mother-In-Law’s Manual”. Also, Steve talks about breaking bad news to loved ones. Is it sometimes better to keep it secret?

Marc Germain, February 26, 2010 – Tomm Looney was on board to help sort out anything that had to do with sports, JFK Jr. or a boxer in fishnets. Dan Avey continued to confound us with his cloaked past, Sharon the Gossip Mom confirmed she’s overloaded with gossip, Steve Parker previewed his weekend shows and Dina Losito continued to be inappropriate as ever.

Mike Mendoza, February 26, 2010 – Rev Peter Dennett looks at life through Holy eye’s and Mike lets slip that Peter was taken to a strippers bar.. how did Rev Pete handle it? Fevzi ‘the gadget detective’ looks at the latest in tecnology and of course our very own Mr. Blobby, Nick Saalfeld has his own view on the week’s news, if ever he gets around to it!

Marc Germain, February 25, 2010 – Dan Avey, International Man of Mystery – you have to listen to get the details, it’s unbelievable. Once we discovered that Dan is a black-ops guy for the Pentagon, Regan Burns’ little movie reviews of ‘Shutter Island’ and on DVD ‘The Box’ didn’t hold much water, but you’ll have to sit through them to get to the cool stuff. This podcast will self-destruct in 5 seconds…

Marc Germain, February 24, 2010 – Dan Avey, Sharon the Gossip Mom and Marc started out the show telling whale tales, all of them ending with someone being disemboweled. Dina Losito joined the show Late From New York, complimenting Dan on how much funnier he is when she’s not around and then proceeds to knock him around like a gorilla with a kitten – not pretty.

Marc Germain, February 22, 2010 – Dan Avey might be an award winning newsman, but he doesn’t know Bo about Buddha. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined Marc, Dina Losito and Dan to dissect what makes a tea-bagger bag, HIV tests you can’t fail, and everyone is watching the Olympics, except for Marc – makes sense, right?

Dr. Annie Thiel, February 22, 2010 – Self Help with guests Jill Sugar, owner of Thursday’s Salon/Spa and Lisa Brisse, exercise physiologist and founder of State of the Heart Fitness.

Steven Spierer, February 20, 2010 – Are you getting a divorce? Have you heard horror stories? Would you like to avoid divorce mistakes? Steve interviews Family Law Attorney Peter Gardner. Then, Steve, a Real Estate Attorney, discusses loan modifications, short sales, personal legal recourse liability on your home or investment loan.

Marc Germain, February 19, 2010 – Fox Sport Radio’s Tomm Looney joined in to give us legitimacy when discussing anything having to do with sports, including Tiger Woods. We also touched upon Gloria Allred’s favorite porn star, NASCAR and moose knuckle vs camel toe. Steve Parker returned to preview his weekend shows and Dina Losito provided insight into her dog’s slow cross to the other side and funny new-puppy stories from Sharon The Gossip Mom. If you’re looking for sensitivity, you took the wrong exit.

Mike Mendoza, February 19, 2010 – FEVZI the Gadget Detective starts the show off this week looking at the latest in technology. This weeks musical treat: Michelle Monro to talk about her dad, the great late MATT MONRO who was big in both the US & UK. Matt sang the very first Bond theme (From Russia with Love) and the theme to Born Free. PLUS of course live from the gutters of SOHO its our very own Blobby Man… NICK SAALFELD

Marc Germain, February 18, 2010 – Marc and Dan Avey right out of the box with Tiger Woods facts – wife/no wife, golf/no golf, ho’s/no ho’s. Dina Losito and Regan Burns have their own ideas. Regan reviews ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘The Wolfman’, and the DVD ‘Black Dynamite’. The group went on to discuss healing hands, the earth is not getting warmer and the fact that the Pope is a pothead.

Marc Germain, February 16, 2010 – Dr. Michael Shermer fresh from the TED Conferences and also joined us to discuss his experiences with the big brains convention he attended, and for a doubting Thomas, he was pretty agreeable. Dan Avey, Dina Losito and Marc also discussed polls that stink, retarded satire and magic underwear. It ended as it always does – sitting on your Kindle till it cracks.

Marc Germain, February 15, 2010 – Rob Marinko dropped in (again) to assist us with the heavy lifting. Along with Dan Avey, Dina Losito and Marc we discussed haunted houses, blood-stained carpets and dead at Disneyland, Sharon the Gossip Mom interjected with more great stories of fallen celebrity wives spilling their beans and Armenian hair.

Dr. Annie Thiel, February 15, 2010

Marc Germain, February 12, 2010 – Tomm Looney dropped by to fill in all the dead air we may have had if there was a chance. Rob Marinko was in for The Gossip Mom, but he was enjoying himself so much, he really had nothing to gossip about. Dan Avey proved that he’ll only believe Tiger Woods stories if Looney tells him they’re true, and Dina Losito enjoyed a half-empty glass of piss warm beer.

Mike Mendoza, February 12, 2010 – Mike is joined by 60’s super star Helen Shapiro. Helen was so big in the 60’s that she had the Beatles as her ’support’ act on tour. Fevzi the Gadget Detective looks at the latest in the big world of tech and Nick Saalfed just looks at the big world.

Marc Germain, February 11, 2010 – Eric Stonestreet from ABC’s wildly popular show ‘Modern Family’ dropped by to talk to the gang about his great fortune in landing the role of Cam Tucker, rubbing Regan’s nose in it for not getting cast on the show, and how everyone in Kanas loves the gays. Regan Burns reviewed ‘From Paris with Love’ and ‘The Stepfather’ on DVD. His advise this week? Read a book. Dan Avey took a census taker test that he would normally have failed if he didn’t score Vet bonus points, while Dina couldn’t explain why she doesn’t like butch.

Marc Germain, February 10, 2010 – Award winning Dan Avey (Read his story today with the news, Dina Losito live from Snow York and Sharon The Gossip Mom with the Hollywood dish plus all the hot button issues on America’s mind: John Mayer is a tool, John Edwards is a bigger tool and Sarah Palin is endearing. That’s a nice way of saying she’s retarded. We brought it home with personal stories of tap dancing, pedophiles and chocolate producing canker sores.

Marc Germain, February 9, 2010 – A do-over from last night’s abomination. Rob Marinko was back along with Dan Avey, Sharon The Gossip Mom and Dina Losito, to do battle over New Orleans ill-will (Marinko), celebrity break-ups that haven’t happened (Sharon and Dina), friends with benefits (Rob & Marc in Vegas), and being really impressed with Madame Tussauds (Dan – and he lives in LA!) You’ll be so glad to hear we were able to get this show in the can.

Marc Germain, February 8, 2010 – Marc and Rob Marinko are live from Las Vegas. Dina Losito is live from New York. Sharon the Gossip Mom is live from Hollywood. Dan Avey has our news from Los Angeles.

Dr. Annie Thiel, February 8, 2010 – Featuring “The Mornings,” four musicians who have been helping Doctors Without Borders and more on Haiti relief.

Steve Spierer, February 6, 2010 – Steve interviews Diane Gray and Ken Ross of the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Foundation, a non-profit organization helping people deal with death and dying. Then, Steve interviews Time Magazine’s award-winning Essayist Nancy Gibbs, author of the New York Times Best Seller The Preacher and The Presidents; Billy Graham in the White House.

Marc Germain, February 5, 2010 – Mike Mendoza helps with our British education. Rob Marinko brought out the big guns – strippers, degenerate gambling, prostitutes, lesbians and breast exams. Marc and Dina are counting the hours until our award winning, broadcasting Quinquagenarian returns. ‘Tis all fun and games until someone discusses their moobs.


Marc Germain, February 4, 2010 – Dan Avey, Dina Losito and Regan Burns couldn’t agree on when Tiger returns, but we did agree with the fact that fat people can golf because it’s not really a sport. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Edge of Darkness’ and ‘When in Rome’. Marc thinks all editors are alike so they shouldn’t win an Oscar. Go get ‘em cutters.

Marc Germain, February 3, 2010 – If Marc seems annoyed it’s because of the myriad of tech problems on the show that you won’t hear on the podcast. He’s saving the unedited versions for the bootleg. Dan Avey – pro that he is – vamped to cover Marc’s shoddy internet connection while Dina read viewer mail to herself. Sharon The Gossip Mom jumped on in time to tell the world that Armenian women are hairy and unattractive unless they’re smart. Kids say the darnedest things.

Marc Germain, February 2, 2010 – Marc, still smarting from his favorite ‘best picture’ snub for Tiger’s Wood, will none the less preserver and deliver a great show. Dan Avey with news that wins awards and Dina Losito Live From New York with her honorable mention in the St. Anthony’s church bulletin, circa 1974.

Marc Germain, February 1, 2010 – Dan Avey will explain how it felt to choreograph Pink’s stunning Circus de Soleil performance at last night’s Grammy’s. Dan first did that number with the Flying Wallendas on The Ed Sullivan Show in ‘68. Sharon The Gossip Mom will fill us in on everything else and Dina Losito Live From New York will provide encouragement and warmth.

Dr. Annie Thiel, February 1, 2010 – With Glenn Wallace, CPA and Doctors Without Borders board member Dr. Sharmila Shetty on the ongoing disaster in Haiti. The following link will take you to a video of the DWB Inflatable Hospital:

Nicole Sandler, February 1, 2010 – Marc Germain from TalkRadioOne about internet radio, Brad Friedman of BradBlog on James O’Keefe and Watergate2010, and John Perkins, author of “Hoodwinked: FDR’s Inner Circle and the Hundred Days that Created Modern America”

Steven Spierer, January 30, 2010 – Steve interviews Dr. William Voegeli, an expert in statesmanship and political thought and the author of ‘Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State’ (available May 2010). Also, have you ever been a victim of a frivolous lawsuit? Steve talks about how they happen and how to avoid being targeted.

Marc Germain, January 28, 2010 – Marc and Dan Avey defend Leno as a easy going guy, while Regan Burns and Dina believe him to be a a ruthless snake. Regan reviews ‘Extraordinary Measures’, ‘Legion’ and ‘Whip It’ on DVD. Marc went on to finally explain what happened to him – his childhood love of ham radio and his CB handle. We also learned that Dan is analog and proud.

Marc Germain, January 27, 2010 – Rob Marinko made a drive-by tonight, literally, because Marc Germain tried to kill him. We glossed over the SOTU address, spent more time on the iPad Maxi (with butterfly wings for added protection). Steve Parker ‘The Car Nut’ says Toyota has got some ’splainin to do. Marc and Dan Avey insist that they were right about Tiger’s wife, while Sharon The Gossip Mom & Dina Losito insist Elin is still leaving. Right after Brad and Angelina.

Marc Germain, January 26, 2010 – Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband Prince Frederick is running for Governor and we have some question for the Prince. Also, the award winning Dan Avey’s news and Dina Losito live from New York.

Marc Germain, January 25, 2010 – What started out with such promise quickly crashed down like a Presidential Palace in Haiti (too soon? Nah.) Sharon ‘The Gossip Mom’ called in from a can and a string to let us all know that her computer finally got fed up with her and killed itself. Dan Avey just played along like the good sport that he is and Dina Losito still can’t run the board and make Skype calls at the same time. Say la vie.

Dr. Annie Thiel, January 25, 2010 – Dr. Annie show will again be about Haiti and feature interviews with Dr. Sharmila Shetty, Member, Board of Directors, Doctors Without Borders on their work in Haiti, and Glenn Wallace CPA on charitable giving.

Steven Spierer, January 23, 2010 – Steve interviews Margaret Karlin, author of ‘Virtuous Women’, a story of four young professional women facing the challenges of the 1950s.

Marc Germain, January 22, 2010 – Mike Mendoza dropped by for a chat about terrorist, Big Brother and teapots – never drinking tea in the UK again. Marc, Dan Avey and Dina Losito then discussed how to get good seats at ball games without paying for them and Sharon ‘The Gossip Mom’ stopped in to let you know that it’s ok to be a vindictive shrew.

Marc Germain, January 21, 2010 – Marc learns tonight that it’s not the world that has turned its back on Dan Avey, but the other way around – and Dan couldn’t be happier. The gang lets you know that they have no idea how one becomes nominated for a Pulitzer but they’re getting a nomination none-the-less. Regan Burns reviews: ‘Big Fan’, ‘The Book of Eli’ and ‘Pandora’.

Marc Germain, January 20, 2010 – Dan and Marc spoke of the epic rainstorms in SoCal while Dina Losito complained about NYC winters – waaaahhhhh I’m cold when I walk to the train waaaahhhhhhhh! After speaking to one of the 4 black people who live in Nebraska, Sharon The Gossip Mom had stories of Simon Cowell, can’t remember why she thinks Meghan McCain is a kook but recalls Chelsea Clinton was a trouble-maker in college. Dan Avey wants you to know you’re looking like a fool with your pants on the ground.

Dina Lostio, January 19, 2010 – Dina went right down the list: Massachusetts pummeling, James Cameron pummeling, Haiti-haters pummeling, and Bridget Polk dropping by for a chat about drugs, hugs and thugs. Check, please!

Dr. Annie Thiel, January 18, 2010 – A focus on relief for Haiti.

Dina Losito, January 16, 2010 – Even though tonight’s show had its share of tech problems, we didn’t get all wee wee’d up – just bitchy. Dina anyway. We covered a half-assed tribute to Teddy Pendergrass, a thoughtful discussion about earthquakes, Anderson Cooper, Bridget and spontaneous combustion and Dina’s undying affection for the nun’s in her life. Barsha thought all they were all like Sister Bertrille – Dina sets it straight.

Mike Mendoza, January 15, 2010 – From the UK with Singer/Songwriter Gloria Maccari. Fevzi ‘The Gadget Detective’ looks at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Nick Saalfeld has his say with the news of the day.

Marc Germain, January 14, 2010 – Marc, Dina Losito and Regan ‘Two-Thousand Facebook Friends’ Burns hit it all – no relief for Haiti, no relief for Conan, and basically no relief for Dan Avey, either. We all weighed in on questions of morality, the late night wars, Idol chatter and tube steak. Regan reviewed ‘Daybreakers’ and ‘Halloween II.’

Marc Germain, January 13, 2010 – Marc, Dina Losito and Dan Avey began innocently enough wanting to provide aid to the victims of the Haiti earthquake and before you knew it we were battling about the war in Iraq, the Red Cross and niggardly Arab nations. Sharon The Gossip Mom dropped in to catch us up on Idol, Elin, and fat boy Chaz – like he doesn’t know that.

Marc Germain, January 12, 2010 – Comedian Jeff Jena joins in for a show rife with technical snafus but most of that is edited out. Dan Avey has some news and Dina Losito is live from New York.

Marc Germain, January 11, 2010 – Dave Avey’s news, Dina Losito live from New York and Sharon The Gossip Mom. We began the show with a left turn to the ball parks – Marc is noticeably absent from the conversation – to weighing in on Mark McGwire’s admission. We then turn from Leno to Letterman, The Beatles to Backgammon, and Cowell to Hasselhoff. Whew, I’m out of breath.

Dina Losito, January 9, 2010 – Dina is finally making good on that threat of a show. Joining her will be the Troubled Female Players, Debra Barsha (Live from LA) and Bridget Polk Live from the Upper West Side. We’ll be sharing our lists of best/worst of the the worst decade of our lives!

Steven Spierer, January 9, 2010 – What to do if you are arrested or just questioned by the police – Steve interviews Criminal Defense Attorney Ed Robinson about all things criminal and how you could get in trouble even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

Marc Germain, January 8, 2010 – First time in TalkRadioOne history – we lost our internet connection. Sadly, the show was cut short but not before we completed our great interview with Jon Landau, producer of Avatar.

Marc Germain, January 7, 2010 – Gloria Allred sets the record straight for Marc by telling him that lawyers don’t broker blackmail deals, sort of. Marc Summers, ‘Mr. Cable TV,’ called in to gloat about Leno’s demotion-promotion, as well as promoting all his shows on the Food Network. Apparently, he owns it now. Regan Burns reads his 10 Best Films of 2009 and reviews ‘It’s Complicated’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’ on DVD.

Marc Germain, January 6, 2010 – Where’s Tiger? Marc believes he could be locked up in his house for six weeks without going outside if he has good deli take-out. Sharon the Gossip Mom thinks Kate Gosselin looks like a turnip with blood coming out of it. Dina’s has a lap-band and is still fat and Dan Avey has been crowned King of Morocco. Please address him accordingly.

Marc Germain, January 5, 2010 – Marc asks that musical question, ‘If you can’t let a dog smell your underwear, who can you?’ We also learned that Dan Avey and Marc Germain never did too well with the ladies but enjoyed movies about Vietnam and have a need for fresh fish. All in a days work.

Marc Germain, January 4, 2010 – First show of 2010 brought us back to Tiger, as Dan and Marc continue to oppose Dina and Sharon, who are almost always right about everything, and they’re still right about Elin — and Sharon would know, she’s a twin. We also discussed breast implants, Dina’s big pontoons and dead celebs. Now that’s a Happy New Year!

Dr. Annie Thiel, January 4, 2010 – A conversation with Gayle Carter, traffic school instructor. Also, more with CAST Recovery on drugs, drinking and driving.

Steven Spierer, January 2, 2010 – Steve interviews Tom Sullivan, permanently blinded by an accident at the time of his birth, about the opportunities and challenges of living in an otherwise sighted society, what America does right and wrong in dealing with disabilities, and what the rest of us can learn about living with our own challenges.

Mike Mendoza, January 1, 2010 – Musician ROGER FERRIS, SHARRON LIVINGSTONE from The Travel Magazine, FEVZI The Gadget Detective and AND NICK SAALFELD looking over the week’s news.

Marc Germain, December 30, 2009 – Dr. Ed Krupp, Director of the Griffith Observatory reviews the year in astronomy. Actor Regan Burns reviews Avitar and the 10 worst movies of 2009. The award winning Dan Avey has our news. Dina Losito is live from New York, Sharon The Gossip Mom has the latest dish from Hollywood and we crown the biggest ‘villain’ of 2009.

Marc Germain, December 29, 2009 – Award winning Dan Avey with news and Dina Losito live from NY.

Impact Program with Frank Sontag, December 29, 2009 – Sugar binging and the holidays, the U.S. military meets its recruiting goals by sharing deceptive video games with the youth of America, the 9 astronomy milestones of 2009, an Oregon couple gets lost for nearly three days because of their SUV’s GPS system and more attempts in the U.S. to legalize and regulate marijuana.

Marc Germain, December 28, 2009 – We welcomed back our old friend Rob Marinko, fresh from the Nile, to share tales of romps around the pyramids — Egypt will never be the same. Dan Avey and Dina Losito touched upon Muslims, pork in Costco and exploding panties – don’t try that at home, kids. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined in to take the sheen off Charlie, and we all discussed our holiday’s with roasted nuts.

Dr. Annie Thiel, December 28, 2009 – A focus on drinking and driving, especially during the holidays with several guests who are knowledgeable about driving under the influence, including a Traffic School instructor and those involved in alcohol recovery.

Dina Losito, December 22, 2009 – After Dina gave the Democrats and Obama a sound drubing on healthcare and lying, she settled in to talk to a couple of old friends about coffee, amber alerts and terrorists who just don’t care about their work anymore.

Marc Germain, December 21, 2009 – Steven Spierer joined in to remind us about a great interview he did last Saturday about how to raise your kids without beating them – good stuff, check it out. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined Dan Avey, Marc and Dina Lostio to discuss Britney Murphy’s exit, stage left, Elin Woods’ exit stage right, and Tom Cruise, exit rear door. Merry Christmas from all of us at The Marc Germain Show!

Dr. Annie Thiel, December 21, 2009 – Featuring movie and television actor Powers Boothe on healing and Christmas Memories.

Steven Spierer, December 19, 2009 – Steve interviews Dr. Mel Lewin, a psychologist with insights into raising emotionally healthy children, improving the parent/child relationship and even how to get your kids to clean up their rooms.

Marc Germain, December 18, 2009 – Where is boinking a Perkin’s waitress against the law? Marc and Dan Avey took Dina Losito to task for her comment, even though Dina maintains she was right, the guys refused to yield. Then, on to attacking gay defamation, the failure of public schools and the belief that racism is now insignificant. Obama, anyone? Rob Marinko calls in to explain why he’s still in Egypt.

Mike Mendoza, December 18, 2009 – GUESTS INCLUDE: British Olympic Skating Champion ROBIN COUSINS, JIVE ACES lead singer Ian Clarkson, looking at the best gadgets of 2009 with FEVZI TURKULP and we finish with a strange look at the news of the week with NICK SAALFELD.

Marc Germain, December 17, 2009 – Regan Burns reviewed ‘Invictus’, ‘Crazyheart’ and ‘The Other Man (now on DVD). We discovered that in the olden days, x-rays were taken of your feet to see how your shoes fit and that Marc is afraid of dental x-rays – so sad. We helped a listener score a date for the weekend by making a phone call to his prospect and Dan Avey is going to the Rose Parade alone to look at Miss Pasadena get eaten by a giant Smurf made of blue tulips. Sweet.

Marc Germain, December 16, 2009 – Marc’s motorcycle diary. Dan and Dina can’t relate. We dipped into Courtney’s loveless child, cold pizza from NY and Sharon joined in to tell us that the National Enquirer is the worst rag on earth and the best paper for news.

Marc Germain, December 14, 2009 – Marc, Dan Avey and Dina Losito spent way too much time at the top of the show discussing the journalistic merits of Ashely Dupree (Elliot Spitzer’s escort). Marc then welcomed Lewis Fein who told us how to shop online and find discount codes. Sharon The Gossip Mom then chimed in with more Tiger mistresses and Lindsey Lohan claiming to rescue children from slave labor in India. She’s had experience.

Steven Spierer, December 12, 2009 – Steve interviews Life Coach Sandye Linnetz. Also, Steve updates us on what to expect in 2010 in the Real Estate Market, sounds off on something important we can teach our children from the Tiger Woods debacle and provides some thoughts on when not to buy extended warranties.

Marc Germain, December 11, 2009 – Famed sports agent Leigh Steinberg to help us sort out Tiger’s tales. Award winning news anchor, Dan Avey and Sharon The Gossip Mom performed a radio play using the Tiger Woods’ text messages with Jamie Grubbs — it’s worth the price of admission. Then, Dan announced he was confused hearing Dean Martin singing holiday songs which is where we should have ended but then we continued for another 30 minutes.

Mike Mendoza, December 11, 2009 – From the UK, Mike Mendoza and his cast of regulars plus a few surprises.

Marc Germain, December 10, 2009 – Television critic Ray Richmond, formerly of The Hollywood Reporter checked in and gave us his assessment of TV, Tiger and gay Merv Griffin but he wouldn’t give up the goods on Will Smith, dammit. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Nine,’ that ‘Sandra Bullock movie’ and demanded we rent ‘The Cove.’ Dan and Dina rounded out the night with IT issues.

Marc Germain, December 9, 2009 – Dan Avey reports that airport security is now futile no matter how many times we take off our shoes. Dina Losito then told Dan that Republicans are to blame for all the crappy movies Hollywood has put out in the past 10 years. Gleefully we moved on to Tiger, where Marc declared that he’s still not tired of it, even if Sharon The Gossip Mom thinks Tiger needs to be tars and feathers.

Marc Germain, December 8, 2009 – Rob Marinko dropped by to tell us he’s no cat lover, he’s no longer on the cookie diet and we’ve made him sufficiently afraid of flying to Egypt. Marinko was comforted by the idea that his boat probably wont crash while on the Nile. Dan Avey continued his abstract ways that he’s attributing to Gestalt, Marc is extremely sensitive to just about everything and Dina is a member of the mile high club, but is saving the story for another show. Preferably one these guys aren’t on.

Marc Germain, December 7, 2009 – Hypnotherapist Janet Montgomery told us all that we’re tired, frigid and stressed out. Thankfully, Janet came along to tell us what we already knew. Dina Losito is going to try out Janet’s audio tracks and report back, if she can stay awake long enough. Dan Avey, Dina and Sharon The Gossip Mom talked more Tiger and discussed why Alexa Ray Joel is so unattractive, untalented and now unloved. Trifecta.

Steven Spierer, December 5, 2009 – Having memory problems? Worried your brain is frying? Wondering how you can preserve your mind? Steve interviews Norman Doidge, M.D. about everything from brain disorders, stroke to aging. Also, can Steve help a listener with his employment problem?

Marc Germain, December 4, 2009 – We started out with the best of intentions tonight, but the show quickly deteriorated into finding Marc’s 1,000th friend on FaceBook – You’ll gotta to listen to find out how it ends. Also, Regan Burns reviewed ‘Up In the Air’, ‘Sherlock Holmes’ and ‘Paper Heart.’ You’ll also never walk alone.

Mike Mendoza, December 4, 2009 – Live from the UK, it’s Mike Mendoza with Nick, Fevzi and Sandi.

Dina Losito in for Marc Germain, December 3, 2009 – Dina went from painting Obama as liar, religion as mass hysteria, Taliban as leaders, gay marriage as queer, and David Lloyd as hero. And no mention of Tiger Woods, lap-bands, pot or Asians. Secret square: Leslie Boone.

Marc Germain, December 2, 2009 – Marc had a fascinating interview with Annie Duke and how her mind works when it comes to poker, math and Joan Rivers. Dan, Dina and Sharon then climbed aboard to discuss Tiger to death, and then somehow segue into a very interesting discussion of how Meredith Baxter could all of the sudden become a lesbian without any signal flares or bad tattoos. It then puffed up into a discourse on whether being queer is factory installed or after-market.

Marc Germain, December 1, 2009 – After being plagued by technical problems and callers, the gang settled in to beat Tiger like a dead horse, discuss the White House crashers as having a ‘blunted affect,’ and Wilt Chamberlain’s stank. Marc and Dina let everyone know they drive barefoot, which is citable in Florida, and Sarah Palin lied about something in her book again.

Marc Germain, November 30, 2009 – Marc interviewed golf writer Geoff Shackelford with some inside info on Tiger’s worst drive ever. Regan Burns crowbarred his movie review of ‘New Moon’. Dan Avey and Dina Losito carried on about their ideas about what golf club Elin Woods used to break the window and Sharon courageously defended her use of racial profiling as something she does all the time, so it’s not racist.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 30, 2009 – Addiction and Recovery Part II with special guests Melissa DeSantis and Jose Hernandez of CAST (Complete Aftercare Support Team), a national relapse prevention program designed to help individuals transition into independent living and long-term recovery.

Marc Germain, November 27, 2009 – We start by explaining Black Friday to Mike Mendoza who hadn’t a clue as to what it meant, and cared even less when explained. Marc and Dina Losito agreed that the Tiger Woods story smells like fish, Dan Avey reminded us all that Jesus was a Jew and Sharon The Gossip Mom yammered on about Michael Lohan, Obama gate crashers going to jail for lying, and something about hamsters.

Mike Mendoza, November 27, 2009 – Live from the UK, it’s Mike and his cast of regulars.

Marc Germain, November 25, 2009 – Marc disputed Dan Avey’s story about when holiday travel is busiest, why Friday is call Black even with Obama in the White House, and why turkey’s are never fresh. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined in to say Adam Lambert is to big for his britches, Susan Boyle was better before the beauty make-over, and why she’s still bothering everyone with Gosselin crap. Dina Losito as usual, had nothing to add – she prefers to keep her opinions to herself.

Marc Germain, November 24, 2009 – Like Hope and Crosby, Germain and Marinko are on the road to Las Vegas. And finally Rob will set the record straight on his the one man show he’s been workshopping in Bakersfield. Dan Avey with his award winning news and strange revelations, and Dina Losito, live from New York.

Marc Germain, November 23, 2009 – Show opened with another Sarah Palin beating, and Dan’s chivalry protected his damsel in a dress. Dina said she could pass the bar exam with a few weekends of cramming. Marc said she’s not smart enough. Dan, Marc and Dina discussed raising idiot kids, CraigsList, how to work for Google and a big surprise, Avey’s a law-school drop out. Sharon thinks Adam Lambert is too outrageous and needs to come with a warning label. She’s so square.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 23, 2009 – Monday night’s Dr. Annie Show is about addition and recovery. Our special guests will be Melissa DeSantis and Jose Hernandez of CAST (Complete Aftercare Support Team), a national relapse prevention program designed to help individuals transition into independent living and long-term recovery.

Marc Germain, November 20, 2009 – Marc, Dan Avey and Dina Losito jumped right into the stories of the day, and this week they always lead back to Sarah Palin. Marc gleefully admitted he’d unload in Bambi’s ass if he had the chance, except that the recoil of the rifle, loudness of the shot and the gushing blood from a gaping wound on one of natures most majestic, docile and beautiful woodland creatures would trigger his vasovagal response and he’d drop like a bag of dirt. Chuck Connors he is not. Anyone under 40 must Google that last reference.

Steven Spierer in for Mike Mendoza, November 20, 2009 – In for the vacationing Mike Mendoza, Steven Spierer broadcasts from Turkey exclusively for

Marc Germain, November 19, 2009 – Dina and Dan went at it over Sarah Palin and what a twit she really is – guess who is on whose side. Marc revisited ‘Craptiques Roadshow’ from Craig’s List and phoned a few people about the crap they wanted to sell to the unsuspecting public. You’ll have to listen to find out how it went. Regan Burns reviews ‘2012?, ‘Pirate Radio’ and new on DVD ‘My Sister’s Keeper’. Check out one of Regan’s performances in 3 Days Blind – he shows his bare ass [we warned you].

Marc Germain, November 18, 2009 – We learn of Dan Avey’s weekly coffee klatch with guys like Det. Sgt. Arthur Dietrich and help a caller determine the intentions of a woman who sexted him pictures of herself in underwear. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined us to say she doesn’t watch adult movies but does scroll by late at night and amazingly remembers everything in great detail. Also, we learn the proper pronunciation of “chutzpah”.

Marc Germain, November 17, 2009 – Comedian Jeff Jena joined in with Dan Avey’s news. Dan asked Dina about her breasts, explained unknown yet wildly popular words and we offend Native Americans. Jeff reveals that you can’t teach funny, but you can make unfunny a little less so and explained that self-promoting on Facebook is tacky, unless you’re friending Jeffery Jena.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 16, 2009 – Dr. Annie and her guests talk about the Fort Hood incident and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among veterans.

FEMALE TROUBLE w/DINA LOSITO, November 14, 2009 – Tonight she went from baby sitting to pot smoking to the beloved Maureen Stapleton on a bender. Then took the unions to task by saying that they’re obsolete, corrupt and a major factor in the decline of production in this county. That’s right, she said it – bring it!

Marc Germain, November 13, 2009 – First, some time with Mike Mendoza in the UK then we move to the dark side – mostly because Dan Avey and Sharon The Gossip Mom don’t agree with Marc and Dina Losito about anything Muslim, Religious or profiled. What we did agree on is: Carrie Prejean is an avid fan of self promotion, and sometimes video tapes it.

Mike Mendoza, November 13, 2009 – Mike Mendoza live from the UK with Fevzi and Nick reviewing the news of the week and Sandy Dhuyvetter in San Francisco.

Marc Germain, November 12, 2009 – Steven Spierer skyped in from somewhere in Turkey where he’s running a stamp shop, bathing in restaurants and eating like a king for pennies a day. He’ll tell you all about it when he returns in December. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’, ‘The Fourth Kind’ and ‘Spread’. We all agreed that Lindsay Lohan will be the first celebutard centerfold, and it’s the end of books, newspapers and journalism as we know it — perfect time for Sarah Palin’s new tome.

Marc Germain, November 11, 2009 – We celebrated veteran’s day by reviewing how insane the Ft. Hood shooter is. Dan Avey bought a soldier lunch (all you can eat buffet $5.99 – but it’s the gesture). Sharon chimed in with Joe Jackson being cut out, a pap being punched out by Mike Tyson, and Carrie Prejean flaming out on Larry King. And we all wished Chris Brown kept it private.

Marc Germain, November 10, 2009 – Marc began the show wondering why John Allen Mohammed won’t accept his friend request on Facebook. We then took a sky hook from Kareem’s cancer, Dina’s Fallopian tubes and Dan’s prostate. We concluded with thinking Chia Obama is not that offensive but Palin wanting it on the face, is.

Marc Germain, November 9, 2009 – Tonight’s show started off with Dan Avey believing everyone is responsible for their own actions, no matter how many crazy emails they send with the FBI watching. Marc interviewed Vicki Gunvalson from The Real Housewives of Orange County to talk about Season 5 and her new book, ‘More Than A Housewife’. Vicki couldn’t tell us much about this upcoming season, but Dina Losito smells a fist fight! Sharon joined us to talk about self love, phone sex and vibrators.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 9, 2009 – The recession, hard times and how families can cope with guests Michelle Linden Shaw, and Boaz Brizman on the crisis in health care and higher education.

Losito in for Germain, November 6, 2009 – Dina visited with her old friend Tomm Looney, and he cleverly explains how he’s not as old as she is, even though the graduated the same year. He really should write fiction. We discussed enough Michael Jackson to shake a stick at (what does that mean?) Dina introduced the TRO audience to Debra Barsha (, an award winning singer/songwriter that not only knows how old she is, but claims to be the first to discover Dina’s dyke-dom. Helen Keller could have spotted that one, but we’ll give Barsha the credit.

Mike Mendoza, November 6, 2009 – From the UK, it’s Mike and his gang on politics and pop culture.

Marc Germain, November 5, 2009 – Tonight was all about the incident at Ft. Hood, bad recruitment policies and why the gunman order coffee in a Domo cup. We all decided the worse thing to come out of this tragedy was the piss-poor reporting by every news outlets, AM radio and a few college papers. Regan Burns reviewed; ‘An Education’ and ‘Law Abiding Citizen’. The nightcap was about a man, a horse and a mound of dirt. The story tells itself.

Marc Germain, November 4, 2009 – Marc interviews Gerald Posner from The Daily Beast about his current investigative work ranging from Michael Jackson’s death photo to Afghanistan’s drug king pins to Our Eternal Friends the Saudis to the corruption in Miami that he covers in his new book, “Miami Babylon.” Dan Avey joined in to discuss Chaz Bono’s junk, Sharon flipped a gasket over her favorite starlet Lindsey Lohan.

Marc Germain, November 3, 2009 – Shot out of a canon and information that will be useless by the time the podcast is posted, Marc, Dan Avey and Dina Losito went to town discussing elections, Oscar hosts, sexual harassment, billionaires, and gays. Yes, Dan was on the losing end of that argument without saying a thing. Welcome to the doll house, Avey.

Marc Germain, November 2, 2009 – Marc and Dan spent a great deal of time trying to find out the odds of flipping a coin – fascinating radio. Although Marc and Dan don’t believe in paranormal activity, Dina has seen things – we’ll leave it at that. Also, Leno on life support, fish oils helps you live longer and dead rabbit tossing. Sharon jumped in tell us about the Lousy Parents’ Club including Lohan and Gosselin and whether or not Jew food tastes good – you should’t know from it. Demasculated.

Dr. Annie Thiel, November 2, 2009 – The recession, hard times and how families can cope with Glenn Wallace, CPA from Wallace & Wallace Accountancy Corporation of Agoura Hills, CA. Also, Brian Weitman, CEO of STC-QST about how he, as the CEO, deals with employees suffering through a recession.

Female Trouble w/Dina Losito, October 31, 2009 – Dina began with her take on Michael Jackson’s This Is It, why she loved Soul Train, and a dead parrot. You really have to hang in there for the dead parrot story. – it’s so worth it. Opening Song Michael Jackson Stripped Mixes, Closing Song The Egg, Albumen, Jam Tomorow.

Steven Spierer, October 31, 2009 – Steve interviews Christopher Kimberlin, PhD candidate doing research on how viruses impact our lives. Is the H1N1 virus really as deadly the media seems to say? Also, Real Estate Short Sales seem like a great chance to get a bargain, but what are the risks?

Marc Germain, October 30, 2009 – Marc and Mike Mendoza catch up on British politics, losing time and health care. Dina Losito, Dan Avey and Sharon The Gossip Mom joined in to discuss the finer points of Jon Gosslen’s career moves, who Obama had in his bedroom and why Halloween is the high holy day for pedophiles and child murderers, and turns your children in to street gypsies and beggars. Kinda like an afternoon in Tijuana. Just go buy your kids their own candy, OK?

Mike Mendoza, October 30, 2009 – From the UK, Mike and Peter Dennett and a bit of Fevzi, The Gadget Detective.

Marc Germain, October 29, 2009 – Why water kills, trans-vaginal ultrasound doesn’t, how Dan Avey is a Communist for wanting the World Series to be played only in warm climates like the Super Bowl and what is or isn’t rock and roll. Dan found himself on the losing end of that argument, although Dina agrees with him about Wayne Newton. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Amelia’ and ‘This Is It,’ and wishes it wasn’t. We talked about George Lopez, Wanda Sykes, and all shared a laugh over the Canadian folk singer eaten by the coyote.

Marc Germain, October 28, 2009 – We introduced Dan Avey to the world. We discussed Leno’s failures, the divorce of the Dodger owners and how good Dina is at planning a funerals for loved ones. Or a mother. Sharon joined in to say how appalled she was at an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, even if she didn’t see or rarely watches the show. Yet another reason why the terrorists hate us.

Rod Bernsen, October 28, 2009 – Rod is angry: The last minute cancellation of NBC/Universal’s Southland is BS… or more correctly PC. Rod is in shock: President Obama is right on the edict to stop prosecuting medical marijuana merchants.

Marc Germain, October 26, 2009 – Marc interviews Murray Langston ‘The Unknown Comic,’ where we learned more about his career and less about his comedy. Sharon ‘The Gossip Mom’ joined in defending Christianity by saying she doesn’t know as much as she should, is a believer anyway but Scientology is silly because it hasn’t been around very long. Dina was quieter than usual because her throat was scorched by acid reflux all weekend. Some might say the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 25, 2009 – The ‘Plus Eight’ from Jon & Kate are acting out – is anyone surprised? Dr. Annie, roving reporter Melonie Magruder and Judge Henry will talk about the positive aspects of divorce mediation. Also, Boaz Brizman, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, talks about the somatic effects of divorce on children.

Female Trouble w/Dina Losito, October 24, 2009 – That went well – and Dina only got up to 1992! From her arrival in NYC and her stint in Tony ‘N Tina’s Wedding, to the time she sought refuge in Los Angeles. How’s that for confused? Is it weird that Dina continues to write these rundowns and refer to herself in the 3rd person? She’s sure I’ll let her know.

Steven Spierer, October 24, 2009 – Why are so many couples having trouble getting pregnant and what to do if you’re one of them – Steve interviews Reproductive Specialist Dr. Michael Feinman, M.D. Then, Is it right to hoard Tamiflu for your family? Finally, a comment on the state of Internet Radio today.

Mike Mendoza, October 23, 2009 – Live from the UK, Mike and his cast or regulars including Nick and Fevzi.

Marc Germain, October 22, 2009 – We started the show with a very delightful discussion about bowel movements, which oddly (or not) prompted Sharon the Gossip Mom to call in and talk crap about her twin sister’s colonic business. We moved on to discuss virtually nothing in the news, a little bit of baseball, and Regan read the entire book “Where The Wild Things Are” just before he reviewed the movie, along with a few words about Chris Rock’s doc Good Hair – all his reviews are at We finished the show with Dina reprimanding Regan for his poor diction, which doesn’t seem to have negatively impacted his career.

Marc Germain, October 21, 2009 – Marc interviewed Kitty Martini, author of Thank You For Firing Me. Kitty gave us her perspective on how to reinvent yourself in these times of woe and her book gives you ideas of just how to go about it – too bad it doesn’t come out for another 6 months. We then discussed ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips getting caught cheating on his wife, losing his job and his horrible taste in women. Sharon joined us to predict the exact moment of Lindsey Lohan’s future death, how she prefers fat girls on the cover of fashion mags, and how Sarah Palin is really, really smart – she just plays dumb to throw us off, right?

Marc Germain, October 19, 2009 – Tonight we found out that this Marc’s 250 broadcast on Talk Radio One – and still we don’t get paid for it. Marc and Dina discussed: lesbians in tuxedos, Tommy Smothers and Rodney Dangerfield being jerks to Dina (Dina admitting it was probably her), carbon monoxide poisoning isn’t the way to go, but ironically is. Wrapped it up with talk of pot, Detroit marathoners dropping dead, Leno and Al Sharpton, and somehow it’s all interconnected.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 19, 2009 – Dr. Annie reveals more about her 72 remarkable years on this her birthday! Dr. Annie’s in-studio guest is Judge Henry to discuss the impact of divorce on kid’s birthdays.

Female Trouble with Dina Losito, October 17, 2009 – Dina got through this show without any technical difficulties, unless you count the one where she gave out the wrong phone number for over a half hour – sorry to Mrs. Helen Reynolds of Temecula for all the hang ups. Maybe now she can be the show’s screener. Dina took everyone through her journey from farm girl in Upstate New York, to cosmopolitan socialite and plumber’s assistant. Fun had by all.

Steve Spierer, October 17, 2009 – What do married women really want from their husbands? Steve interviews author and relationship expert Elliott Katz who says men must be strong and take control. Should your relationship have a leader? A boss?

Marc Germain, October 16, 2009 – Mike Medoza, Marc and Dina bandied about on politics, headlines and why Scientology Jamborees have such good food. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined in to discuss the non-story about balloon boy and his idiot parents. We all agreed it’s a hoax and totally a non-story but we spent 30 minutes on it to be absolutely sure. Then a listener attempted to play a hoax on us but we’re far too cagey broadcast veterans for that nonsense.

Mike Mendoza, October 16, 2009 – From the UK, Mike and his cast of regulars.

Marc Germain, October 15, 2009 – Gina Grad from with the news and she was pretty good. And just like a precious snowflake, she disappeared. Not sure what happened but we’re sure to have her back if she ever reappears. We helped a listener pick up girls in a bar, but to no avail. Apparently you can’t be good wingmen by phone or when Marc is in attack mode. Regan Burns did his movie review thing [The Invention of Lying and Couples Retreat] and really has it in for Vince Vaughn – I guess they’ve read for the same parts. Wound down with the balloon boy non-story – and his lousy actor parents. They need to see a Vince Vaughn movie or watch 40 year old versions.

Marc Germain, October 14, 2009 – Tonight started off with a surprise visit from Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger calling in to comment on Maria Shriver’s bad cell phone habit. Sharon the Gossip Mom went after the head of David Letterman (who could resist?) and declared that regular people won’t like him anymore, but media snobs like Rob, Marc and Dina we’re “in on it.” We discussed reality vs fantasy, Kardasian vs that guy she fake married, and why Limbaugh got the bums Rush.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, October 14, 2009 – Rod takes on TalkRadioOne listeners.

Marc Germain, October 13, 2009 – Tonight’s show started slowly enough with us chatting about Leno stealing from Stern, (who invented everything by the way), and the best beer with chicken wings. Rob, predictably choose Bud. We then went to the moon when a caller told Dina that the problem with gays is that they’re impatient sinners. Rob told us that older is better when it comes to the Swine Flu, Marc said gold-schmold who needs it, and why the banks hate our freedom. Screw you JP Morgan!

Marc Germain, October 12, 2009 – Regan Burns reviewed Paranormal, Zombie Land and something else, I forget – check the podcast. He seemed to like what he saw. Rob, Marc and Dina discussed the merits of Obama’s Nobel Prize (guess what Marinko thought?) and the fact that Rob completely flip-flopped on getting a swine flu vaccine without equivocation. Sharon The Gossip Mom joined in to discuss Michael Jackson’s relationship with Paul Anka. Marc insists we couldn’t tell the difference between Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka and Shauna Sand – go figure.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 12, 2009 – Dr. Annie Thiel and Dr. Shaw address divorce.

Dina Losito, October 9, 2009 – Dina was joined by Mike Mendoza and Tomm Looney and you can hear Looney gush over all of Mendoza’s radio accomplishments – it was really quite embarrassing after a while. Dina was also joined by Bridget Polk and they spent the rest of the night talking about smoking pot, pudding pies and lousy sound.

Mike Mendoza, October 9, 2009 – Mike and his cast of regulars talking politics and pop culture.

Marc Germain, September 23, 2009 – Marc interviews Sam Hoffman, producer of the DVD Old Jews Telling Jokes. Regan Burns, Marc and Building 5 also discussed Mackenzie Phillips as a warm up to B5 and Sharon going nine rounds about it a short while later. Sharon believes Mac was into it. Who wouldn’t be, John Phillips was so hot. We briefly discussed all things [allegedly] gay John Travolta and Anderson Cooper. And Regan Burns throws down the gauntlet: NAME A FAMOUS ALASKAN [pre-Palin, of course].

Marc Germain, September 22, 2009 – Ricky Gervais telling Conan O’Brien he diddles himself while watching telly. Dina went on a tear about why everyone should stop having children for one year, IVF is for wackos and only Marc had children for non-self gratifying ego reasons. We spoke to Rob’s wife so Marc could rat on what Marinko did in Vegas on the eve of their 8th wedding anniversary. Somehow we got into religion briefly and discussed that fact that Buddhist don’t believe in good vs evil, only Christians do. Rob and Dina agreed (shocking unto itself) that a kid with Down’s Syndrome who was allowed to score a touchdown when there was no chance of him effecting the outcome, instead should have tackled him and had the piss smacked out of him – that’s how we play sports in America. Some callers joined in and nobody was too badly injured.

Marc Germain, October 5, 2009 – Tonight we began with Obama being tweaked in an SNL comedy sketch, to a full-on fight with Dina and Rob over gays in the military, why people need to be dragged out of the closet and Merv Griffin. We furthered the discussion to include a few other stories but Dina still can’t remember because she is still fuming about Rob’s comments. Sharon ‘The Gossip Mom’ talked about those Gosselin idiots, why she’d only keep 1 or 2 fertilized eggs, and then went at it with Dina about David Letterman, pigs and bad ratings. All and all a good night for the cast.

Dr. Annie Thiel, October 5, 2009 – Dr. Annie addresses issues involving love, work, relationships and news that impact lives from a psychological perspective. Joining Dr. Thiel: Journalist Melonie Magruder, Judge Dana Senit Henry and Dr. Michelle Linden Shaw, Department of Marriage and Family Therapy, CA State U Dominguez Hills.

Steve Spierer, October 3, 2009 – John & Kate + 8 can’t seem to do it so how does Alonzo Wells successfully parenting hnis eight kids. What are the challenges and rewards? Also, who needs a prenuptial agreement?

Marc Germain, October 2, 2009 – Tonight’s show began with Mike Mendoza attaching Vicars and defending Scientologiist. We then debated if you’re born gay of just plain ol’ queer, the difference between intelligent design and intelligence, and if there is such a thing as an addiction or are they all just bad habits. Michael Jackson had a bad propofol habit. Jam on it.

Mike Mendoza, October 2, 2009 – Mike live from the UK for two full hours with his cast of regulars talking politics and pop culture.

Marc Germain, October 1, 2009 – We started with Dina jumping all over Marinko for commenting that a rape victim is lucky she’s grown up good looking. We migrated to the immigration debate, deciding that we all want them to just go home and stop taking good sweat-shop jobs away from hard working Americans. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Fame’ and thinks that no one in NYC looks that good (’cept Dina, of course), and that the other movie he reviewed was so bad I don’t remember the name of it, but it stars Bruce Willis. Then we interviewed Klaus Moeller, President of the Amazon Foundation who told us we can buy land in Brazil for 40 bucks an acre! Recession? What stinking recession?

Marc Germain, September 30, 2009 – Roman Polanski is a) a child molester b) a fugitive from justice c) a great director [whose movies Marc has never seen]. Richard Ramirez has a way with the ladies – dead or alive, Ted Bundy was a honey-magnet and we can’t understand why, except Dina confessed to picking up an ex-con at Home Depot and was impressed with his criminality (not a euphemism for his prowess…although…nah, nevermind.) Sharon joined in to let us know that while she always knew John Edwards was a creep, she doesn’t know any female republican politicians of ill-repute, except Palin, whom she thinks sucks as a mom, so everything else is irrelevant. Wrapped it up with Steve Parker, the car nut to preview Saturday’s show about how to stop a car going 120 MPH down the freeway.

Rod Bernson’s Street Stories, September 30, 2009 – Rod takes on a TalkRadioOne listener over wildfires, nuclear power and the emotional political left. Also, the LAPD’s famous SIS– Special Investigations Section detective who ALWAYS GET THEIR MAN or WOMAN!

Marc Germain, September 28, 2009 – Tonight we burned about 20 minutes trying to call anyone in France to see if they would prosecute an American who committed unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13 year old in they country, but no one was home. You probably won’t even hear that but in case you do… we then picked up the argument about Polanski with everyone taking a hard stand on completely unrelated points and making sure they we’re belligerent all the while, except for Marc, who acted as interpreter. Sharon talked about unknown and uninteresting reality stars and their make-believe marriages and big assess. We wrapped it all agreeing that John Edwards is a wuss who loves tookie too much to ever be able to tell the truth.

Steven Spierer, September 26, 2009 – Do you know anyone that’s gone to Federal prison? Steve interviews Suzan Waks who plead guilty and served time for a white collar crime. How does our criminal justice system actually work? What is being incarcerated in a Federal prison really like? People sleep well at night because they don’t know what Suzan knows about the Federal Criminal Justice system. Also, Why the President is having some trouble getting support for his health care plan and the real economic choice that faces Americans in deciding to support or oppose the various proposals.

Marc Germain, September 25, 2009 – We start with Mike Mendoza from the UK who told us he’s not a believer in any religions, he’s a Freemason, but he will eat free Scientology food because they wear their underpants on the outside of their trousers, and basically he’s a schnuner (Happy Yom Kipper Boys and Girls!). Mike and Marc then went on to discuss British radio guys that Rob and Dina don’t know anything about, but tally-ho. We discussed cross-dressing vs. powder blue crocs, and how liking Abba makes you gay. Sharon jumped on board to let us know that Mackenzie Philips’ story doesn’t depress her because Phillips is a money-grubbing whore. scene.

Mike Mendoza, September 25, 2009 – Live from the UK, Mike and his cast of regulars talk about politics and current events.

Marc Germain, September 24, 2009 – We tried to call a guy who had his way with farm animals, discussed Mac Phillips again (this time with more decorum and thought). We covered the new ABC comedy, ‘Modern Family’ and how Regan Burns auditioned for the dad and the gay brother but was rejected for both. Regan reviewed ‘The Informant!’, ‘Meatballs with a Chance of Movie’, and ‘Capitalism, a love story’, and all agreed that Michael Moore is still overweight. A caller wanted to know the inside scoop about Doug McIntyre’s untimely departure from KABC and flu shots or not. We wound down with Jay Leno and his wound down ratings, and the Lockerbie bomber dropping like a led zeppelin.

Marc Germain, September 23, 2009 – Marc interviews Sam Hoffman, producer of the DVD Old Jews Telling Jokes. Regan Burns, Marc and Building 5 also discussed Mackenzie Phillips as a warm up to B5 and Sharon going nine rounds about it a short while later. Sharon believes Mac was into it. Who wouldn’t be, John Phillips was so hot. We briefly discussed all things [allegedly] gay John Travolta and Anderson Cooper. And Regan Burns throws down the gauntlet: NAME A FAMOUS ALASKAN [pre-Palin, of course].

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, September 23, 2009

Marc Germain, September 22, 2009 – Ricky Gervais telling Conan O’Brien he diddles himself while watching telly. Dina went on a tear about why everyone should stop having children for one year, IVF is for wackos and only Marc had children for non-self gratifying ego reasons. We spoke to Rob’s wife so Marc could rat on what Marinko did in Vegas on the eve of their 8th wedding anniversary. Somehow we got into religion briefly and discussed that fact that Buddhist don’t believe in good vs evil, only Christians do. Rob and Dina agreed (shocking unto itself) that a kid with Down’s Syndrome who was allowed to score a touchdown when there was no chance of him effecting the outcome, instead should have tackled him and had the piss smacked out of him – that’s how we play sports in America. Some callers joined in and nobody was too badly injured.

Steven Spierer, September 19, 2009 – Guest: Sue Geffen. Topic: caring for aging parents.

Mike Mendoza, September 18, 2009 – Live from the UK, Mike and his cast of regulars talk politics and news.

Marc Germain, September 17, 2009 – Rob began the festivities with a story of a woman who caught fire during surgery and subsequently, died. Cause the of blaze is still unknown. We then visited an old show favorite “Call Out” and spoke to Sal in Santa Monica about his flamingo from Laughlin. We had great joy and glee with Sal, although following the call we did notify the proper authorities. Regan Burns review Sorority Row (w/boobs) and Whiteout (sans boobs, unless you count the actors.)

Marc Germain, September 16, 2009 – Featuring Dina Losito, Rob Marinko and The Gossip Mom. Topics: Trying to help Marc to understand just how to stuff a body of a Yale grad student into a wall, how Rob’s previous weight loss hypnotism has back-fired, that he has the taste buds of a 12 year old and that he now has a hankering for some Haagen Dazs. Also, Bert Reynolds – for the third night in a row. Sharon brought up the same things that we discussed in hour 1, and refuses to listen to the show before she comes on because she’s afraid of what her kids may hear. That’s right after her teen-age son turned on Dexter. Sharon also laughs about Jessica Simpson’s dog eaten by coyotes. Jon Gosslen boinking the baby-sitter, ditching the dogs and acting like one himself and why Oprah Winfrey is a really big fan of Whitney Houston.

Marc Germain, September 15, 2009 – Tonight we roll started the show in first gear – topics included Obama calling Kanye West a tool, no sorry, that was Pink, Obama called him a jackass, Rob and Marc agreed that Rep Joe Wilson should not have been reprimanded. Marc decided the show never did kick into second, so he checked out to listen to his own show on his iPhone, using ooTunes (available for purchase through the link on the right side of the page) and clean the kitchen, while Rob and Dina yammered reminisced about their favorite horror movies, The California Gov’s race and then we concluded that we probably burnt the clutch. We took a bunch of calls ranging from a caller with iPhone troubles, trying to guess the four people Marc refuses to friend on Facebook, where Dina can rent and RV to drive cross country, to when we think America will have its own race. I can’t make this stuff up, kids.

Marc Germain, September 14, 2009 – Marc Summers of The Food Networks Unwrapped (beginning its 10th season) came on to discuss why he thinks Jay Leno will fail at 10PM, why Conan will fail at 11:30 and how the network will beg Leno to come back and helm the sinking Tonight Show. We then made the big announcement that is streaming live on your iPhone and iPod Touch through the mircle of an app called ooTunes [use our link on the right side of this page]. Developer Steve Woolly came on and discussed the app’s development and inclusion of TalkRadioOne among one of twelve thousand streaming feeds – but our’s is the most important. Rob announced that Patrick Swazye is indeed dead, and Marc lamented that Patrick didn’t friend him before he passed. Sharon came on to fight with Dina over the Jacksons, why LaToya is sleezy and that while she believes Michael Jackson to have always been a pedophile (actually it’s ephebophile – google it) he was as wonderful dancer. We concluded that Sharon’s malaprops constantly exceed our expectations.

Steven Spierer, September 12, 2009 – Can’t decide what to do for a living or think you’re in the wrong job? Steve interviews Steve Greene, the New York Director for the non-profit Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, one of the best kept secrets for people of all ages trying to discover what work they would be good at and what career they would enjoy. Also, how The Marshmallow Studies helps parenting.

Marc Germain, September 11, 2009 – Mike Mendoza doesn’t care about what our politicians do to lobbyists, calls Gordon Brown a one-eye idiot and has zero tolerance for anyone who hasn’t assimilated. Marc talked to Ryan Turner about his Talk Like A Pirate iPhone app. Sharon The Gossip Mom had the Hollywood dish, but before she could get started, Marc decided to dazzle us with his deep knowledge of small engine airplanes with a caller from Santa Cruz that he accused of being a pot head, serial killer and pilot. Sharon then rounded out the night by telling us that she didn’t cry when pulled over for speeding because her mother-in-law’s blood was thickening without her there.

Mike Mendoza, September 11, 2009 – Live from the UK with Mike’s cast of regulars.

Marc Germain, September 10, 2009 – Featuring Dina Losito and Regan Burns. Topics: Mike Duval spouting family values while spanking his favorite lobbyist with eye-patch undies and Rep. Joe Wilson reducing a speech by the President in a joint session of Congress to something akin to an Ilanders’ game. Vigo Mortsenson’s downward spiral into unemployment and how actor’s are all ass hats. Regan’s gymnastics roots and forcing his child into a similar life of humiliation, Michael Douglas is holding up fine, not sure how well his son is fairing as he’s facing life in prison for drug trafficking – ironically, Michael Douglas was in a movie called ‘Traffic’ in which a conservative judge is appointed by the President to spearhead America’s escalating war against drugs, only to discover that his teenage daughter is an addict – life imitating art. Regan Burns reviewed ‘Gamer’ and ‘Extract’ and Dina offered her theories on how Ben Afflick and Matt Damon sold their souls to the devil by pretending they wrote ‘Good Will Hunting’.

Marc Germain, September 9, 2009 – Interview with John Lennon tribute artist Tim Piper on the release of the remastered Beatles catalog. Topics: Sharon had the news talked and about tort reform, Marc thinks it’s ok to sue cigarette manufacturers, we all agreed that rep Wilson is a tool for heckling the President. Charlie Sheen is a crack pot, but a crack pot that still gets attention, autism is cause by watching FoxNews. We discussed Dina’s proclivity for watching gay male porn, Sharon never watching porn and a California Congressman bragging about banging a couple of lobbyist in exchange for higher energy prices. A caller was repelled either by our conversation of gay porn or of the Congressman schtupping the lobbyist – we’re not sure, he’ll tune in later when we’ve change the topic. We also wagered on who will die first, Patrick Swazye or that Lockerbie Bombmer guy – Dina say Lockerbie, Marc and Sharon say Swazye.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, September 9, 2009

Marc Germain, September 8, 2009 – We had to hit the reset button on the show, after that, topics included: corn, Obama, Big Mac Wrap’s that look like dirty baby diapers, a guy who donated 500 gallons of blood, the 7 Signs “You’re Fat” and more sleep apnea. Marc and Rob are trying way to hard to concoct an excuse to go to Vegas. We ended the show talking about the guest we don’t have on, and working on the ones we want to have on.

Marc Germain, September 7, 2009 – Topics included: Marinko and Losito’s on-air inebriation, the Jerry Lewis Telethon, Dina’s refinancing her apartment to pay for chemo for her cat that died anyway, sleep apnea, Marc’s lovely and well behaved children shocked Marinko, Marinko getting a form rejection letter saying he wasn’t qualified for a position he was over-qualified for but in the future would be considered for stock boy, Marinko eating brownies ala mode and making a salad that contained approximately four hundred thousand calories, Sharon The Gossip Mom’s elation over reality TV star Tila Tequila being choked by her footballer boyfriend but probably deserved it because she’s slutty and more proof that Jon Gosslin is still a douche.

Steven Spierer, September 5, 2009 – Steve interviews Amity Shlaes, columnist for The Bloomberg News and author of “The Forgotten Man: A New History of The Great Depression”. Also, Steve responds to an Email from a listener who wants to buy his first house and to take advantage of the $8,000 first-time-buyer tax credit. Is now the time to buy? Are lower prices coming? Should you own a property in an LLC? And Finally, Got a 2 year old that screams when you put her to bed? At your wits end? What do you do?

Marc Germain, September 4, 2009 – On this broadcast, we discovered Rob Marinko is incapable of reading the news when abusing anti-anxiety medicine and mixing with more beer than he cared to tell us. We also met Rob’s wife, Miranda, who was mad at Rob for not remembering to pick her up from work. As Dina continued to drink and lose focus, Marc valiantly kept the show moving forward until Sharon the Gossip mom finally chimed in, but by then Rob’s 2nd Clonopin and Dina’s first Ambien kicked in, and i the next thing we knew it was Saturday.

Mike Mendoza, September 4, 2009 – Mike returns FOR 2 HOURS with Fevzi on gadgets and Nick with news chat.

Marc Germain, September 3, 2009 – Advice Goddess Amy Alkon discussed her column, relationships and the perils of women asking men for dates. Regan Burns reviewed “Final Destination” and “Woodstock”. Dina was in an undisclosed location with her therapist who steamrolled over the show while she and dina got drunk. Rob’s news covered: arson in the LA fires, Ted Kennedy’s memoirs, Jumpers and LA weatherman Fritz Coleman’s stalker. We also played the infamous 911 tape where the caller, who was a police officer, thought he was dying from eating pot brownies.

Marc Germain, September 2, 2009 – Marinko news, Sharon gossip, Losito opinions.

Steven Spierer, August 29, 2009 – Steve interviews City Councilman Steve Wolowicz from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA flashpoint for one of the four major fires burning in Southern California. Also, do you have a brilliant idea for a business or a great invention and all you need is money? Hear a unique idea for how to get the seed money you need. Turns out there’s a Parenting idea in there too!

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, August 28, 2009 – You’ve seen the video of Minnesota Police Officers allegedly beating a man– tonight Rod Bernsen on his Street Stories talks to St. Paul Pioneer Press columnist Ruben Rasario to get the rest of the story.

Marc Germain, August 27, 2009 – Interviews Smokey Robinson, Regan Burns reviews movies, Marinko has the News, Losito is live from New York.

Marc Germain, August 26, 2009 – Marinko’s News + Gossip Mom + Losito live from New York.

Marc Germain, August 25, 2009 – Marc interviews Joel Stein. Plus Rob Marinko’s News and Dina Losito live from New York.

Marc Germain, August 24, 2009 – Marinko’s News, Losito from New York and The Gossip Mom.

Steven Spierer, August 22, 2009 – Steve’ interviews Republican candidate for Governor of the State of California, Tom Campbell. Is there hope for California? Is Tom the right person? Tom will take your unscreened questions live on

Marc Germain, August 21, 2009 – Marc interviews Erin Arvedlund, author of the new, bestselling Bernie Madoff biography. Plus, Dina Losito live from New York, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, August 21, 2009

Marc Germain, August 20, 2009 – Regan Burns reviews movies, Rob Marinko has the news and Dina Losito is live from New York.

Marc Germain, August 19, 2009 – With Dr. Ed Krupp – Director of the Griffith Observatory. Also, Sally Hampton, organizer of the Whole Foods Boycott. Plus, Rob Marinko’s news, Dina Losito live from Florida and The Gossip Mom with the latest dish from Hollywood.

Marc Germain, August 18, 2009 – Comedian Dana Gould. Dina Losito live from Florida. Rob Marinko’s News.

Marc Germain, August 17, 2009 – Dina Losito and Rob Marinko with the news and Sharon The Gossip Mom with the dish from Hollywood.

Steven Spierer, August 15, 2009 – Peter Alperin, M.D. explains how to get the best care from your doctor and if ObamaCare will work. Also, President Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace 35 years ago last week. What we learned from that nightmare and how it has changed our country.

Marc Germain, August 14, 2009 – Rob Marinko, Sharon The Gossip Mom, Dina Losito live from Florida and Marc’s weekly dust-up with Conservative radio icon Barry Farber.

Rod Bernson’s Street Stories, August 14, 2009 – Bratton’s Gone, will Identity Politics be the decision or will merit and the best candidate be the next chief of police. Plus, stupid lawsuits for, against and by police officers.

Marc Germain, August 13, 2009 – Regan Burns reviews movies, Rob Marinko has news and Dina Losito is live from Florida.

Rob Marinko, August 12, 2009 – Rob vs. The Gossip Mom vs. Dina Losito.

Marc Germain, August 11, 2009 – Moviemaker Michael Nathanson plus Rob Marinko and Dina Losito with the news.

Marc Germain, August 10, 2009 – Marc interviews Ken Seeley from A&E’s Intervention and Amy Heckerling, the writer/director of the hilarious internet video “Fred’s Intervention Intervention“. Plus, Dina Losito is live from New York, Rob Marinko has the news and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity dish from Hollywood.

Steven Spierer, August 8, 2009 – Steve interviews former President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The former President discusses his views on President Obama’s performance in office to this point and what he would do about some of today’s challenges. Also, the former President speaks candidly about his marriage to Eleanor, her accomplishments, and about his affair with Lucy Mercer.

Marc Germain, August 7, 2009 – A mashup of voices including: Rob Marinko, Sharon The Gossip Mom, Dina Losito, Steve Parker and Tomm Looney. Plus, Marc’s weekly dust-up with Republican talk host legend Barry Farber.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, August 7, 2009 – The teachable moment continues as Rod tells us about a NJ case where a traffic violator assaulted police offices and received a gift of $200 grand for his efforts. Also Rod gives the insiders perspective on police Use of Force.

Marc Germain, August 6, 2009 – A high ranking official from the White House plus Rob Marinko’s news, Regan Burns reviews movies and Dina Losito is live from New York plus a 6-line tribute to John Hughes.

Marc Germain, August 5, 2009 – Sarah Palin’s nemesis in Alaska, Shannyn Moore on the rumors of a Palin divorce and on Palin’s threats to sue Moore. Plus, Dina Losito is Live from New York and The Gossip Mom has the celebrity dish.

Marc Germain, August 4, 2009 – Dina Losito is live from New York and The Gossip Mom has the celebrity dish.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, July 31, 2009

Marc Germain, July 28, 2009 – A hastily thrown together show featuring Marinko’s News and Losito’s commentary. What could possibly go wrong?

Steven Spierer, July 25, 2009 – Steve interviews business consultant and author Jeff Scott about parenting, decision-making and mistakes parents make. Also, Steve talks about the power of accidental Hypnosis and the importance of controlling your own thoughts.

Marc Germain, July 24, 2009 – Meet the guy whose youtube video may have cost United Airlines $180 million. Also, newsman Bob Tur has inside information on Michael Jackson’s death including a personal account of what it’s like to be on the drugs in Jackson’s system at the time of his death. Plus Dina Losito is live from New York, The Gossip Mom has the news from Hollywood, Steve Parker previews his weekend shows and my weekly dust-up with conservative radio icon Barry Farber.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, July 24, 2009 – Rod tackles the Henry Louis Gates vs. Cambridge, MA police controversy.

Marc Germain, July 23, 2009 – Regan Burns reviews movies. Rod Bernson opines about the Henry Louis Gates arrest. Dina Losito is live from New York and Rob Marinko has the news.

Marc Germain, July 22, 2009 – Marc talks sports with radio and TV reporter Steve Hartman. Plus Rob’s News, Tomm Looney checks in with Dina Losito live from New York and The Gossip Mom has the latest dish from Hollywood.

Steven Spierer, July 18, 2009 – What’s happening in downtown Los Angeles government now? Are things better or worse after the recent election? Find out as Steve interviews Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. Also, Steve talks about about what one innocent parent did in good spirit but with unexpected negative consequences.

Marc Germain, July 17, 2009 – Marinko’s News, Losito live from New York, Steve Parker & Steven Spierer.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, July 17, 2009 – Rod interviews Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Marc Germain, July 16, 2009 – Marc interviews comic Max Alexander, Regan Burns reviews movies, Rob Marinko has news and Dina Losito is live from New York.

Marc Germain, July 14, 2009 – Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada on the state of comedy clubs. The Bargain Babe has the latest money saving ideas. Also, Dina Losito and Rob Marinko’s news.

Marc Germain, July 13, 2009 – Meet the producer who created an internt buzz to get his show on TV. Plus Rob Marinko’s news and Dina Losito fills in for The Gossip Mom.

Steven Spierer, July 11, 2009 – Steve interviews trial attorney, free press advocate and legal analyst Royal Oakes. Also, Steve talks about the history of the world’s oldest themed amusement park and why that story tells us that competition should never be feared. And finally, when do parents get to finally relax about their kids?

Marc Germain, July 10, 2009 – Dina Losito fills for The Gossip Mom and Rob Marinko has his news. Steve Parker previews his weekend shows. Also, Marc dusts it up again with legendary, conservative, talk icon Barry Farber.

Marc Germain, July 9, 2009 – Marc interviews Carol Leifer. Regan Burns reviews movies and Dina Losito sits in for Rob’s News and The Gossip Mom.

Marc Germain, July 8, 2009 – Marc chats with Mike Mendoza in the UK, Shirley Phelps Roper from the “God Hates” church in Topeka, KA talks about protesting the Michael Jackson memorial yesterday. Dina Losito fills in for Rob Marinko and is the surrogate Gossip Mom.

Mike Mendoza, July 8, 2009

Steven Spierer, July 6, 2009 – Steve fills in for Marc Germain with special guest Shannyn Moore on Sarah Palin’s threat to take legal action against her. Also, how did the fatal Disneyworld Monorail crash occur? Finally, Steve examines weather the economy is recovering or if we are in for a double dip recession.

Steven Spierer, July 4, 2009 – Steve interviews entrepreneur Wendy Robbins in a story of extreme success, spectacular crash and then rebuilding in today’s economy. Also, Steve explains what to think about if your are considering buying a real estate investment with a partner because it can be the best or the worst experience of your business life.

Marc Germain, July 3, 2009 – Alaskan and Sarah Palin watcher Shannyn Moore. Plus Regan Burns reviews movies, Rod Marinko has the news and Dina Losito fills in for The Gossip Mom.

Rod Bernson, July 3, 2009 – Finally a step to equal treatment for all Americans, The Ricci decision. Also, ever get a traffic ticket? Rod gives his insight on traffic enforcement. Finally, Rod discusses Movie Cops, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and why Hollywood really does hurt police officers.

Marc Germain, July 1, 2009 – PROFANITY Marc chats it up with Mike Mendoza in the UK plus Rob Marinko’s news, The Gossip Mom and Dina Losito returns with more Michael Jackson news.

Mike Mendoza, July 1, 2009 – Mike has an exclusive interview with “Great Train Robber” Ronnie Biggs’ son. Biggs was to be released this Friday but a Government minister has halted the release – big news in the UK. Also, Mike interviews Senior Members of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. Nick looka at the news of the week and from San Diego, Sany Dhurvetter, back from downtown Morocco! PLUS a chat with Al Rantel on his very last radio show.

Marc Germain, June 30, 2009 – Cheeseburgers… need I say more? Also, how is Michael Jackson’s #1 fan Dina Losito dealing with his death? Plus Rob Marinko’s news and the Bargain Babe.

Marc Germain, June 29, 2009 – Tributes to all the fallen celebrities this week. Plus, Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

Rod Bernson’s Street Stories, 6/26/09

Marc Germain, 6/25/09 – Legendary talk show host Michael Jackson has stories about Michael Jackson. Also, Jackson nemesis Gloria Allred has some memories she’d like to share. Plus Rob Marinko’s News and Regan Burns reviews movies.

Marc Germain, 6/24/09 – PROFANITY Marc chats live with Mike Mendoza in the UK plus Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

Mike Mendoza, 6/24/09 – Mike interview teen singing sensation Kaeli and best selling author / broadcaster Sarah Tucker. Sandy Dhurvetter is in Morrocco and chats from Casablanca. Fevzi and Nick review the news of the week.

Marc Germain, 6/22/09 – Marc [sort of] interivews Bethenney Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York, plus Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

Marc Germain, 6/19/09 – with Rob Marinko’s news, Steve Parker’s weekend shows preview, Sharon The Gossip Mom and Marc’s weekly dust-up with legendary, conservative talk show host Barry Farber.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, 6/19/09

Marc Germain, 6/18/09 – Marc interviews pregnant radio and television personality Teresa Strasser. TV critic Ray Richmond is leaving The Hollywood Reporter and he’ll be on to talk about closing that chapter in his life. Regan Burns reviews movies and Rob Marinko has the news.

Mike Mendoza, 6/17/09 – Live from the UK, Mike chats with his cast of regulars.

Marc Germain, 6/16/09 – Featuring The Bargain Babe and Rob Marinko’s news.

Rob Marinko, 6/15/09 – Rob Marinko fills in for Marc and he brings Sharon The Gossip Mom along for the ride.

Steven Spierer, 6/13/09 – Steve interviews Retired Superior Court Judge Robert W. Thomas about parenting children with substance abuse issues. Also, Steve responds to an email from a listener who is being harassed by her boss at work and to parents who are losing their house in foreclosure because they tried incorrectly to help their adult children out of financial trouble.

Marc Germain, 6/12/09 – Marc interviews Sarah Symonds, the woman at the center of the Chef Gordon Ramsay controversy. Also Dr. Gary Alter explains how Chastity Bono will transform into Chaz Bono. Steve Parker previews his weekend auto shows, Rob Marinko has the news and The Gossip Mom brings the celebrity dish.

Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories, 6/12/09 – The Premere of Rod Bernsen’s Street Stories featuring law enforcement news and media issues.

Marc Germain, 6/11/09 – Regan Burns reviews movies plus Rob Marinko’s News.

The Marc Germain Show, 6/10/09 – What’s the truth about DAVID CARRADINE and SEX TOY SHOPPING? Suzie from Suzie’s Delights sets the record straight. Also, Mike Mendoza joins Marc from the UK plus Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 6/10/09 – Mike is joined by the legendary SEARCHERS (Frank Allen). PLUS Fevzi, Nick & Sandy

The Marc Germain Show, 6/9/09 – Rob Marinko’s news and Marc dusts it up with the legendary conservative talk show host Barry Farber.

2009 Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony for George Nicholaw – On June 6, 2009, Don Barrett, publisher of, presented LARadio icon George Nicholaw with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The 90-minute ceremony covered George’s life. Barrett takes us from George’s beginnings in Salinas, CA radio at KDON to CBS. George was the general manager who launched KNX Newsradio 1070 on April 15, 1968. He highlights his CBS journey through his departure from CBS Radio in 2003. The event is presented exclusively at

The Marc Germain Show, 6/8/09 – Could a restaurant that charges what you want to pay succeed? Plus Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

The Steven Spierer Show, 6/6/09 – Steve talks about a how to sell your property despite this market without getting sued and what to think about if you are trying to buy a short sale property. Also, what you (or your kids) should be looking to get out of college. If you’ve got college-bound family you’ll want to hear what Steve has to say about this.

The Marc Germain Show, 6/5/09 – Marc interviews comic/actor Yul Spencer. Steve Parker will preview his weekend shows – plus, The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 6/4/09 – Regan Burns reviews movies and Rob Marinko has the news plus a half-hearted 6 line tribute to actor Keith David Carradine.

The Marc Germain Show, 6/3/09 – Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

The Steven Spierer Show, 5/30/09 – Steve interviews attorney, political commentator and author Carol Platt Liebau about U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor and the state of our legal system. Also, the story of a Microbiologist sued in a frivolous lawsuit and the outlook for another wave of foreclosures and price drops.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/29/09 – Phil Spector trial watchers Betsy Ross and Linda-from-San-Diego give their first person perspective of the sentencing today. Phil Spector’s twin sons Gary and Lewis call in. Rob Marinko has the news and Marc dusts it up with legendary radio host Barry Farber.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/28/09 – Are the things we buy decided by the prehistoric origins of human behavior? Marc interviews evolutionary psychologist Dr. Geoffrey Miller. Regan Burns reviews movies, Betsy Ross will preview the sentencing of Phil Spector tomorrow, Steve Parker with an automaker update and Rob Marinko has the news.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/27/09 – Mike Mendoza joins Marc for the 1st hour. Marc interviews a guy with Tourettes, Rob Marinko has the news and The Gossip Mom has the latest dish from Hollywood.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 5/27/09 – With Mike tonight is Canadian Country singer ALLECIA, chatting about her life and music. NICK SAALFELD looks at the news and beyond. FEVZI TURKULP shouts Mike down as he puts his own slant on the days news and SANDY DHURVETTER looks at the world of travel and the problems involved.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/26/09 – Are you prepared for the coming apocalypse? Marc interviews a suburban survivalist who is. Steve Rocco, former Orange school board member convicted of stealing a half bottle of ketchup was sentenced today and he joins in. Plus Rob Marinko’s news and The Bargain Babe.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/25/09 – Meet the producers/writers of the new animated series on ABC called “The Goode Family.” Plus ‘Mae’ – Marc oldest documented listener who turned 100 last week. Also, Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

The Steven Spierer Show, 5/23/09 – Steve talks about goals, planning and dreaming big.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/22/09 – Listener calls plus Rob Marinko’s News, The Gossip Mom and Steve Parker previews his weekend shows.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/21/09 – PROFANITY Marc interviews the attractive waitress in San Diego who was fired for refusing to wear makeup. Plus Rob Marinko’s News and Regan Burns reviews movies.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/20/09 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK, plus Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 5/20/09 – Mike and his cast of regulars LIVE from the UK.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/19/09 – Marc dusts it up with legendary New York talk show host Barry Farber. Plus Rob Marinko’s news and The Bargain Babe.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 5/15/09 – Mike interviews Sandy Dhurvetter and Canadian singer Jaylene who is on tour in UK. Plus Sharon The Gossip Mom.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 5/14/09 – Mike interviews British singer Jessica Garlick. Also Sandy Dhurvetter on problems with cruise ships and the father of girl who vanished off a ship. Plus, The Gossip Mom.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 5/13/09 – In for Marc Germain, LIVE from the UK, Mike and his cast of characters talk about news and politics from both sides of the pond. Also, Sharon the Gossip Mom will join Mike with the latest dish from Hollywood.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/12/09 – Dr. Anne Germain, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, a leading sleep researcher who believes that obesity, anxiety, addiction and depression are all related to problems sleeping. Plus, Rob Marinko’s news, The Bargain Babe and Steve Parker has the latest automaker news.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/11/09 – Marc talks to Diane Dimond about legalization of pot. Also, is Disney’s new movie Earth too violent for kids? Plus, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Steven Spierer Show, 5/9/09 – Got kids in public school? What kind of education are they really getting?Find out as Steve interviews 3rd Grade teacher, Mary Lou Rheingold, who is not afraid to call it the way she sees it.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/8/09 – Marc interviews Steve Rocco, the guy who was found guilty in a jury trial for stealing a half used ketchup bottle. Also, Rob Marinko’s News, The Gossip Mom, Steve Parker previews his weekend shows and a way to get a passport or visa overnight.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/7/09 – Duff McKagan, yes THE Duff McKagan from Gun ‘n Roses and Velvet Revolver will be on to offer financial advice. Really. Plus, Ken Levine from DodgerTalk with the latest about the Manny Ramirez suspension, Rob Marinko’s News and Regan Burns’ movie reviews.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 5/7/09 – Mike and his cast of regulars from the UK opine about politics on both sides of the pond.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/5/09 – Marc celebrates ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’ with Karin Winegar, the author of Saved: Rescued Animals and the Lives They Transform. Also, Regan Burns‘ News & The Bargain Babe.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/4/09 – Everything you ever wanted to know about the movie ‘Jaws’. Plus, Rob Marinko’s news and The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 5/1/09 – Regan Burns has his movie reviews, Rob Marinko has the News, The Gossip Mom has the Hollywood dish and Steve Parker has the latest auto news plus a preview of his weekend shows.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/29/09 – Marc chats with Mike Mendoza in the UK and Rob Marinko has the news.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 4/29/09 – Join Mike LIVE from the UK with his cast of regulars.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/28/09 – Marc interviews Adam Rifkin, the writer/director of LOOK, a new film about the proliferation of surveilance cameras. Also, Rob Marinko’s News and The Bargain Babe.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/27/09 – Dr. Myles Druckman, a leading disease outbreak and pandemic expert will answer all your Swine Flu questions. Also, [in for Marinko] Regan Burns’ News, The Gossip Mom and Steve Parker laments the end of Pontiac as we know it.

The Steven Spierer Show, 4/25/09 – Steve interviews James Tamkin, M.D. who is living with cancer. If you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, you gotta hear this show.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/24/09 – Marc, Rob Marinko and Karen ‘The Gossip Mom’ call people on Craigslist, plus Steve Parker previews his shows.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/23/09 – Marc interviews celebrity publicist Howard Bragman about how to get your fifteen minutes of fame. Also, Regan Burns reviews movies and Rob Marinko has his news.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/22/09 – PROFANITY Mike Mendoza joins Marc, plus Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom with the latest dish from Hollywood.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 4/22/09 – From the UK, Mike Mendoza chats it up with pal Nick Saalfeld.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/20/09 – Live from Las Vegas – Marc and Rob interview Las Vegas ‘Man About Town’ Norm Clarke plus The Gossip Mom and Rob Marinko’s News.

The Steven Spierer Show, 4/18/09 – An update on the real estate market, short sales, foreclosures, the President’s plans and what it all means to you if you’re a buyer, seller or potential investor.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/17/09 – Marc interviews Ken Seeley from the A&E show Intervention. Also, Rob Marinko’s News, The Gossip Mom, The Bargain Babe and Steve Parker previews his weekend shows.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/16/09 – Marc interviews Dr. Martha Stout about sociopaths. Plus Rob Marinko’s news and Regan Burns reviews movies.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/15/09 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza. Also, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Mike Mendoza Show, 4/15/09 – Mike Mendoza from the the South of England with Fevzi, the Gadget Detective.

The Marc Germain Show – SPECTOR VERDICT SPECIAL, 4/13/09 – Phil Spector’s son Gary and Besty Ross with courtroom reaction to the 2nd degree murder conviction today. Dr. Roadmap has news about significant new tax breaks for commuters. Rob Marinko has the news and The Gossip Mom has the latest dish from Hollywood plus an aborted 6-line tribute to a fallen celebrity.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/10/09 – Interview with Martin Lewis about the Beatles. Also, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom with the latest from Hollywood.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/9/09 – Comedian Andy Kindler, Betsy Ross with the latest from the Phil Spector murder re-trial, actor/comedian Regan Burns has his weekly movie review and Rob Marinko has his news from Las Vegas.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/8/09 – Marc chats live with Mike Mendoza in the UK and Alaskan Political blogger Shannyn Moore. Also, Rob Marinko’s News from Las Vegas and The Gossip Mom with the latest dish from Hollywood.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/7/09 – PROFANITY Rod, Rod and Rob: Marc interviews former LAPD Sargent and local TV reporter Rod Bernson. Also, TV and screenwriter/director Rod Lurie. Plus, Rob Marinko’s News live from Las Vegas.

The Steven Spierer Show, 4/4/09 – The TV show “Survivor”: Entertainment or a real commentary on American Character? Also, if you’re out of a job and thinking about starting your own business, Steven will explain how. Plus listener eMails.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/3/09 – Ask Marc plus Rob Marinko’s News, The Gossip Mom, The Bargain Babe and Steve Parker’s weekend preview.

The Marc Germain Show, 4/2/09 – Marc talks with entertainment critic Ray Richmond. Betsy Ross has the latest from the Phil Spector retrial. Regan Burns reviews movies and Rob Marinko has the news.

The Rob Marinko Show, 4/1/09 – Rob chats it up with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Plus, The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/31/09 – Marc interviews Barry Minkow about corporate fraud. Also, unOrthodox blogger Luke Ford is concerned that his yoga class may be a cult. Plus Rob Marinko’s News.

Paraquat & Pals, 3/31/09 – Featuring Pat ‘Paraquat’ Kelley

The Marc Germain Show, 3/27/09 – Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/26/09 – Marc interviews Wall Street Journal writer Dave Kansas about the stock market and Betsy Ross about the latest inside the Phil Spector Trial plus Rob Marinko’s News and Actor/Comedian Regan Burns Reviews Movies.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/25/09 – Marc interview Gloria Allred for the latest about The Octomom. Also, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/24/09 – Marc interviews theater owner and sports brodcaster Steve Mason. Also, Nikki Finke from about her dust-up with the Editor at Variety plus Rob Marinko’s news.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/23/09 – No guests, no topics, no screeners – your questions and Marc’s answers. Plus, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Steven Spierer Show, 3/21/09 – Steven offers personal and financial advice.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/20/09 – Marc interviews satirist and commentator Brian Unger. Betsy Ross has the latest Phil Spector retrial news. Rob Marinko has Rob’s News, The Gossip Mom with the latest dish from Hollywood and Julia from with money saving ideas.

Paraquat & Pals, 3/20/09 – Featuring Pat ‘Paraquat’ Kelley

The Marc Germain Show, 3/18/09 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Plus, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/17/09 – Marc interviews Regan Burns and Rob Marinko has the news. Click Here for the picture Rob and Marc were talking about.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/16/09 – Marc interviews the legendary Cecil Adams plus The Party Goddess, Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/13/09 – Phil Spector’s son Gary, Steve Parker The Car Nut, The Gossip Mom and Rob Marinko’s News.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/12/09 – Mike Brewer from the Discovery Channel’s UK show Wheeler Dealers. Impressionist James Adomian and the latest from the Phil Spector trial with Betsy Ross. Plus Rob Marinko’s News.

Paraquat & Pals, 3/12/09 – Featuring Pat ‘Paraquat’ Kelley

The Marc Germain Show, 3/11/09 – Simulcast with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Plus Rob Marinko’s News and The Gossip Mom.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/9/09 – Mary Lyon, Zuma Dogg, a listener’s eBay question, The Gossip Mom and Rob Marinko’s News.

The Steven Spierer Show, 3/7/09 – Steve has 7 simple legal tips to protect your business in these tough economic times. Also, Steve responds to an eMail from an 18 year old college student who says he’s ashamed of himself.

The Marc Germain Show, 3/5/09 – The latest on the Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8, The Bargain Babe, The Car Nut, The Gossip Mom, Phil Spector Trial Watcher Betsy Ross and Rob Marinko’s News.

Paraquat & Pals, 3/5/09 – Featuring Pat ‘Paraquat’ Kelley

March 4, 2009 – PROFANITY Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Also, Rob’s News, The Gossip Mom and unOrthodox blogger Luke Ford.

March 3, 2009 – Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, Rob Marinko has Rob’s News and Bill Lobdell author of “Losing My Religion“

March 2, 2009 – Should California tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol and tobacco? The director of California NORMAL weighs in. Also, Portfolio Manager Dan Ripoll offers some new economic wisdom. Rob Marinko will have Rob’s News and a 6-line tribute to Paul Harvey plus The Gossip Mom with the latest dish from Hollywood.

February 27, 2009 – Marc interviews Bill German who spent his life touring with the Rolling Stones. The Car Nut – Steve Parker promotes his upcoming weekend shows on The Gossip Mom has the celebrity news and Rob Marinko has ‘Rob’s News’.

February 26, 2009 – Marc interviews Comic/Actor Dave Coulier, Betsy Ross has the latest from the Phil Spector murder trial and Rob Marinko with Rob’s News.

February 25, 2009 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK with a surprise controversial interview. The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity dish and Rob Marinko has Rob’s News.

February 24, 2009 – Marc interviews comedian Dana Gould and the Director of the Griffith Observatory Dr. Ed Krupp .

February 24, 2009Paraquat & Pals Featuring Pat ‘Paraquat’ Kelley

February 23, 2009 – PROFANITY Marc interviews comedian Wendy Liebman and The Gossip Mom.

February 20, 2009 – Marc interviews Randy Thomas, one of the most recognized voices in America. Also, The Bargain Babe has tips on where to find money saving deals and The Gossip Mom has the latest dish from Hollywood.

February 19, 2009 – Marc interviews Ray Richmond from the Hollywood Reporter to preview the Oscars. ”Watchdog On Wallstreet” Chris Markowski on when Wall Street might show signs of life. Portfolio manager Dan Ripoll has some economic insights and Rob Marinko has the news.

February 18, 2009 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Steve Parker ‘The Car Nut’ will have the latest about the auto manufacturer bailout and The Gossip Mom has the dish from Hollywood.

February 17, 2009 – Marc answers your questions – no guests, no topics, no screeners. Rob Marinko has the news and Lisa Goich explains her obsession with the OctoMom and Casey Anthony.

February 14, 2009 The Steven Spierer Show, Steven offers advice on short sales and has hints to save your job.

February 13, 2009 – Marc interviews Photo Journalist Ken Kobre on Valentine’s Day photo tips. Dr. John Curtis explains how life-long love is possible and The Gossip Mom does her Joaquin Phoenix impersonation.

February 12, 2009 – Steven Spierer on minding your money. Also, Betsy Ross and a juror from the first Phil Spector murder trial have the latest from the current trial.

February 11, 2009 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Also, syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon and The Gossip Mom has the latest dish from Hollywood.

February 9, 2009 – Marc interviews award winning TV journalist/producer Bob Tur – the godfather of the ‘televised police pursuit’. Also, LA Mayoral candidate Zuma Dogg and The Gossip Mom.

February 6, 2009 – Marc interviews comedian Don McMillan. Steve Parker ‘The Car Nut’ and Marc Geller from PlugInAmerica will talk about America’s auto industry and the future of electric vehicles. Also, The Gossip Mom.

February 5, 2009 – Marc interviews investigative journalist Diane Dimond and gets a Phil Spector trial update from Betsy Ross. Also, a Beverly Hills publicist’s advice for Michael Phelps.

February 4, 2009 – PROFANITY Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK. The Gossip Mom and all the permutations of the Christian Bale rant. Also, how the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act might effect you.

February 3, 2009 – Marc interviews ‘The Tech Guy’ Leo Laporte. Also, Brian Beirne ‘Mr. Rock N’ Roll’ on the 50th Anniversary of The Day The Music Died.

February 2, 2009 – How did mercury get into your sweetened foods? Talk show host Nicole Sandler has the latest information about Bruce Springsteen & Walmart. Legendary Los Angeles Rock Jock ‘Paraquat’ Pat Kelley with his story. Comedian Jeff Jena opines about Bill Hicks censored appearance that finally aired on Friday’s Letterman after 15 years.

January 29, 2009 – PROFANITY Marc interviews Rebecca from, entertainment reporter/media coach Gayl Murphy and Betsy Ross has the latest from the Phil Spector murder trial.

January 28, 2009 – Marc simulcasts with Mike Mendoza in the UK. Syndicated ‘Advice Goddess’ columnist Amy Alkon and The Gossip Mom.

January 27, 2009 – PROFANITY Marc is reunited with April Winchell for two, action packed, compelling hours.

January 24, 2009The Steven Spierer Show–Steve offers advice to parents of a 16 year old kid who was caught driving stoned. Also, advice for buying your first home.

January 22, 2009 – Marc interviews Mike Mendoza from the UK (or the other way around). Pat Devine has had time to digest his three month trip across America in his $500 Craigslist junker, what does he think now? Also, UNothrodox blogger Luke Ford.

January 21, 2009 – Marc interviews Victor Benoun whose book teaches baby boomers how to start a new business – even in this economy. Marc takes a call from someone who has been in the news lately, also Steve Parker ‘The Car Nut’ and The Gossip Mom.

January 20, 2009 – Marc interviews “The 99 Cent Chef.” Paul Chylinski is fresh from the Obama Inauguration in DC. Betsy Ross has the latest from the Phil Spector murder trial. Finally, Marc is reunited with a mystery guest – from his decade at KABC.

January 16, 2009 – Phil Spector’s son Gary Spector with trial watcher Betsy Ross. Also, syndicated “Advice Goddess” columnist Amy Alkon and The Gossip Mom.

January 14, 2009 – Simulcast with Mike Mendoza from the UK, The Gossip Mom, a 6-line tribute to Ricardo Montalban and where you can get a copy of the Obama/Spiderman comic book.

January 13, 2009 – Marc interviews LA Times columnist David Lazarus on the latest about the Madoff scandal. Also, Brian O’Neil from the band “The Bus Boys,” and Betsy Ross has the latest from the Phil Spector murder trial.

January 12, 2009 – Talk show host Nicole Sandler, The Conservative Journalist who uncovered President-elect Obama’s college opinion piece and The Gossip Mom.

January 10, 2009The Steven Spierer Show – Steve talked about parenting and took calls from listeners who were having issues with their parents.

January 8, 2009 – Marc talks with: Comedian Merrill Markoe, LA Mayoral candidate Zuma Dogg, divorce lawyer Debra Frank and real estate advisor James Huang.

January 7, 2009 – Comedian Andy Kindler and The Gossip Mom.

January 6, 2009 – Betsy Ross has the latest news from the Phil Spector trial. Lewis Fein opines about the Hooters waitress fired for being the victim of domestic violence. Steve Parker has the latest Car Nut News.

January 5, 2009 – Behavorial therapist, author and columnist Cynthia Richmond helps find meaning in dreams and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity dish.

December 29, 2008 – The Party Goddess has tips for the perfect New Years Eve party, Jerry Lazar explains The Kobre Guide, Comedian Jeff Jena just got GPS, Ed Kushins thinks your home should start internet dating and Mark Silverman & Lewis Fein debate the perfect movie to watch on New Years day.

December 23, 2008 – Fred Willard and Merrill Markoe’s Lovely Stories

December 22, 2008 – Obama’s Rick Warren problem, Phil Spector Trialwatcher Betsy Ross responds to the interview of Don Randi, and The Gossip Mom.

December 17, 2008 – The latest on the ‘Swindler’s List’ / Where to find good eats in LA / Learn to speak like President Obama and The Gossip Mom.

December 16, 2008 – Marc talks to media journalist Nikki Finke from about a possible SAG strike. Also, Richard Rayner has more information about the $50 billion Ponzi schemer and President Bush responds to the shoe attack in Iraq.

December 15, 2008 – unOrthodox blogger Luke Ford has some insight into the $50 Billion Ponzi Schemer, Zuma Dogg may be LA’s next mayor and The Gossip Mom.

December 12, 2008 – Marc interviews Bob Clearmountain – the music mixer/producer/engineer with more hit records than anyone else in the history of pop music. Also, Phil Spector murder trial watcher Betsy Ross and The Gossip Mom.

December 10, 2008 – Comedian Wendy Liebman / Merrill Markoe’s Lovely Stories / Steve Parker ‘The Car Nut’ / The Gossip Mom

December 9, 2008 – PROFANITY Marc talks to erotic film star Belladonna about the business of adult filmmaking and her up coming role hosting the AVN Awards in Las Vegas. Plus Betsy Ross has the latest from Phil Spector murder trial.

December 8, 2008 – Marc talks to Matt Welch, editor in chief of Reason magazine about Tribune’s bankruptcy. Also, The Gossip Mom has all the celebrity dirt and Adam Winer wants to know, “How Dumb Are You?”

December 5, 2008 – Marc interviews Kim Goldman and Gloria Allred about the sentencing of OJ Simpson today. Also, Paul Scott has the latest news about electric vehicles and Brian Whitman checks in.

December 4, 2008 – Marc interviews blogger Betsy Ross, the ONLY person covering the retrial of Phil Spector for murder. Also, comedian and author Wayne Federman explains why he’s leaving town. Merrill Markoe will have more Lovely Stories and drug expert Douglas Chinchar will explain why ALL kids should be drug tested.

December 2, 2008 – Marc interviews Chris Markowski, ‘The Watch Dog on Wall Street.” Albert Maruggi will explain how tweeting can change your life, Pat from BreakingDownInAmerica has made it home and Merrill Markoe will have more lovely stories.

December 1, 2008 – Everything you ever wanted to know about Social Networking with Becker from the[b]school and The Gossip Mom.

November 28, 2008 – Marc talks to his oldest, documented listener (Age 99) then talks to LA mayoral candidate Zuma Dogg. Plus Merrill Markoe has more lovely stories, Pat Devine is almost home after BreakingDownInAmerica and The Gossip Mom has celebrity dirt.

November 25, 2008 – PROFANITY Meet the performance artist who is living his life online 24/7. Merrill Markoe will have more lovely stories. With the economy pushing the prices of classic cars down, is Lewis Fein glad he unloaded his? And The Gossip Mom will have the latest celebrity dirt.

November 19, 2008 – Marc interviews automotive journalist Steve Parker, The Car Nut about the Ford/GM/Chrysler bailout. Also, how far has Pat from gone with his $500 Craigslist junker?

November 18, 2008 – Marc interviews dragster and funny car champion Mendy Fry. Also, Merrill Markoe has more Lovely Stories.

November 17, 2008 – Is there any truth to that eMail going around about Victoria’s Secret bras? Also, will Mark Cuban go to jail for insider trading? A lawyer specializing in securities laws weighs in. Then, Marc interviews professional photographer Bob Adler and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity stories.

November 13, 2008 – Marc interviews Wayne Carini from the TV show ‘Chasing Classic Cars’. Also, how bad is the real estate market? Marc talks to two real estate investors/advisers. And Merill Markoe has More Lovely Stories.

November 12, 2008 – ‘Ask Marc’ followed by information on how to vacation almost anywhere in the world but only pay the cost of getting there. Plus, The Gossip Mom.

November 11, 2008 – Marc interviews multi-award winning composer/arranger Marc Shaiman. Also, “The Queen of Green,” Debra Lynn Dadd. Merrill Markoe will have more Lovely Stories.

November 10, 2008 – Marc interviews award-winning journalist Max Blumenthal. Also, Matt Birkbeck, author of a new book about Sammy Davis Jr. called, ‘Deconstructing Sammy: Music, Money, Madness, and the Mob‘. And The Gossip Mom gets the last word.

November 6, 2008 – The Gossip Mom, Merrill Markoe’s Lovely Stories and where’s Pat Tonight?

November 5, 2008 – Marc interviews David Mark the Senior Editor at Rich Dunn explains what it was like canvassing for Obama in Nevada. Professional photographer Jessica Claire explains how to take better digital photographs. And The Gossip Mom teases some stories she will have for the show tomorrow.

November 3, 2008 – Comedian Jeff Jena still believes John McCain will win, Lewis Fein says it’s OK to not vote but it IS ok to watch porn and The Gossip Mom would like to buy Sarah Palin’s GOP clothes at a discount.

October 30, 2008 – The ‘Walking Encyclopedia of #1 Hits’ gets tested again, The Party Goddess has some Halloween party tips and Merrill Markoe has more lovely stories.

October 29, 2008 – Marc interviews Sue Katz, author of the Voter’s Guide to Sarah Palin and Nathan Havey from Brave New Films. Also, ‘Where’s Pat Tonight?” and The Gossip Mom.

October 28, 2008 – Marc interviews game show host, producer & TV Personality Marc Summers and Merill Markoe has some more Lovely Stories…

October 27, 2008 – Marc interviews UNothodox blogger Luke Ford and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity news.

October 24, 2008 – Marc interviews legendary music executive Danny Goldberg and legendary founder of the Improv Comedy Clubs Budd Friedman. Also, Merrill Markoe will share some of her “lovely stories” and The Gossip Mom will have celebrity news.

October 23, 2008 – Marc interviews comedian/writer Carol Leifer and Robin from Living Oprah. Also, where can you find a great hotdog in LA for $1? And, how are businesses that deal in international trade fairing in this economy?

October 22, 2008 – Ananda Lewis, Pat Devine and The Gossip Mom.

October 21, 2008 – Merrill Markoe has some lovely stories to share. Also, Andrew from and Beverly Hills Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Raj has some opinions about our health care system.

October 20, 2008 – Marc interviews Newsman Bob Tur, Funnyman Jeff Jena and Sharon The Gossip Mom.

October 16, 2008 – Who lies more, Democrats or Republicans? Marc interviews the Deputy Director of Also, where is Pat from BreakingDownInAmerica now? And Marc interviews the author of ‘How Dumb Are You? – The Great American Stupidity Quiz‘. What should you know by now?

October 14, 2008 – Marc interviews the guy who created a DVD for expectant dads. Where to find free math and reading tutoring for school kids on the Internet. Marc explains why gas prices aren’t falling as fast as oil prices and a scientific explanation of why people believe weird things in uncertain times.

October 13, 2008 – Marc interviews Matt Welch, editor of Reason Magazine and author of McCain: The Myth of a Maverick about the McCain campaign and Paul Krugman, recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics today. Plus, The Gossip Mom.

October 10, 2008 – Actor/Author Orson Bean, and an interview with Photo-Journalist Ken Kobre .

October 9, 2008 – Is there a vast left-wing conspiracy against the conservative comedy An American Carol? Associate Editor of Kyle Buchanan explains. While BreakingDownInAmerica, Pat Devine tried unsuccessfully to find a date in Lincoln, NE. Should your next home be on a tiny island in the Carribean? And what’s new in Lewis Fein’s neutrotic world?

October 8, 2008 – A full hour of Ask Marc: No Guests, No Topics, No Screeners.

October 7, 2008PROFANITY Marc interviews Jerry Del Colliano, publisher of, a daily blog about the radio and music industry. Also, some post debate analysis that gets very personal with Andrew Breitbart and Nicole Sandler.

October 6, 2008 – Can you be “Happily Un-Married?” What is the most successful stock investor doing during this stock market crisis? Did The Gossip Mom win the bet about OJ? Where and when was the funeral for the $500 Craigslist Cadillac? All these questions answered in this podcast.

October 2, 2008 – Jeff Jena and Mary Lyon debate the debate and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity news.

October 1, 2008 – Hear the whole story of how entertainment insider Nikki Finke earned a million dollars for charity from an unwilling Hollywood mogul and Marc interviews comedian Chris Fonseca.

September 30, 2008 – Marc interviews Publicist Michael Levine about Guerrilla PR 2.0. Alex from in Venice, Italy talks about travel on a budget and where the best hostel is in the world. Where can you buy designer fashions at deep discounts in Pasadena, CA? All in the Podcast for the last day of September, 2008.

September 29, 2008 – Marc explains the failed bailout and what is gonna happen next. The Gossip Mom puts Souplantation where her mouth is and Pat’s $500 Craigslist Cadillac is still alive in Denver, CO.

September 25, 2008 – Marc interviews Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist Bob Tur, known on the internet as ‘The Man Who Could Kill YouTube’. Also, Steve Parker – The Car Nut to talk about the state of the automobile industry.

September 24, 2008 – Marc interviews Comedian Dennis Blair. Also, The Gossip Mom has the lastest twist on the OJ Trial and other celebrity dirt plus one man’s solution to the financial meltdown.

September 23, 2008 – From, party planner to the stars Marley, will explain what it takes to throw a great party on a budget. TV critic/media columnist for the Hollywood Reporter Ray Richmond and Pat Devine is BreakingDownInAmerica from just below Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota.

September 22, 2008 – Marc interviews Dr. Michael Shermer from the Skeptic Society. Also, Pat from has made it to Montana and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity dirt.

September 18, 2008 – Aside from the first half hour with Mary Lyon, this is the worst show ever on Lewis Fein and Mark Silverman try to make things interesting but it just doesn’t work. I’m telling you that if you listen, this is two hours of your life that you cannot get back. Consider yourself warned.

September 17, 2008 – Marc gets the latest news about space and astronomy with Dr. Ed Krupp, the director of the Griffith Observatory. Also, why are lemons suddenly so expensive? The Gossip Mom talk about her twin sister and the OJ trial. Where’s Pat and his Craigslist Cadillac now?

September 15, 2008 – What’s the ‘exaflood‘ and when will it affect you? Also, the latest in digital photography with Keats Elliott and The Gossip Mom.

September 12, 2008 – Comedian Dana Gould is in Philadelphia. Where is Pat and his $500 craigslist Cadillac? And the Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity dish.

September 11, 2008 – Ananda Lewis and Tom Dreesen / Tim Reid.

September 10, 2008 – Legendary LA radio personality and stand-up comedian Frazer Smith joins Marc from the Green Room at the Laugh Factory. Bruce the Libertarian returns for more abuse. Where’s Pat tonight? The guy trying to make it to the east coast and back in a $500 Craigslist Cadillac checks in. And the managing editor of Variety was arrested last week at the Republican Convention – what happened?

September 8, 2008 – Everything you ever wanted to know about spiders and heartburn. And The Gossip Mom.

September 5, 2008 – Fresh from his tour of duty for the Letterman show at the Republican Convention, Comedian Andy Kinder. The Mayor of Ketchikan, Alaska – home of the “Bridge to Nowhere” offers his insights and opinions about Governor Sarah Palin. Also, Marc interviews the author of “My Lost and Found Life” Melodie Bowsher.

September 4, 2008 – PROFANITY Marc talks with writer/comedian Merrill Markoe, Pat checks in from Salinas on his trip across America and back and we round things off with The Gossip Mom.

September 2, 2008 – PROFANITY It’s Sarah Palin night on the Marc Germain show. Miami talk show host Nicole Sandler joins in then writer Lewis Fein returns after his mother washed his mouth out with soap.

September 1, 2008 – Marc shares a very sad, personal story. Then funnyman Jeff Jena tries to lighten the mood, only to cross swords with Marc over McCain/Feingold, the scandal plagued Sarah Palin, her prego teen daughter and giving kids unlimited text messaging. After all that, The Gossip Mom checks in with the latest celeb dirt and has a child emergency of her own live on the show.

August 28, 2008 – Ever wonder what it’s like to be a costumed, children’s party entertainer? Wonder no more. Marc interviews Jason from Adventures of a Purple Dino Type. Pat Devine keeps us updated about his trip across America in a $500 Cadillac. Car collector and automotive historian Bruce Meyer helps us remember legendary race car driver Phil Hill who died last night at age 81.

August 27, 2008 – How can you make your favorite food from your favorite restaurants? You need to ask Todd Wilbur from Top Secret Recipes. Also, what’s that thing on your skin? Ask The Medial Doctor specializing in Skin Care and The Gossip Mom has the latest celebrity dirt.

August 26, 2008 – Marc Interviews Chris Larson the founder of e-Loan and Also, co-founder Paul Scott from Denver at the Democratic National Convention, where he and a group of EV supporters are demonstrating Electric Vehicles.

August 25, 2008 – Comedian Jeff Jena with his view from the middle of the country, Pat Devine got a car for his trip across America and The Gossip Mom with the latest celebrity gossip.

August 22, 2008 – PROFANITY Action packed show including: Marc’s interview with Andrew from – a site created to blog about how the Presidential candidates use the Internet. Sharon ‘The Gossip Mom’ has the latest celebrity news. We catch up with April Winchell for a few minutes and Lewis Fein laments about his love life and displays his unique ability to match celebrities with their colleges.

August 20, 2008 – Marc had questions he always wanted to ask a divorce lawyer. So, tonight – Marc interviewed divorce lawyer Debra Frank. Also, The Gossip Mom checked in.

August 19, 2008 – Marc spends some quality time with Ananda Lewis. He also interviews Shad Meshad, a leading expert on PTSD about the Vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. And Dick Messer, the director of the Petersen Automotive Museum has some advice for Marc’s friend Pat who wants to drive a $500 car to all lower 48 states.

August 18, 2008 – Would more things make you happier? The author of The High Price of Materialism, Dr. Tim Kasser offers a scientific explanation of how our culture of consumerism and materialism affects our everyday happiness. The Gossip Mom checks in, Marc reads some listener eMail and voiceover guy Mark Silverman talks about Disneyland and Rod Serling.

August 15, 2008 – Why are people so willing to share their adolescent angst? Marc interviews the creator of & Marc’s friend Pat is ready to take a trip across America in a $500 car – can you help? Also, How can you separate fact from fiction in your eMail inbox? And The Gossip Mom checks in with her daily celeb dish.

August 14, 2008 – Marc interviews William Lobdell, award-winning journalist, author, blogger, college lecturer and media consultant who worked for 18 years at the Los Angeles Times and its sister newspapers. Lobdell covered the religion beat. He earned several national awards for his work before becoming a metro editor for the paper in 2006. He left the paper two weeks ago. ALSO: Did we really want Ernest Borgnine to share his fountain of youth secret? And, The Gossip Mom returns to dish more celebrity dirt.

August 12, 2008 – Marc interviews Steve Parker ‘The Car Nut’ & Comedian Jeff Jena and he introduces The Gossip Mom.

August 11, 2008 – Marc interviews the author of the best seller, ‘The Dumbest Generation‘ Professor Mark Bauerlein who explains why you shouldn’t trust anyone under age 30. Also, Consumer Advocate Carmen Balber warns againt a new plan by auto insurers in California to montor your driving habits. Plus your questions and Marc’s answers.

August 8, 2008 – Heavy politics tonight. Carol Platt Liebau from the right and Mary Lyon on the left have their say then Marc has fun with a drunk from France and callers ask some burning questions.

August 7, 2008 – The title of this show is, “Two Doctors and Winch.”
Worried about getting pink-slipped at work? Worried that you might have to lay people off? Business consultant Dr. Tom DeCotiis joins Marc to talk about great companies and how they survive tough economic times. Also, Marc interviews Dr. Raj an Orthopedist from Beverly Hills with advice on how to treat athletic and normal life injuries. And, if that wasn’t enough – April Winchell for the second half of the show.

August 5, 2008– Marc interviews Merrill Markoe and Jeff VanVonderen from A&E’s Intervention. The quiz? Oh ya, it makes a return appearance in this podcast.

August 4, 2008 – Barack Obama is NOT a Muslim. How many times does he have to repeat it? Does repeating it make it seem more likely that he REALLY IS a Muslim? Beverly Hills publicist Michael Levine would like to offer some assitance. A new, free website, lets you search by name through criminal databases of all 50 states and 3,500 counties in the United States. Also, has Phoenix discovered something on Mars more significant than water?

August 1, 2008 – Professional tutoring for school is expensive but there is a way to get professional tutoring for school at no cost on the internet. Learn about this new company and how to keep your kids from regressing during the summer months. Also, learn how to get out of your cell phone contract, the latest news in alternative energy and why Heath Ledger SHOULD NOT get an Oscar nomination.

July 31, 2008 – Wait, someone other than McCain and Obama is running for President? Bruce the Libertarian joins us to champion his candidates for President and Vice President. The show is EXTRA long tonight as the Skypecast was filled with interesting callers from; Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, New Orleans and we even hear from some high school punks in Boston.

July 30, 2008 – Marc interviews a cookbook author. Ok, not just any cookbook author, but the author of The 99 Cent Only Stores Cookbook: Gourmet Recipes at Discount Prices. Hey, we’re in a recession and we could all use some money saving tips, right? Also, Marc has installed a new phone system so that he could take muli-line calls and it bombed. The volume on the podcast is all over the place so adjust accordingly. Marc will get it right sooner or later

July 29, 2008 – Best known for annotating pictures of celebrities and critiquing them, blogger Perez Hilton is suing the creators of because they post his “artwork” and critique him. If you like when bands create a new rendition of a previously recorded song, you’ll really want to hear Marc’s interview the creator of one of the successful podcasts about cover tunes. Plus a guy from Las Vegas and a guy from China check in.

July 28, 2008 – Marc went to a rehearsal of Fox TV’s So You Think You Can Dance and his Mom broke her ankle over the weekend. Coincidence? Also on the show, because he’s deficient of the sports gene, Marc talks with Brooks from and takes your calls / questions.

July 25, 2008 – Conservative writer mom meets Liberal writer mom – hear what happened when political worlds collide. Carol Platt Liebau vs. Mary Lyon. Also, on the show we remember ‘Last Lecture’ professor, Randy Pausch, who died today at age 47 and is your granite countertop going to kill you?

July 23, 2008 – Marc interviews Andy Kindler – a frequent guest and correspondent for The Late Show with David Letterman. Last week at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal he delivered the State of the Industry address to a packed ballroom filled with comics and Hollywood insiders – famous for his scathing attacks on the world of entertainment, including the taboo practice of skewering fellow comedians. Also, with the news of a record foreclosures, Marc interviews real estate attorney Steven Spierer who offers advice on what you should do if your mortgage is in jeopardy.

July 22, 2008 – There are amazing cars all around us and most people never stop to notice. Marc interviews Murilee Martin from who has documented over 300 parked on the street in just one California town. Also, does television deserve the reputation for being a vaste wasteland? What is worth watching and are there any new shows worth your time? Marc interviews John Griffiths the television critic for Us Weekly.

July 21, 2008 – Marc interviews a woman who was unemployed, broke, divorced and $250,000 in debt at age 41. After nearly losing everything she found a better way to live. Her book, “The Bagladys Guide to Elegant Living” explains how you can love the life you have. Also, meet the retired, female, Army Colonel who stumbled into our live show.

July 18, 2008 – Marc interviews Ted Johnson – the managing editor of Variety; he reports the highlights of the enduring relationship between entertainment and politics. More than a mere curiosity, the intersection of these worlds play out daily in fund raising, celebrity causes, show business lobbying and creative expression. His website is:

July 17, 2008: Noon to 2:00 PST

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