Fevzi & Nick LIVE from the UK, 4/16/14

In this week’s show… how much cash the Queen carries, Starbucks pays some tax, far right parties, why it’s hard to really be racist, why $5.99 feels so right and weird hair with Michael Fabricant and Geert Wilders. Then, Bloomberg on gun laws, Fevzi visits a naughty club, why beards are Darwinian, treading on cufflinks (and plugs, and lego), the poetry of Michael Rosen, cockney rhyming slang, tax dodges and MAMOD! Enough? Tell us what you think at tro@gadgetdetective.com

Film Fustians, 4/15/14

Reviews including RIO 2, Kristen Bell in THE LIFEGUARD, and the new film from director, Ivan Reitman DRAFT DAY. The latest news… and THE TOP 6 FORGOTTEN FILMS OF THE YEAR 1984. Which are your favorite? GREMLINS AND GHOSTBUSTERS are NOT forgotten films.

Steven Spierer, 4/12/14

Every American President since George Washington has spoken of the “White House Bubble” and the difficulty of staying in touch with the citizens of the United States outside the echo chamber of the Washington Beltway. Steve interviews Kenneth T. Walsh, author of Prisoners of the White House, The Isolation of America’s Presidents and the Crisis of Leadership.

Marc Germain, 4/11/14

With Dina Lostio and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Marc Germain, 4/10/14

With Dina Losito, Rob Marinko and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Fevzi & Nick LIVE from the UK, 4/9/14

In this week’s somewhat shorter (but sweeter) show, it’s a tech epic: we cover online rights and the birth of the internet; and we look at Heartbleed, the new mega-bug that really could affect everything about your online security (so please, please, listen in and find out what you ought to do to protect yourself) plus of course, keeping your PC secure and the sneaky ways your rights to redress online are slowly being eroded. We can keep you entertained and maybe even safe, so tell us what you think at tro@gadgetdetective.com

Film Fustians, 4/8/14

Max takes a look at this week’s box office champ, CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, along with BREATHE IN, CESAR CHAVEZ and some noteworthy throw backs… List – THE TOP 6 FORGOTTEN FILMS ON 1971. Scratch A CLOCKWORK ORANGE… it’s hardly forgotten..

Marc Germain, 4/8/14

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Steven Spierer, 4/5/14

Boys are falling behind in today’s education system with fewer young men graduating high school and enrolling in college every year.  Steve interviews Pam Withers and Cynthia Gill authors of Jump-Starting Boys: Help Your Reluctant Learner Find Success in School and Life.

Marc Germain, 4/4/14

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.