Maximilian A. Mastrangelo welcomes Fountain of’s Thorin Alexander… Reviews including John Loyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo in the Filipino romance, ONE MORE CHANCE, MONSTER MADNESS: THE GOTHIC REVIVAL OF HORROR, BACK IN TIME, TERMINATOR: GENESIS and other surprises. Production news.. and the Fustians will celebrate their individual Top 6 Selections for THE FILMS THAT SACRED THE SHIT OUT OF US AS KIDS. Which ones frightened you? Email is at 

Marc Germain, 11/24/15

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Steven Spierer, 11/21/15

After the American Revolution in 1776 the individual colonies that had banded together to win freedom from the British thought they would go their separate ways. It took thirteen years for the thirteen colonies to become one country and to agree to the Constitution of the United States of America by which we live today. Steve interviews Professor Joseph Ellis, author of The Quartet: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, 1783-1789.

Marc Germain, 11/19/15

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Film Fustians, 11/17/15

Maximilian A. Mastrangelo and Jennifer Miller Saunders.. Reviews including SPOTLIGHT, BACK IN TIME, MISTRESS AMERICA, LA BAMBA, MIRACLE OF 42ND STREET and OUT OF SIGHT. The latest news … and a look into every single film that has ever been adapted from a comic strip.. NOT comic book… comic strip.

Marc Germain, 11/17/15

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Sticks & Stone, 11/17/15

Smitty & Phil are back from their hiatus to discuss the Paris and Kenya tragedies and why the U.S. is sadly forced to deal with the Arab extremist terror.

Steven Spierer, 11/14/15

Marijuana is rapidly becoming legal for recreational use in more and more states in our country. In coming weeks, Steve will talk to a strong proponent of marijuana legalization. Today, he interviews Ed Gogek, M.D, author of Marijuana Debunked: A Handbook for Parents, Pundits, and Politicians who want to know the case against legalization.

Marc Germain, 11/12/15

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Film Fustians, 11/10/15

Maximilian (The Douche!) Mastrangelo and Jennifer Miller Saunders… reviews including 007 in SPECTRE, THE PEANUTS MOVIE, BACK IN TIME, THE LIVE POD CAST THEATRICAL SHOW, SUFFRAGETTE, and MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON… Also… a celebrations of all films adapted from comic strips.