A few weeks ago Steve talked about why the marriage rates of the 1950s were gone for good. After getting a strong email response, Steve looked into it more. Steve interviews June Carbone and Naomi Cahn, Co-Authors of Marriage Markets: How Inequality is Remaking the American Family.

Marc Germain, 4/16/15

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Gordy Tells Justin Comics, 4/15/15

Gods & Golems w/ Meg Gandy

Film Fustians, 4/14/15

Maximilian A. Mastrangelo, Michael Kirchhoff and Jennifer Miller Saunders. Reviews including … EX MACHINA, JEDI JUNKIES, SIGNAL TO NOISE: ATARRI GAME OVER and much MORE! A new episode of MASTERPIECE THEATER, PRODUCTION NEWS and the FUSTIANS will finally discuss THE TOP 4 DOUBLE FEATURES OF ALL TIME… REAL OR MADE UP.

Marc Germain, 4/14/15

With Dina Losito, Jon DeWoll’s news and Cynthia Richmond on Lucid Dreaming.

Gordy Tells Justin Comics, 4/8/15

Bakula, Dracula, Monterey Jackula

Film Fustians, 4/7/15

Maximilian A. Mastrangelo and Jennifer Miller Saunders… Reviews including Al Pacino as DANNY COLLINS, DELI MAN, FURIOUS 7, KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (For real this time), THE SALT OF THE EARTH, Telly Savalas in THE HOUSE OF EXORCISM, Max speaks his thoughts via IT FOLLOWS, a new episode of MASTERPIECE THEATER and a discussion on the TOP 4 DOUBLE FEATURE OF ALL TIME.

Marc Germain, 4/7/15

With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

Steven Spierer, 4/4/15

Steve tells the story of Professor Terry and The Lady In Brown. Then, regaining his shattered composure, Steve responds to an email from a listener with a risky real estate proposition.

Marc Germain, 4/2/15

With Dina Losito, Uber Driver Rob Marinko and Jon DeWoll’s news.