THE no-NICK no-DAN just-DYKE(s) SHOW 12/4/11

Exactly as you read it – Dina Losito, Bridget Polk and Debra Barsha decided to just shoot the crap about anything but tech. But hang in there for the pet-psychic stories, well worth the wait…

The Nick Dan Dyke Show 11/27/11

We’re back talking some tech, Danny gives his top games of the year and holiday gift giving. Dina a Nick have some tips for good TV viewing and reminding you all to use the Amazon button on the right side of the TRO page.

The Nick Dan Dyke Show, 11/20/11

Dina Losito, Danny Otten and Nick Contrino shoot the crap about tech and gaming. Possible new AppleTV, Mario vs. PETA, and horror story involving Danny, brunch and impossible rudeness.

Dina & Danny TECH TALK 10/13/11

Dina and Danny talk iOS5, Google, iCloud and Danny’s new love – Skyrim-job.

Dina & Nick Tech Talk 11/06/11

Dina and Nick take over the show while Danny takes a personal day (not paid, by the way). We cover the Steve Jobs’ book, plethora of documentaries this week and even manage to discuss a few products not made by Apple. But they only work with Apple devices.

Dina, Danny & Nick Tech Talk, 10/30/11

Dina, Danny and Nick bring you our gift list’s for the tech queer in your life this holiday season. We also talk a little more iOS5, Nor’easters, tech news and a little bit of vibrator conversation rounds out this weeks show. Happy Holidays! Links to stuff we talked about: Gunner Gamer Glasses All […]

Dina, Danny & Nick Talk Tech 10/23/11

Dina, Danny and Nick discuss iPhone stuff, gaming, Steve Jobs book and revisit a familiar topic -flipper-handed men. We also do tech support now, apparently, so call in with any problems you or your wife might be having with their Apple products.

Dina, Danny & Nick Talk Tech 10/16/11

The grand plan of live remote craps the bed, but we meet a new techie friend, Nick Contrino who joins Dina and Danny to continue our Apple Fanboi-dom. Talking about Siri, iOS 5 and NY Comi-Con. And the podcast is over-modulated. We’re learning….

Dina & Danny Queer for Tech 10/09/11

Dina and Danny and producer Nick Contrino talk about XBoxTV, iPhone 4s, and the loss of their mercurial leader. The good of the many outweigh the good of the few or the one.

Dina & Danny Queer for Tech 9/25/11

We show up without so much of a tech agenda, but rather a sorted tale of disturbing Mary McDonald worship (see photo), FaceBook’s new features that will bring down democracy and some general conversation on the virtues of coming in the backdoor.

Article Discussed on show: Apple Needs Social Network