CineMAXers, 4/17/18

Reviews including… THE QUIET PLACE, RAMPAGE, a summer movie preview and a look at the career of director, Milos Foreman. eMail us:


Marc Germain, 4/17/18

The one where Brad Garrett doesn’t call in. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 4/14/18

Frivolous lawsuits are a serious problem in American society, raising consumer prices by adding cost and reducing willingness to take business risk. Legitimate lawsuits are an asset to society, allowing the redress of real grievances, improving business and personal behavior and resulting in greater safety in our daily lives. Steve talks with […]

CineMAXers, 4/10/18

Reviews including… BLOCKERS, THE MIRACLE SEASON, GAME NIGHT and more. A look at the career of writer/director, Ron Shelton.

Marc Germain, 4/10/18

The one with the foamatron. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 4/7/18

Just about everyone’s lives have been touched by cancer. But what was once almost always a death sentence has become more often survivable, manageable and sometimes even curable. Steve talks with Radiologist Patricia Sacks, M.D. and with Hemotologist/Oncologist Andrew Horodner, M.D. in the first of three shows planned for this Spring and […]

CineMAXers, 4/4/18

Reviews including the new film from Steven Spielberg, READY PLAYER ONE, the new film from acclaimed director, Wes Anderson, ISLE OF DOGS and a continuation of the career of director, Penny Marshall.

Marc Germain, 4/3/18

The one where Marc doesn’t say it. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Marc Germain, 3/29/18

The one with the defence of Woody Allen. With Justin Levine and Jon DeWoll

Marc Germain, 3/27/18

The one with glass in my mouth. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll