Film Fustians September 22, 2015

Maximilian A. Mastrangelo and Northen Orange County Resident Jennifer M. Saunders…. Reviews including … Johnny Depp in BLACK MASS, EVEREST, DISNEY’S ALADDIN, MISSTRESS AMERICA, MAGGIE, Lou Diamond Phillips in LA BAMBA…. And many more surprises.

Marc Germain, 9/22/15

Jon and Dina fill in for Marc.

Sticks & Stone September 22, 2015

Smitty & Phil have their weekly review of NFL & Dodger news. Plus, more beefs in Rock ‘N Roll, this time between Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) & Paul Stanley (KISS), Phil sees an ABBA cover band and Smitty discusses the long career of Def Leppard’s one-armed drummer Rick Allen (51:05).

Steven Spierer, 9/19/15

Whether suicide is an offense toward God or an important personal right, it is certainly popular. It is the tenth leading cause of death worldwide with nearly a million suicides just last year. Steve talks with Derek Humphry, author of, “Final Exit: The Practicalities of Self-Deliverance and Assisted Suicide for the Dying.”

Marc Germain, 9/17/15

With Dina Losito and Jon ‘K-Stone’ DeWoll’s news.

Gordy Tells Justin Comics, 9/16/15

Ashcan 02

Film Fustians, 9/15/15

MAXIMILIAN A. MASTRANGELO, MICHAEL KIRCHHOFF and JENNIFER MILLER SAUNDERS… Reviews including THE VISIT, LA BAMABA, Z FOR ZACHARIA, a look back at Steven Soderberg’s OUT OF SITE and much much more… The latest news… and a preview of the upcoming 2015 FALL RELEASES.

Marc Germain, 9/15/15

With Dina Losito and Jon ‘K-Stone’ DeWoll’s news.

Sticks & Stone, 9/15/15

Smitty & Phil give their weekly Dodger update, then it’s Football season and the NFL is in full swing. Plus, have there ever been “beefs” in jazz music? Smitty talks about the most notorious beef he’d ever heard of in Jazz History all on this week’s Sticks & Stone.

Steven Spierer, 9/12/15

Steve chats with Greg Gibbs about parenting, real estate and life.