Marc Germain, 1/26/16

The one where Dina talks about disciplining millennials. With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

  • meesterboo

    The Trump trashing is really getting bad. Every show trots out memes and accusations about Trump that have been debunked months ago. When they give up on that the move to “he’s Hitler” “he’s a fascist”. When that wears out they try the old George W. accusations of “he’s not intelligent”, “he’s a narcissist”, etc.

    The popular vote, the Russians hacked us, voter fraud, middle America is stupid. When will these poor liberals give up? They’re throwing everything they’ve got at this and Trump still triumphs.

    Marc, come on. This is such a whine-fest. Can’t we go back to talking about “Real Housewives” again?

  • Spike

    Marc, can you please keep the political talk (outright rants) to no more then 5 minutes per show. It has officially gotten way out of control. I’ve put up with it to this point. But honestly, the show has really taken a turn because of it. If I want to listen as to why people like or hate President Trump, I can always turn on FOX or CNN for that. I don’t subscribe to your podcast to hear 50 plus minutes of a 60 minute podcast dedicated (in this case, President Trump bashing).


  • HooterHasTheMap

    I don’t mind it at all. The Trump experience is unique, and I want to hear what’s on Marc, Dina and John’s mind. Whatever is on their mind during the show should be discussed, that’s what gives the show its chemistry.

    The post-election narrative has gotten old, but we’ll have all-new narratives this week, and probably for the next 4 years. I’m so glad we elected TV-guy for president.

    • meesterboo

      I respect your opinion.