Marc Germain, 4/11/17

The one where the airline Gate Agent explains what happen to the guy who got dragged off the plane. With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll.

  • Mike Smith

    Can I get that hour of my life back? That might be the worst show they have ever done. Fifty minutes on some guy getting thrown off a plane? Dina talking over everyone so you couldn’t hear what anyone else was saying? This show is almost unlistenable. Plus, I thought they were going to talk about S-town tonight.

    • Richie

      Yeah, I was looking forward to Dina’s take on S-Town.

  • Bruce Richmond Chambers

    Hey Marc ….Very entertaining informative show …But on Thursday could you devote 20 minutes to multiple News topics not just one subject …..Free for all Tuesday though is fun ….