Marc Germain, 2/9/17

The one where Dina talks about her fight with Spike. With Dina Losito and Jon DeWoll’s news.

  • Steve

    I remember maybe a year ago you had just gotten interested in drones.
    Are you still ? Maybe you could talk about any ups and downs.
    I just bought a Phantom 3 Standard and it is incredible.
    I need to concentrate more on my camera work now that I am more comfortable in the air.
    I will be listening.
    Steve in Porter Ranch

    • Francis

      Call the show and ask and tell your experience with your drone. Sounds like some interesting conversation. No one on the show checks these comments.

  • Jonathan

    Love you lots, Dina, but you used the phrase “on the regular” three discrete times on this episode. Anybody who writes or speaks professionally pops words and phrases in and out of heavy rotation, but don’t be this guy!