Marc Germain, 4/11/12

With Al Rantel, Rob Marinko and Dina Losito. We share tales of dying pets, full service massages and George Zimmerman.

  • rmsrmsrms1

    It was so much fun to hear Rob again, and what a funny story about the massage – the second funniest thing this week. The first being Dina’s reaction when you told her you saw her on her webcam on the previous show.

    What is up with that women and pictures????? She is so open about EVERYTHING else but lord forbid someone might see what she looks like.

    Yet she is able to talk about all the illegal drugs she has taken, her (self-described) crazy family, how she cheated in college, how she knows what shit taste like, how she had rough sex in some outside location that has damaged her vagina . . . all this is an open-book she share about herself, yet nobody can see what she looks like.

  • LA

    If people could recognize Dina on sight she probably wouldn’t feel as free to share those stories with us.

    Interesting discussion about hospice care facilitating quicker deaths for people. I really didn’t know they did that and I’m really glad I know it now.