Fevzi & Nick LIVE from the UK, 11/6/11

Hear Fevzi & Nick sidetracked into a debate on whether new nations, worlds, and Universes could be created in cyberspace which are every bit as real as those that we currently inhabit. Is, in fact, our own reality any more than a highly advanced form of the Sims, created by future human beings, or are we perhaps holographic projections from the edge of the Universe? No drugs were used in the making of this program.

Dealing with matters more terrestrial, Nick & Fevzi discuss whether Iran can in the long run, be prevented by military mean, from developing nuclear weapons; and if not what we should do, and should Israel give up its own nuclear weapons.

Having solved the Middle East’s problems in less than 20 minutes, and with only minutes to go, the British duo move onto whether the leader of Greece is a hero of democracy or a duplicitous player. Got something to add to the debate? Then email tro@gadgetdetective.com

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