Marc Germain, 5/10/13

With Regan Burns, Tomm Looney, Dina Losito and Justin Levine / Jon DeWoll with news.

  • misterboo

    I missed Dan Cruz.

    You can check out the best of his posts (where he uses the moniker humcalc) over at the denver Broncos forum. Just type into Google:

    (“dan crews”|HUMCALC)

    He’s a “minor celebrity” don’t ya know.

  • clevelandphil

    Don’t talk about Benghazi, but scream repeatedly about Trayvon Martin.

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

    Really fun show…great Tom wind up…and the news off was so good. Keep up the good work guys.

  • RichieW13
  • toecheese

    This feed for this show still hasn’t shown up in my podcast app.