Marc Germain, 3/8/13

With Dina Losito.

  • toecheese

    There’s a heartwarming animal story about a woman and a lion that I bet Justin is just waiting to end the newscast with tonight.

    • toecheese

      Oops–hadn’t listened to the end of Wednesday’s show yet when I wrote this. The TRO news team was way ahead of me.

  • clevelandphil

    Strangers On A Train was 1951. Louise Tate and Aunt Clara are in it.

  • LA

    Marc’s never going to watch that movie – it’s in black and white.

  • misterboo

    Never talk to the police:

    Never buy parts and try to get someone else to do your repair. It’s the ultimate in cheap ass behavior.

    Some of Hitchock’s best films were made in the 1930’s. Strangers On a Train was not one of them. (It was made in 1951).

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

    Has anyone ever watched snooker in black and white. Apparently, before the invention of colour television, it was shown on UK tv in black and white – Marc would have loved it I’m sure! Still loving the show guys and would love you to appear on Sirius XM in some form. I have a free trial whilst (illegally) downloading the apk for my android. Some of the crap on there is really not good and I honestly believe you could do better! For example, there is some old rat bag talking to dead pets…what the f?@#! I challenge listeners to contact Sirius XM with snippets of Talkradioone and ser what happens. Keep up the good work guys. Oh yes, near where I live is a sofa warehouse selling of course. There tagline ‘Sofa King Low”…if you google it along with Northampton you might see it!