Marc Germain, 2/26/13

With Dina Losito.

  • clevelandphil

    What happened to the pink carpet for the Oscars?

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

    I thought that!
    I tuned in and was BUMMED when I heard nothing!
    I found it a bit queer!


    Just posting to say that the Friday shows are really sounding good…Dina on the train last week was weird and different but actually worked. As the weeks, months and years go on…Dina is becoming my favourite TRO presenter. I have a picture in my head of a dark blonde 50 year old that is slightly on the large size. I bet I’m close!

    …a horse walks into a bar, the barmen asks why the long face?!
    …two chinese men walk into a bar, the barmen asks why the same face?!

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

  • ihearttalkradio

    The only sociopath Marc knows? One question. Has Tomm Looney run into him at the gym?

  • tom

    Thank God for the gift that is “the slightly obsessed listener”

  • misterboo

    I loved Dina’s assessment of Family Guy. This is exactly my opinion. I just loved the way she articulated it.

    Why does that baby talk?

  • Grondie

    Because it’s funny.

  • toecheese

    After that story I have resolved that for every piece of meat Morrissey doesn’t eat, I will eat three.

  • LA

    Thought we were getting a show tonight (March 1st) – wth?

  • billrheaume

    There better be a show! If not I’m going to smack myself.

  • billrheaume

    Just got confirmation no show tonight 3-1-13 Looks like I will have to smack myself.

  • Andrew_in_the Uk

    THIS IS A DISGRACE! I need my weekly fix of Dina…one hor per week isn’t doing it for me! It’s a good thing I dn’t contribute anything otherwise I’d be REALLY upset!

  • billrheaume

    3-5-12 not looking good