TalkRadioOne will one day stream live 24 hours a day.  For now, when we’re live, you will hear the shows streaming automatically –  no need for any additional software downloads or players.  When we’re not streaming live, enjoy a podcast of your favorite host.


TalkRadioOne can be heard worldwide, wherever there’s an internet connection.


You already know how to listen with a wi-fi or hardwired connection. But the internet is everywhere, and that means we are too.

Here are a list of resources availble to help you tune in to TalkRadioOne wherever you may happen to be. Some of these ideas are well developed, and some are in their infancy.

TalkRadioOne is not affiliated with any of these technologies. We’re providing this growing list as a way for all of us to test and explore delivery methods for internet radio, and make this new world grow.

This is the beginning of a new age in radio. So let’s shape it together.


Palm, Symbian, OS and other handsets:

Spodtronic 2.1 streams Internet radio and podcasts to your Symbian S60 v3 smartphone. For Nokia E62, N75, N80, N95 and others. Free application.

Open Source S60 Internet Radio
The full source code for Symbian devices is available on Nokia’s site. Updated continually.

Mundu Radio
Another free Internet radio option for devices running Symbian, Mundu Radio specifically lists compatibility with older 6680, 6682, and Nokia N70 smartphones.

Microsoft compatible handhelds

Pocket Radio
Offers hundreds of stations, nine presets, and lets you key in your own station URLs. One-time fee of $19.99.

SmartRadio Live 1.1
For older Windows Mobile 2003 smartphones.

BlueCast 1.0
Overrides any Bluetooth protocol limitations on your handset so you can stream to any stereo Bluetooth headset (newer smartphones work with stereo Bluetooth automatically, so check your model). $9.99

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