F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

When is TalkRadioOne Live?

TalkRadioOne will one day stream live 24 hours a day.  Just go to the main website to hear the show. When streamed live, you can hear the show from there. When we’re not streaming live, enjoy a podcast of your favorite show by selecting the menu PODCAST SHOWS.

Check on the website for announcements of upcoming live show schedules.

If a show is scheduled to be live, and you don’t hear anything, refresh your web page.


Where can TalkRadioOne be heard LIVE?

TalkRadioOne can be heard worldwide, wherever there’s an internet connection by going to http://www.talkradioone.com/.

When streaming live, the audio will automatically play without anything required from the user.

Information on how to listen to the live show on mobile devices is currently being compiled and will be posted here at this FAQ when available.

TuneIn Radio

Now Talk Radio One can be heard on TuneIn Radio. Check out more information about this from here.


How do I listen to a live show?

The Live Stream of the show can be listened to here: http://www.talkradioone.com/

When streaming live, the audio will automatically play without anything required from the user.

You do need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer.

Get Adobe Flash Player

If you are having trouble listening to the show, please confirm your Adobe Flash is working on the browser by going to this link.

Check Flash Player

You can also click on the ListenLive TuneIn button to listen live. This not only doesn’t require Flash to listen, it also helps support TalkRadioOne.

How do I control the volume of the sound from this website?

At the top of the website, you will see a control bar like the image above. There you can lower the volume or stop the audio all together.

How do I add a avatar to my comments?

Avatars are automatically pulled in from Gravatar.com. If your email is listed with them, it will pull in the avatar you have registered with them. This is done to cut down on hosting the images as well as having to moderate the images. If you want you can change your avatar at http://www.gravatar.com. Use the email address you used to register with TalkRadioOne.com. It does take a while for TRO website to link your account to the newly created Gravatar account. Some have reported it taking 30 minutes for your new avatar to come in.


RSS Feeds?

With the new website change, the old RSS Feed may not work. Please reset your RSS feed by going to the home page of the www.TalkRadioOne.com website and click to add the podcast feed you wish to subscribe to.

Podcast Feeds


How to add a podcast to iTunes.

Since many of our listeners use Apple products to listen to the show, here is a step by step process to add the podcast of your choice to your iTunes (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, etc…)

1. Right click on the Podcast link that you wish to subscribe to.

2. Open up iTunes.

3. Go to “Advanced” menu, then select “Subscribe to Podcast…”

4. Paste the link of the show you want to subscribe to.

5. Click OK. The podcast will automatically update as new shows are posted.


Part of the website is broken. How do I report this?

With so many different web browsers and different types of systems, its nearly impossible to create a website that will function the same across all of them without a lot of custom coding. Since this a small website and currently there is not a dedicated full time Web Developer, some things may not work on the website for everyone.

We want to hear about it though, so you can go to the Help with Talkradioone.com to check on what is happening and report issues that you may be experiencing. Please be detailed as to what is happening. “Its broken” doesn’t help. “Using FireFox 4 accessing the RSS Feed for ABC Show is not responding.” is much more helpful.

More Coming soon as this page should be adding more and more information…

  • rmsrmsrms1

    Great job on the new updated site!!!!

    Any chance of bringing back the list of recent comment???? I found that real useful in keeping track of which shows had new comments. If you can bring it back can it list say the last 10 new comments instead of the last 5 new comments like it used to.

    Also I find the twitter feed difficult to deal with. The way it scrolls in a loop is confusing. Is that just me???

    • CW

      Hi RMS,

      I’ll check on the Recent Comment option with TPTB (the powers that be.)

      I agree the twitter loop is a bit annoying. So I’ve changed it to just pull in the last 20 tweets that match “Talkradioone.”

      Thanks for the great feedback!

  • rmsrmsrms1

    Sorry but I like the banner logo with the color image instead of the grayscale

    • CW

      I’ll let TPTB know. I’m sure we will hear more about the new site on Monday’s show.

  • toecheese

    Can I suggest that the “download” link be a little larger? It’s fine for a computer, but trying to hit that little link on my iPhone while driving is damn near impossible, I am constantly clicking on the wrong thing.

    • CW

      I’ll see if its possible. The download and play the mp3 options are special app.

  • CW

    Fixed the iTunes Store feed for The Marc Germain Show. You should see new episodes now on the iTunes Store download.

    Working on adding other Podcasts to the iTunes Store for all your Apple Fanboi & Fangrl’s connivence. 😀

  • bumbaclaat

    What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?

    • CW

      If you are new to the TRO Website, or have links in your comments the system will hold your comment for review for Moderation. If another mod or admin sees a comment that is of question, they may set the comment to be reviewed.