Even for his supporters the daily choices made by Donald Trump are hard to understand. For non-supporters he is even more confusing and downright frightening. Perhaps by placing President Trump’s actions in the context of his family history more can be understood. Steve interviews Gwenda Blair, author of The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and […]

Steven Spierer, 4/22/17

Flying on airplanes can be scary. On April 4, 1979 TWA Flight 841 from New York to Minneapolis was flying at 39,000 feet on autopilot when it unexpectedly made a steep roll to the right and fell 31,000 feet in 63 seconds. The pilots regained control, the plane landed, and no one died. But the […]


Daily Turismo Radio, 12/2/16

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Steven Spierer, 11/19/16

Despite the fact that Americans spend more time and money in search of happiness than any other nation on earth, research shows that the United States is one of the least contented, most anxious countries in the developed world. Steve interviews Ruth Whippman, author of America the Anxious: How Our Pursuit of Happiness is Creating […]


Daily Turismo Radio, 11/18/16

Featuring the LA Auto Show


Daily Turismo Radio, 11/11/16

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Daily Turismo Radio, 10/7/16

With Vince gone we finally have a good time in studio as Cflo does the new from a LeMons race and Ashley tells Mazda stories from her weekend at Laguna Seca. We also do Get Off My Driveway!!! And did I mention No Vince! Podcast available soon

Steven Spierer, 6/18/16

Steve interviews five time United States Congressman, Professor of Law and Economics, and former Supreme Court Attorney/Law Clerk Tom Campbell about the state of the State of California, Donald Trump, the Republican party and the future of each. PODCAST AVAILABLE SOON


Sticks & Stone, 2/2/16

Smitty & Phil and music and sports and more.


Sticks & Stone, 1/26/16

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