Al Rantel

Al Rantel is a conservative talk show host. Rantel’s most recent contract was with KABC radio, Los Angeles, California (he retired for medical reasons in June, 2009). Rantel is unusual in being an outspoken conservative who is openly gay. He worked in Florida for many years prior to moving to KABC, and has appeared as a pundit on television news and discussion programs. Rantel received the opportunity to work in Los Angeles at radio station KABC due to the encouragement of another East Coast transplanted talk host, Tom Leykis. Rantel previously worked for Los Angeles station KNX and Florida stations WINZ, WNWS, and WFTL.[2]. Al Rantel can be heard once a week (either Tuesday or Thursday) on Marc Germain Show.

Contact Al at:

Twitter: @rantelinla

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